Can A Commerce Student Become Data Science?

can commerce student do data science

With the growing Data Science stakes taken into consideration, many non-CS students & professionals like BCom students might also consider tracing their path into Data Science proficiencies. If you are one of them, this 100% researched & validated post will assist you a long way.

In a national feed, India Today did mention,

“The demand for data scientists in India is at an all-time high, resulting in an upward career arc and generous pay from companies.”

Data Science has wormed up into any which business that exists on this planet! In short, this century appears to be led by DATA! Data Science, Data Analytics, and other Data related jobs are in rising demand with industry-wide skills shortages. So, data professionals tend to get good salary packages and perks.

We can count on Data professionals to furnish valuable insights into customer behaviour that can lead to increased conversions. Detailed market analysis helps in competitive advantage in pricing strategies or product development. Further leading to improved operational efficiency and minimised risk exposure through accurate forecasting models.

No wonder, everyone aspires to get their best foot into Data Proficiency.

Is Data Science for BCom students? Can Commerce Students Do Data Science?

– one of the most frequently asked questions!

So, how to get a data science job?

Getting a job as a Data Scientist is certainly not a child’s play! But as they say, getting hired as a Data Scientist is not rocket science again! (no offence, it really holds its own intricacies and requirements to fulfil)!

Before getting anywhere, you need to dig deep and understand what requisite skills are essential to get a Data Science job. How much coding is required for data science and how could you probably master those skills & in what time frame? So, let’s understand Can Commerce Students Do Data Science?

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What skills are required for a Data Science job?

When we collaborate on statistics from multiple job sites, we see that the requisite skills to be a Data Scientist boils down to

  1. Statistics & Mathematics
  2. Analytics & Modeling
  3. Computing & Programming
  4. Data wrangling, Data Visualization
  5. Excellent Communication
  6. Intellectual Curiosity &
  7. Machine Learning Know-how

With all these pre-requisite skills you can skyrocket your Data Science career efficiently. In short, while a BCom degree is not a direct ticket to Data Science, a BCom graduate can do Data Science, no matter what! All that said, there’s quite a bit of confusion when it comes to becoming a data scientist with a BCom degree. Let us dive deep and understand how can a BCom student get hired as a data scientist?

Study and make your data compilations

In 2022, the online age, you can master everything and anything sitting right at home. Managing to get videos, tutorials, ideas, tips, webinar recordings, and everything over this planet at your fingertips is like child’s play.

Jot down the topics concerning Data Science, and bet you can find them, and many more somewhere close down the lane. 

Know the Data Science syllabus here: What Is The Syllabus For Data Science? [2021 Course Syllabus]

Get into some On job training Data Science jobs:

How better to learn than work it out? So, when you are on the job, you get the practicality of every topic. And, you skill up a great deal eventually. 

I know how on earth to get into some job when we do not have the experience or enough skills? Right? Are you pondering on the same?

Well, here comes the trick! 

It’s not too difficult to get a junior Data Scientist with a decent resume! Keep your options open & optimize the chance of finding a variety of data science jobs

Don’t miss out on any opportunities!

How to transition from Non-CS background to Data Science: How To Make A Career Switch To Data Science?

Learn all of the programs (beyond school and courses):

Do you need to stand out from the crowd? Then you really need to work hard and keep up with all the current trends and programming problems. Leave no stones unturned in the process of learning. One time investment of time and energy in mastering skills can take you along.  

Easy tips to master programming languages: How To Learn Any Programming Language? This Will Help.

Complete your graduation:

I know it’s way too tempting to go straight into an online course and quit college. However, owning a degree on your collar will dramatically increase your chances of getting hired as a Data Scientist. If you are a BCom graduate, getting another graduation would somehow be boring and not happen to be taken forward. So you may better take some crash course and get into a good job.  

However, someone with a degree and a course certificate is always the first choice!

Pursue an online course or Bootcamp:

Kickstart a ravishing Data Science journey by pursuing an online course or Bootcamp. Last but really the best, the Bootcamp option appears to be one of the best date options. Data Science Programs like the IIT-M CCE Certified Advanced Programming Professional & Master Data Science with Zen Class handhold you through the different stages of learning all along. You have to invest your time, money, and interest to learn. 

With practice and by mastering the Data Science skills, a BCom graduate can effectively get into Data Science jobs in just 90 days. 

Again, acquiring the Data Science skills is understandable, but how do you get into a Data Science job? Then, let me tell you Zen Class from GUVI offers you the best placements. As soon as you complete your course and stand ready with the project’s portfolio, you start receiving multiple interview calls from the top MNCs. 


So, which way gives you a ray of hope? There is no right or wrong way! Any option that you choose will surely take you to your aspirations, but sticking to it with perseverance and hard work remains the key to success.

Then, what do you think, Can commerce students do Data Science? Yes, Yes, and a BIG YES!

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