30 Best JavaScript Project Ideas For You [3 Bonus Portfolio Projects]

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Does the aspect of building interactive web applications interest you? If yes, then you must start learning JavaScript. Once you learn the basics of the language, you need to keep practicing by building JavaScript projects.

For those starting out, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that enables its developers to take complete control of the web elements and build dynamic, graphic, and interactive components with ease.

It’s an adaptable language that is accepted by most browsers because of its in-build execution environment. Coupled with CSS, HTML, and other JavaScript frameworks, the developers can execute powerful and engaging web programs.

If you are a newbie in the world of JavaScript programming or need to test your JS skills with some great projects, we have got you all covered. This article would give you some of the best JavaScript Mini Project Ideas for beginners and awesome project ideas with source codes for intermediate and advanced JavaScript developers to build their portfolios.

Let’s check them out:

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Easy JavaScript Projects for Beginners

JavaScript Mini Project Ideas for Beginners

If you wish to start polishing your JavaScript skills, you need to get a hang of its various concepts and functions through some targeted projects.

You can practice building small elements through these projects and learn to execute specific concepts before advancing to trickier ones.

Following are some Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners or Students: 

1. Countdown Timer

Create a simple countdown timer with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can play with the appearance as per your liking. With this project, you’ll get to know and use various time functions in JavaScript.

Click here for Countdown Timer JavaScript Source Code

2. Quotes Generator

Quotes generator is another basic JavaScript project for beginners. You would be creating a dynamic quotes generator that randomly displays quotes by famous personalities. You can also customize it to display situations, dialogues, prompts, etc.

Click here for Quotes Generator JavaScript Source Code

3. Form Validation Page

Almost every website today uses a form page to generate leads. With this easy Javascript Project, you would be creating a form validation page. You would practice concepts of obtaining and storing data while working on this project.

Click here for form validation JavaScript source code

4. To-Do List

A to-do list is among the easiest JavaScript project for beginners which allows you to create a to-do app or web page through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can practice adding, editing, and deleting elements while allowing the user to mark a task as finished.

Click here for to-do list JavaScript source code

5. Speech Detection

As an interesting JavaScript project, beginners can easily build a speech detection API or a text-to-speech web application using the web speech API to integrate with your JavaScript code.

Click here for speech recognition source JavaScript source code

6. BMI Calculator

A BMI calculator is a beginner-friendly project in JavaScript. With this project, you would create a simple calculator which would ask for height and weight as input from the user and return the BMI value and classify it accordingly.

Click here for BMI Calculator JavaScript source code.

7. Hex Colour Background Change

A very interesting yet beginner-friendly JavaScript mini project, you can build a Hex Colour Background changer through JavaScript.
The project would allow the user to change the background color of the page on the screen while displaying its corresponding hexadecimal value. Cool, right?

Click here for Hex Colour Background Change JavaScript source code

8. Webpage Filter

How many times those filters on e-commerce sites have saved our time, energy, and lots of productivity? Numerous times. You can also create a webpage filter project in JavaScript and get a hang of data sorting and selection in JavaScript.

Click here for the webpage filter project source code

9. Digital Clock

You would see a digital clock on many websites and examination dashboards. You can create various types of clocks to integrate with any website.
You can work on building a Digital clock JavaScript Project which uses various time and maths-related functions from the JS library.

Click here for the Digital Clock JavaScript source code

10. Popup Message Generation

Reading a blog or making a purchase, we encounter some or the other pop-ups multiple times. With this JavaScript project, you would create your own pop-up page and learn to deploy it on a webpage when required.

Click here for the Pop Up Message Generation JavaScript source code

JavaScript Project for Intermediate level coders

JavaScript project Ideas for Intermediate level

Once you’ve mastered the core concepts and their uses to create various interactive elements in JavaScript, you can switch to the bigger league. You can try creating some simple applications by combining multiple JavaScript concepts to sharpen your skills.

Following are some JavaScript Projects for Intermediate coders/learners with Souce Code:

1. Single Page Application

A single-page application usually brings the contents from the web server to the present page, rather than loading entire pages at once.
We all use them on a daily basis while working with Gmail, Netflix, Maps, etc. It’s time you create one yourself.

Click here for a Single Page Application source code

2. A Currency Converter

A currency converter is one of the coolest intermediate JavaScript projects for college students or anyone who wants to create an interactive web application.
The converter could have as many currencies as you wish. You can start with just 2 in the beginning.

Click here for Currency Converter JavaScript source code.

3. A Quiz App

A quiz app would be a very innovative project for intermediate JavaScript coders. With a little help from CSS and HTML, you can create an impressive quiz app with better features.
You can decide the number of options, and buttons for a better user experience or even add a timer that you created above! Seems fun.

Click here for Currency Converter JavaScript Source Code

4. Wikipedia Search

A Wikipedia search might seem tedious, but it’s a great JavaScript project for intermediate coders, once you get a good understanding of various functions and a mapped-out logic.
You would implement a web application that creates a simple search engine for Wikipedia. Go, get your hands dirty now.

Click here for Wikipedia Search JavaScript Source Code

5. Dictionary App

We all have used a dictionary app multiple times. How would you like to create one, with your own features and quirks? You can again use the search logic you applied in the above project.

It’s a great JavaScript project for intermediate learners. You can add a text box to take words as input and a search button to show the meaning, usage in sentences, pronunciation, etc.

Click here for Dictionary app Javascript source code

6. RSS News Feed Reader

With this project, we would be creating a basic news feed display for a news website. The project could involve you creating a news landing page through JavaScript which shows different news pieces in boxes with a clickable link to the detailed article.
Once you succeed with basic outlook, you can integrate various web apps as well to make it better.

Click here for News Feed Reader Javascript source code

7. Guess The Number Game

A guess the number game can be pretty fun, based on how you want it to turn out. It could be a simple game that provides points when the user guesses a random number it has selected from a range.
It could also be an interactive game with great rules, design, and concepts like limited chances, hints, clues, etc.

Click here for Guess the Number JavaScript source code

8. Whack a Mole Game

Whack a mole is a famous game that involves quickly hitting a mole the moment it peeps out of a random hole. A faster reaction means a better score.

Creating this game could be a fun JavaScript project for intermediate coders. You would have to build functions that generate random holes for the mouse to stick out, the random duration for which the mouse would stick out, and a function that combines the two.

Click here for Whack a Mole JavaScript source code.

9. 2D Brick Breaker Game

Intermediate JavaScript developers can work on a 2-D brick breaker game to further hone their skills. It could start from a basic 2-3 levels and then you can scale it up further. You would need to use control structures, 2D arrays, and HTML Canvas Web API to create this game.

Click here for News Feed Reader JavaScript source code

10. Rock Paper Scissors With Computer

Rock, Paper, and Scissors is quite a fun game to play with your friend. Well, make your computer your friend and try beating it.

You would create a basic Rock, Paper, and Scissor game for this javascript project. You can make it more interactive and graphic if you’re feeling creative.

Click here for Rock Paper Scissors JavaScript source code

JavaScript Projects for Advanced Coders

JavaScript project Ideas for Advanced level

Now that you have successfully created beginner and intermediate level JavaScript projects, it’s time to switch to the big guns. You must be eager to challenge yourself in JavaScript coding if you are looking for Advanced JavaScript Projects. 

At this stage, you can start creating big, complex applications or programs that involve using several functions, libraries, and frameworks like ReactJS, JQuery, Node.JS, etc. Some of these high-level JavaScript projects could take months to develop, but you would come out as a complete JavaScript developer.

Following are some JavaScript Projects for Advanced Coders/Learners with Source Code:

1. Maze Game

You must have played various maze games and we all can agree they’re super fun.
Although maze games could be counted as advanced JavaScript projects, this one would help you get to experience with advanced JavaScript, data structures and algorithm concepts, and some beginner-level React JS.

Click here for the Maze Game JavaScript source code.

2. Movie App

Creating a movie app could be a great choice in advanced javascript projects for college students looking for a new opportunity in JavaScript development.

The project would become pretty easy once you integrate the Movies API. Your users can search for a movie, add it to their wishlist, check its description, and perform other related functions.

Click here for Movie App Javascript Source Code

3. Analytics App

Looking at JavaScript project ideas for advanced learners, an analytics app seems to be among the most popular Javascript projects. Your application can be very intuitive and hands-on as it analyzes the site’s SEO, clicks, website audience, demography, etc.

Click here for Analytics App JavaScript source code

4. File Sharing App

For a file-sharing app, data security is a major thing to keep in mind. With this app, the users should be able to send and receive encrypted files securely. They should also be able to decrypt and read them.

It can also download and open the files in the browser after completing the setup. Using JavaScript’s Vigil Crypto library could be extremely helpful with this JavaScript project.

Click here for the File Sharing App JavaScript source code

5. Clone Instagram App

Instagram is one of the biggest and most famous social media apps that exist today. It has multiple features like sharing images across the server, recording likes, comments, and other analytics for posts.

To develop this advanced JavaScript project, you would need to have a good understanding of Node.Js, React JS, Postgres, JWT, Redis, and Context to build the backend and frontend architecture of the application.

Click here for Instagram Cone JavaScript source code

6. Weather App

A weather app is considered among the most popular JavaScript projects for students in the developer community. A weather app should ideally present the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures in degrees Celcius or Fahrenheit. It should also allow users to select their desired city/area and them.

Adding more graphical elements like sky conditions, icons to signify the weather and other animations can be integrated as you get more comfortable. You can try integrating Dark Sky API to get information about weather analytics.

Click here for the Weather App JavaScript source code

7. Pinterest Clone

Using Pinterest for inspiration is the new global language for GenZ. Well, it’s the geeks who would take a step above and try to create a Pinterest clone. It could be a little tricky, but with complete mapping and a clear thought process, you’ll come around.

It’s a great high-level project in JavaScript for students and aspiring professionals. With this Pinterest clone, users should be able to upload pictures, add tags to them, share, view, and create relevant boards for them.

Click here for Pinterest clone JavaScript source code

8. Chat Application

Whatsapp and other chat applications integrated with applications have become a major source of communication. Although, building such real-time chat applications comes under advanced JavaScript projects because of their complex structure.

You could use ReactJS, Node.js, and to create a chat application that allows users to send and receive real-time messages.

Click here for real-time chat application JavaScript source code

9. Amazon Clone

E-commerce has become a highly bankable source of income for most businesses. Hence a lot of them wish to gain more customers by creating a great e-commerce application or website.

Creating an Amazon e-commerce app/website clone is among the best advanced JavaScript projects. While you must be an expert with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s imperative to learn React, Firebase, and Stripe along with the APIs they provide.

Click here for Amazon Clone JavaScript source code

10. Music Player App

A music player is a classic JavaScript project for advanced coders. It involves the creation of an application that could access all music available on the device, search, play, pause, repeat, or shuffle the playlists.

Click here for Music Player JavaScript source code

Advanced JavaScript Projects for Portfolio

Best Project Ideas for JavaScript Portfolio

Although learning JavaScript is a continuous process, once you have achieved success with complex JavaScript applications/programs, you should consider preparing for jobs in the field. You can easily get a good job as a JavaScript developer without experience on the basis of your skills.

You can show your skills to employers through a good portfolio of JavaScript projects under your belt. The best JavaScript projects for portfolio can be a popular application clone or an elaborate game. You can also create multimedia platform or an impressive website that fulfills an industry gap.

You can consider executing the following examples of Top JavaScript Projects for Portfolio with Souce Code:

1. Create an Image to Video Editing App

With the revolution in video content brought by tic-tok and Reels, video editing jobs have skyrocketed and so is the need for on-mobile video editing. Thus including a video editing application as a JavaScript project for your portfolio can help you bag that job or internship.

For starters, you can create an online application that allows users to upload pictures and create a video out of them by adding music, transitions, etc. You would have to use Node.js extensively to build this project.

Click here for Video Editing Application JavaScript source code

2. Build a Stock Trading App

The finance market is rising rapidly. Hence the need for better financial trading applications and resources. A stock trading application could be a perfect JavaScript project for a portfolio.

You can allow the users to see the rise and fall in stocks and trade them in a stimulator environment (for the project). You can integrate the Stock API for the application to function. You would need to use Node.js, and Express.js along with basic API integration.

Click here for Stock Trading Application JavaScript source code

3. Create a Survey Application

Most businesses today rely on survey applications and websites to conduct market research. Thus, a survey app could be the next innovative portfolio JavaScript project.

Your application should allow the user to add a new survey, feed in new questions and answer options along with an edit option. This could become more engaging with the help of various buttons and graphics as per your choice.

Click here for Survey Application JavaScript source code

Tips to Choose the Best JavaScript projects for You

Choosing the correct JavaScript project is as important as deciding on and completing one. Taking up the wrong project could prove harmful to your learning process and leave you frustrated with little success or satisfaction.

A beginner college student could take up easy mini projects while a professional aspirant should consider doing projects that help companies analyze their skill potential.

We have divided the above projects based on your proficiency as a coder. Choosing the wrong proficiency level or working on several projects of the same difficulty level would stunt your growth and bar you from learning new skills.

So, you must keep the following things in mind to choose the best JavaScript project for you:

  1. Know your proficiency level and opt for a project accordingly.
  2. Understand when it’s time to move up the difficulty ladder to keep pushing your limits.
  3. Strengthen your basics and core concepts through small, individual projects before working on bigger projects.
  4. Seek feedback and help from the online coding community when you feel stuck and keep at it until you succeed.
  5. Before starting a project, do your research and understand its technical and skill requirements. If you don’t possess them, try mastering them first.
  6. Try building different use cases around one function/concept so that you can apply it in more advanced projects.

Final Words

You must have heard that the first impression is the last impression. Web developers and application builders take that very seriously. Hence most companies/organizations today are actively looking for JavaScript developers to create interactive web applications to scale their business.

We hope the above-compiled list of Cool JavaScript Projects would help you scale your learning curve. Just keep practicing and challenging yourself with these projects and soon, you’ll be ready for JavaScript developer jobs. 

If you’re interested in making a career in JavaScript, check out GUVI Zen Classes, which provide expert learning and the opportunity to work on real-life projects under the guidance of industry experts from Paypal, Flipkart, etc. Get 100% placement support for free to chance a job with the big tech players.


1. What is the Easiest Javascript Project?

A timer or a to-do app is among the simplest and easiest JavaScript projects and is very beginner friendly.

2. How to create a Javascript Project?

Creating a JavaScript project is very easy if you’re familiar with the basic functions and core concepts to implement JavaScript code. Although, the time, effort, and difficulty of projects vary with the complexity of the program you are looking to develop. 

3. How much time does it take to complete a JavaScript project?

Based on the complexity of the project, it could take a few minutes to build JavaScript mini projects for beginners, while taking several months to build advanced Javascript projects for portfolios.

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