Is Data Science A Good Career Choice In 2023?

Data Science a rising career

Is Data Science a good career choice?

What do the most popular job review websites, including PayScale, Glassdoor, and Naukri speak about Data Science? They say that Data Science is one of the best career choices of the hour! Pertaining to the reported salaries of 17,000 candidates (see here), Glassdoor mentions that the average salary range of Data Scientists varies from ₹7L- 12L/Annum, with an average of ₹10L for a level-2 data scientist. It goes higher than ₹12-14L for level 3. Sounds crazy right?

Now, if we ask you is Data science a good career choice? What would you say?

Does Data Science need an introduction?

Not really! Data Science is undoubtedly one field among a bunch of trending ones that are seen evolving over time. Clearly, Data is modifying every sector of the industry, including healthcare, education, finance, and travel.

“No matter what industry you’re in, you need data skills to future-proof your career. ”

– Viki Paruchuri, CEO and Founder of Dataquest.

We all know that the term “Data Science” has emerged lately, however, the undeniable fact is that making sense of data has a long history. Data Science became all the more famous with the birth of the designation of a new profession that is expected to make sense of the vast stores of big data. To clarify, Data Science has been discussed by Scientists, Statisticians, Computer Science Graduates, Corporate Professionals, and others for years. 

Can Data Science be defined in a single sentence?

Well, it does have more implications than to be a constraint in a single sentence! Data Science is concerned with the statistical methods used to quantify data and transform the data-analytic information into processed output. Thus, it creates and manages the workflows for processing data to identify context, allocate resources, and characterize audiences for data analysis products.

The ever-growing field of Data Science is a platform for qualified Data Science professionals, who can make sense out of disordered & unstructured data. 

“Data Scientist is the sexiest job title of the 21st century”

Harvard Business Review

Have you thought about the Data Science Life Cycle?

Like any project development, even a Data Science project has some deliverable Life Cycle! Of course, it varies with teams and project requirements, but it more or less exhibits a general life cycle. If we talk about a generalized operative structure of a Data Science task, then the life cycle remains more or less as shown below

So, its life cycle could imbibe these five steps:

  1. Identifying & Defining the Problem
  2. Documenting, Visualizing, Processing, and Realizing Data 
  3. Understand and Validate the working model 
  4. Deployment and Management with Enhancements
  5. And, Mainstream Operations

Though lined up, these are not linear steps or the only steps to be followed. Every project demands its project life cycle. However, this can be a handy first cookbook! Here, you can take your passion for Data Science one step ahead with the Subject Matter Experts here –> click to learn from the IIT Experts and Industry Proficients!

What will you do as a Data Scientist?


Well, all that hype around the field is quite naturally overwhelming for the new bees. To clarify, a Data Scientist is someone who can read, analyze, formulate, and implement DATA. So, the process includes collecting, interpreting, and executing large sets of structured and unstructured data. It combines the knowledge of computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

Data Scientists are valuable assets to companies as their evaluating and analytical skills assist companies to interpret the possible results & create actionable plans! In short, Data scientists are analytical experts who use industry knowledge, contextual understanding, and the uncertainty of existing assumptions. So, their skills help companies uncover answers to business challenges!

Six prolific reasons to start a career as a Data Scientist

Now is the time to answer- Is Data Science a good career choice? It looks like it is!

  1. Ever-growing & rapidly evolving field 
  2. Enormous Job Opportunities
  3. Thriving Salaries
  4. Add power to Business
  5. Interesting and Diverse experience
  6. Also, Potential of Growth

These are seamlessly compelling reasons for mushrooming Data Scientists across the globe to stay tuned to this evolving field. A Data Scientist can foresee an all-around growth point of view. So, mastering Data Science will make a professional stand as a crucial part of any organization. And so data science is really a good career option for you in 2023!

Accelerate your career with all the requisite Data Science skills and build a standout career! For mastering Data Science and kickstarting a fabulous career, be a part of this IIT Certified Programming Professional Course

Ravishing Job roles in Data Science

Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Database Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Statistician, ETL, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Product Owner, Big Data Engineer… 

Wow, these profiles are indeed calling! All these designations, their roles, and responsibilities are alluring. 

Above all, Tech Companies are moving helter-skelter, finding experts to study and analyze the bulk Data documented and kept unread. Bidding the same, spellbinding job roles hop in now and then with slightly different or almost similar responsibilities and skill demands. 

Besides, all these job roles are equally exciting! And showcase high demand. No matter which job role you fit in, as a Data Scientist, you will have to groom yourself and keep learning

Do Data Scientists have Happy Pockets?

Oh, yes! They really do! With happening possibilities and exciting career opportunities, Data Scientists also possess lucrative packages!

According to recruitment firm Michael Page’s 2021 India Talent Trends report, data science professionals with 3-10 years of experience get annual salaries in the 25-65 lakh range, while those with more experience can command pay packages upwards of 1 crore.

India Today Feeds

Wrapping Up

Wow, that was a great deal of research put on a single table. Isn’t it? We guess we have tried to touch all the frequently asked questions that might pop up in your snoopy minds! Most importantly, as of date, it is the best career option, and you must consider it if you aspire to pick an inspiring career! It is a field that is here to stay and emerge all the more versatile in the days to come.

The shortage of data scientists is becoming a serious constraint in some sectors

Harvard Business Review

Obtaining specialized skills within and beyond the field will distinguish the budding Data Scientists even further. This IIT Certified Data Science Program can provide you skills and groom you towards an elevated career.

Become an IIT Certified Programming Professional & Master Data Science

Is Data Science a good career choice for you?

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