7 Best Reasons to Learn JavaScript | 1 Bonus Point


Almost 95% of websites use JavaScript for building applications. Even top product-based companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and LinkedIn use JavaScript. According to Statista, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the tech industry. But wait! What makes it so popular? What benefits does JavaScript have?

Although there are numerous reasons that state why you should go for JavaScript. But in this blog, we’ll be focusing on the 7 best reasons to learn JavaScript or choose JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (once called LiveScript) is a programming language, one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web. Using JavaScript, you can create dynamic and interactive content, control multimedia, animate images, and much more. It was created by Netscape Communications in 1995.

Developers generally prefer JavaScript because it can be used to build front-end and back-end. It is a lightweight, object-oriented programming language used to build web applications, game applications, and a lot more.


7 Best Reasons to Learn JavaScript

You’ll get to know some of the best reasons that validate why you should choose JavaScript for your project. Let’s discuss each:

1. Popularity

The best reason which states the reason as why you should choose JavaScript is its popularity. Yes, you heard it right. JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by developers. Not only experienced ones, but also those who’re a beginner prefer JavaScript as it is beginner-friendly too.

There are many reasons behind JavaSxript’s popularity. Around 95% of websites use JavaScript as their programming language. According to several reports, JavaScript tops the list of programming languages for the last 10-12 years. So, definitely, you would also want to learn a language which has numerous benefits.

2. Versatile

The second reason why you should choose JavaScript is because of its versatility. Are you someone who’s interested in front-end? or backend? or both? or mobile/desktop application? or blockchain? and whatnot. JavaScript serves many purposes from being able to create web applications, to which developers prefer it for web development to using it for IoT.

JavaScript is majorly known for its web development but it is also the best choice for various other purposes too. JavaScript can be used in Big Data and Cloud Development where NoSQL uses JSON which fits best with JavaScript to connect the application with big data. Once you’ve learned JavaScript, the possibilities of its applications become endless.

3. Works in the Browser

Unlike other programming languages which require environment setup and code editors to run a particular piece of code, JavaScript is in your browser, therefore you can run code in the browser itself. It is the default language of the internet and since most of us use these browsers in our daily life, it’s easy to check.

You don’t need to learn how to use it, all you need is just a web browser and a text editor to run the program which is not the case with other programming languages wherein you’ve to follow several steps. Therefore, JavaScript is a perfect fit for beginners too.

4. Easy to Learn

JavaScript is an easy programming language to learn. Beginners find it more user-friendly because of a few reasons. Let’s discuss those –

  • The syntax is quite simple and logical
  • Huge Community Support, always ready to help
  • It is the default language of the Internet hence, beginners don’t have to worry about environment setup.
  • It is a higher-level language, with no complexities in code

There are numerous reasons why JavaScript is easy to learn for beginners. Also, the fundamentals of JavaScript are easy to understand and will help you in the long run.

5. Huge Community Support

Since JavaScript is the most popular programming language, many developers rely on it or use it for building web applications. This makes it huge community support. Having huge community support, you can get help from fellow developers at any given point when stuck to build an efficient solution.

Not only experienced ones, but beginners can also ask for help in case of any doubt, you’ll find friendly seniors and fellows who’ll always be ready to help thus making your journey smooth. Not only coding-related problems, but you also get help with the new tools, add-ons, etc.

6. Core of the Web

Today, when 95% of websites rely on JavaScript, we can’t deny the fact that JavaScript is the core of the web. Also, since JavaScript is the language of the internet, the web revolves around it. Along with HTML and CSS, it is considered the core of the web. HTML is used to build the markup and CSS for its styling or presentation. JavaScript is the most important key factor for building web apps.

7. Great Career Opportunities

Being an in-demand and most-wanted programming language, when the whole of the IT world is inclining towards JavaScript, it is sure to have great career opportunities. Everyone wants to become a developer and thus its demand is increasing day by day. Product-based companies like Amazon, Google, PayPal, Netflix, and many others hire JavaScript developers.

Today, if you’re good at JavaScript, you’ll be hired immediately with good pay. All you need to do is get skilled at it and build some amazing projects. Not only as a full-time, but you can also work as a freelancer and get handsome pay.

Bonus Point – Handsome Salary

Having these benefits, JavaScript developers get a handsome salary. If you’re good at it and have built some amazing projects, you’ll definitely get a good amount of pay. Also, the salary increase as you gain experience. The average salary of a JavaScript developer is –

In India – 15 LPA
In the US – $117,576

Wrapping Up

The reasons stated above, answer the question of Why JavaScript? Having numerous benefits, JavaScript tops the list of programming languages and becomes the perfect fit for web development, JavaScript is acknowledged as the “King of Web Development“.

If you want to be a developer and earn a handsome salary, JavaScript paves the way to it. As said, “Learning Never Stops”, you’ll still have to learn day-by-day as the technology updates. So, buckle up and get ready to become a JavaScript developer.


Q1. Should I learn JavaScript or Python?

Ans1. Although you can use JavaScript or Python for web development, many developers still prefer JavaScript as their programming language for building web applications. Python is generally preferred for AI/ML applications.

Q2. How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

Ans2. If you’re a curious learner and want to dive deep into JavaScript from the basics to the advanced level, it may take up to three to six months. Developers still believe that to become a proficient developer, you need to a maximum of time learning JavaScript. You can go through our JavaScript course which is a detailed one for beginners.

Q3. Why is it important to learn JavaScript?

Ans3. According to several reports, JavaScript is the most in-demand programming language and also developers consider it the best programming language for web development having numerous benefits. So, if you want to get a high-paying job as a web developer, JavaScript is the way to get into it.

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