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Top 5 Programming Languages for beginners to learn in 2019

One main skill required to cope up with the dynamic and ever-changing technologies is to program a computer. With all being digitalized around the globe, the vital part of our lives lie with the computers. The skill of programming a computer or a digital device will help ubiquitously from programming a digital watch to humanoid robots. There are so many languages that is being developed each and every day causing a large opportunity for the developers. Due to the escalating need for developers, there’s huge craze to learn the languages in which programs are being developed. There are so many programming languages and the developers shift from one to the other to be compatible with the latest technologies. Here are the few programming languages that will be useful for the beginners who are trying to program from the scratch. A fine knowledge in the following languages will provide a strong basement for developers to develop and even shift to new technologies or new programming languages.

  1. SQL: The Structured Query Language is a database programming language used as a backend for every application. As technologies hike matches the GLOBAL WARMING every day, the data stored and retrieved also pikes to the peak. The SQL is used to store and retrieve data from the database. Most of the devices and technologies include database for storage for future references. So the SQL is the basic requirement for all the database activities. SQL is a combination of syntactic and free level language where the queries to the database are written in the form of simple English with few constraints. “TO DIG DB, PING ME”

  2. Swift: The native iOS programming language used to create things in App Store. This hot new programming language was introduced by Apple in WWDC 2014.All the apps in the app store of an iPhone is created using Swift. Swift came from the Objective C and C++ with so many similarities to the C programming language. This language was developed by Apple Inc. Swift is preferred because they had a good readability . The maintenance part is very easy in swift when compared to any other language. It is unified with the memory management. Variables can be assigned in implicit manner. Similarly it had some defects like , it had only limited libraries.

  3. Java: Java is the Aishwarya Rai of programming language that shines even after 20 years of its development. Java has been a stable language as it is platform independent and used in server-side programming. The java code is written, compiled and converted to executable file, which is supported in various cross platforms. Java runs on the Java Virtual Machine that’s easily portable. Most of the old buttoned phones were based on Java programs. The Android development is also based on Java which is the most prevailing operating system and applications in recent mobile phones. The Latest programming language for Android development is KOTLIN (based on JAVA) which is introduced by Google officially in the year 2012. “Weather changes, cloud and mist arises, despite such, the SUN always shines”

  4. JavaScript: JavaScript is one of the easiest programming language to kick start with. It is a “frontend” programming language. It is widely used to design interactive frontend applications. All the websites use HTML and CSS for which the liveliness is implemented using JavaScript. Over 80% of developers and by 95% of web development use JavaScript for any dynamic logic on their pages. The JavaScript is easier but keeps growing day by day with greater demands. React JS and Angular JS are front-end frameworks for JavaScript that has a potential market especially in IoT and Mobile applications. “Many Programming languages came and went, yet there stood JS to make them reactive and dynamic”

  5. Python: As the saying goes “I’m aware that I’m surrounded by people who feel that they could do the job better… But for the better or worse the crown has landed on my head” the programming language that demands the market in recent times is PYTHON. The main advantage of Python is its simplicity in programming causing the reason of easy learning for the beginners. Python is highly recommendable for Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Statistics. Web development is well established in Python through Django or flask. So not only is it possible to be an analytics master using Python, but you can also use it for full stack web development. Python is used in Instagram, YouTube, Google, reddit, Quora, NASA, Quantum Computing, etc.

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