20 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Python in 2023

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Python

Do you wish to learn Python but don’t want to waste your time and money on low-quality resources? Congratulations! YouTube is an excellent platform for learning how to code, but which YouTube channels are the best for learning Python for beginners?

We do realize how difficult it may be to locate the finest Python tutorial on YouTube, which has hundreds of excellent videos. Do not worry! We are here to help you out.

Best YouTube Channels to Learn Python For Beginners

In this article, we have put together a list of the top 20 YouTube channels for Python novices. They’re all well-known and deserving of your attention.

So, what are the best YouTube channels to subscribe to? Let’s get started!

1. freeCodeCamp

With nearly 5 million subscribers, freeCodeCamp is one of the most popular channels among programmers. Quincy Larson founded it in 2014 intending to provide open and free access to coding information to budding programmers. It is excellent for learning Python programming, as well as coding and web development in general. Long, comprehensive training on popular tools and languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and more, are available. 

freeCodeCamp is also one of the well-known and most user-friendly platforms for learning to code from the ground up. If you’re just getting started and don’t want to spend money on online classes, is a great place to start.

2. Anaconda Inc.

Anaconda is the most widely used Python data science platform. It was designed by data scientists, for data scientists, as they claim on their website. The videos on their YouTube channel are about data science in general. 

Python is one of several topics that can be studied. Several lectures on Python for data science and machine learning are available. Anaconda offers some good documentation on how to utilize this language in data-driven projects, but it’s geared toward intermediate and advanced users.

3. Chris Hawkes

For absolute beginners, Chris Hawkes provides a wonderful collection of beginner-level Python tutorial videos. Give his channel a try if you want to learn Python from the ground up and need a single source of information. 

The highlight about this channel is Chris’s introduction to Python programming videos that are informative and simple to follow if you are new to Python. By building little programs of your own, you will gradually understand how the language works and how to utilise it to solve issues.

4. TokyoEdTEch

Christian Thompson’s YouTube channel, TokyoEdTech is unquestionably one of the best resources for learning Python from the ground up. If you’re new to coding, the best part is that he’s a teacher, so he knows how to properly and thoroughly explain things. 

To obtain a sense of how Python works and what you can do with it, start with Christian’s Python basic tutorial videos. Check out his practical video tutorials to develop entertaining gaming projects like Space Invaders, Snake Game, and Tic-Tac-Toe once you’ve mastered the syntax.

5. Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer is one of the greatest channels for learning how to code, with nearly half a million subscribers and fresh videos added frequently. Qazi, the channel’s founder, can create films that are packed with information and programming storylines while still being presented understandably. There’s a lot of valuable information out there including tutorials, exercises, and courses. 

Clever Programmer is well worth your time and money. If you’re new to programming, you’ll find everything you need here to make your learning process easier and more enjoyable. In addition to the tutorials, you can participate in a live chat with Qazi and directly ask him your burning questions.

6. Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer’s YouTube channel has a wealth of free Python tutorial videos for both beginners and intermediate Python programmers. If you’re new to Python, start by installing and configuring Python on your Mac or Windows computer. 

Then, one by one, follow Corey’s video tutorials to discover how Python works and what you can do with it. You’ll find step-by-step tutorials for applying your new skills to real-world applications once you’ve mastered the syntax.

7. CS Dojo

CS Dojo is a Python video instructional channel featuring code-along tutorials for beginning and intermediate students. The founder of the CS Dojo channel, YK Sugishita, has created YouTube Python tutorials for complete beginners. This may be one of the most useful sites for support on your journey to becoming a programmer if you want to start learning Python or if you are at an intermediate level. 

YK does an excellent job of illustrating how the language works without being overly technical. CS Dojo also provides tutorials that show you how to get started with programming in general, how to solve problems with code, and much more. In addition to the Python courses, you’ll find a lot of YK’s suggestions and solutions here. This channel is for any programmer who wants to enhance his or her programming abilities.

8. Derek Banas

Derek Banas is one of our favourite YouTube channels for beginner-level programming tutorials, where you can learn everything you need to know in just one sitting. He covers a variety of major programming languages and tools, as well as web design foundations, on his YouTube channel. If you’re completely new to coding, his videos are jam-packed with hands-on tutorials that will teach you as much as possible in a short amount of time. 

Derek’s engaging manner has earned him over a million subscribers. Beginners in Python will feel right at home here. Derek has put together a lot of material so that you may master the fundamentals in only one session. If you’re looking for something different, you might witness how video games are made or even participate in a live stream of Derek playing Resident Evil.

9. Data School

If you’re new to Python programming but want to learn more about machine learning, Data School provides some excellent beginner-level videos to get you started. The principles of data science are taught on this Python YouTube channel. 

Data School will help you focus on the correct topics, regardless of your educational experience, if you’re unsure about what you should learn.

10. Pretty Printed

Pretty Printed has some fantastic beginner-level Python programming videos available. Every week, new videos are added. Anthony simply and effectively teaches Python and programming fundamentals. 

Check out his channel if you’re new to coding and want to learn how to do it properly. You’ll learn everything you need to know about using Python and Django to create your own web apps.

11. Programming with Mosh

Over 2.2 million people have subscribed to the  Programming with Mosh YouTube channel. Mosh speaks to his viewers in a very straightforward, clear, funny, and interesting style, which we believe is one of the reasons for his appeal. Mosh’s videos are usually simple and easy to comprehend. He essentially takes your hand in his and teaches you through everything you need to know about Python to begin constructing your coding projects. He demonstrates how and why it is worthwhile to develop IT skills on your own. 

Mosh tells a story of how he was compelled to absorb a lot of irrelevant material throughout his college years. Mosh walks beginners through the Python programming language step by step in his Python for Beginners video. If you’re serious about studying Python like a pro, Mosh’s entire Python course for absolute beginners is a great place to start.

12. PyData

PyData is an educational program created by NumFOCUS, a non-profit organization based in the United States that collaborates with local user groups all around the world. It’s a community for Python and data science aficionados. The PyData program hosts events for those interested in learning and developing their Python programming skills. 

People can convene at these events to share their experiences, discuss problems and initiatives, and build best practices. For those interested in data science and data analysis, this YouTube channel contains several excellent videos with lectures and presentations.

13. Real Python

Real Python is Dan Bader’s really useful YouTube channel, where he leads you through step-by-step Python coding for novices. Dan will not only provide you with a terrific Python basic tutorial to help you learn it from the ground up, but he will also answer a slew of additional questions. 

Overall, Real Python is an excellent resource for learning Python programming in depth. You’ll also find a wealth of films that will answer your questions about starting a career in technology and much more.

14. Sentdex

Sentdex has a good range of hands-on video lessons to help novices learn Python programming. This channel is a wonderful place to start studying Python if you want to start a career in computing and become a data scientist, for example. 

You’ll also find movies and playlists to help you learn how to apply your Python abilities to address real-world challenges in a variety of fields like Machine learning, Data visualization and analysis, Robotics and Investing, and finance.

15. Socratica

Socratica has a tonne of videos to help you learn not only Python but also other math and science disciplines. If you’re new to programming, their Python basic lesson will walk you through the basics of installing Python and understanding how the language works. After that, you’ll step by step write your first little programs.

16. Telusko

Telusko has almost 800,000 YouTube subscribers, and his videos are geared at complete beginners. There’s no need to be apprehensive if you’ve never programmed before. The videos begin with an overview of how programming and Python work, as well as the syntax. 

From there, you can advance your abilities. In a nutshell, this Python video lesson playlist has 100+ clear and simple films that will teach you Python programming from beginning to end. Have a blast!

17. thenewboston

With over 2.3 million subscribers, thenewboston is one of the most popular YouTube channels for learning programming. With over 4,300 videos, there are plenty of beginner-friendly lessons for learning Python programming. 

Apart from Python, thenewboston also has hands-on instructional playlists for HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Java, to name a few. Overall, this channel may be the greatest free online Python school for beginners if you are serious about seeking easy-to-follow Python online training resources.

18. Traversy Media

Traversy Media is another YouTube channel that has a large subscriber base of over 2 million people. This is one of the most useful resources for newcomers. Brad provides a fantastic Python crash course for beginners that will get you up and running quickly. 

What’s great about his Python lesson videos is that with just one crash course, you can start developing your first modest Python projects. It will teach you the fundamentals of Python syntax as well as how to use the language. A playlist of videos about blockchain with some innovative ideas to establish a community around the channel is one of thenewboston’s most interesting recent series.

19. TechWorld with Nana

And now for some girl power! Nina now has over 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her tutorials are well-prepared, with little animations that are visually appealing. If you want to study Python, her “Zero to Hero” series is a great place to start. It is a 5-hour comprehensive training that covers everything from the fundamentals to more advanced topics. 

Videos teaching web development and programming languages other than Python may also be found on Nana’s channel. DevOps is her area of focus. There are entire, extended courses as well as short films, in addition to many interesting tutorials. They might explain what JavaScript is or how a website operates, for example.

20. Al Sweigart

Another popular YouTube channel (Link here) for practicing and learning Python programming is Al Sweigart. Although the video library isn’t extensive, it’s a wonderful place to start learning Python if you’re new to coding and web development. His beginner-level Scratch courses can also help you grasp the fundamentals of programming. 

They’re excellent for learning the principles of programming and how to utilize code to create practical projects, such as games. Check out Al’s book Automate the Boring Stuff With Python if you haven’t already.


That’s all there is to it! That concludes our list of the top 20 YouTube channels for beginners to learn Python programming this year!

If you’re new to programming, the best approach to learn Python is to jump right in and see what happens. Python is one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages, so you won’t have to spend much time troubleshooting or learning the syntax. Results can be seen quickly, and you can start constructing your first little programs sooner than you might imagine.

As you can see, there are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to Python tutorials. This is only a sample of the top Python channels for beginners and aficionados. We hope you find something interesting, useful, and motivating in your pursuit of programming knowledge. If you know of any more interesting and useful YouTube Python tutorials, please let us know in the comments!


1. Is it possible to learn Python by watching videos on YouTube?

Learning Python on YouTube is a viable alternative these days. We’re enthused about what this new medium might achieve for programming education. There are a lot of great Python development YouTube channels out there, you just need to find one that is most suitable for your requirements.

2. Which is the best YouTube channel for learning Python?

Because there are so many Python YouTube Channels to choose from, there is no optimal channel for learning Python. Telusko, CS Dojo, Sentdex, The New Boston, Programming with Mosh, Anaconda, and others are among the most popular. Find the best one that meets all of your requirements!

3. Which online course is the best for learning Python?

Udemy, Coursera, Google’s Python Class, Microsoft’s Free Python Course, and CodeCademy are all popular ways to learn Python online for free. All of these are well-known online course platforms, with the largest assortment of online courses on the planet.

4. Is it possible to learn Python in a month using YouTube?

Yes, it appears that you can! If you have some coding experience and are proficient in another language such as C, C++, C#, Java, or another, you may learn Python in a month by watching videos on YouTube!

5. Which YouTube channel should you subscribe to if you want to learn how to code?

Programming Knowledge, Treehouse, Learn code academy, Derek Banas, The New Boston, Kudvenkat, DevTips, CSS-Tricks, and others are some of the most popular YouTube channels for learning programming. It’s up to you to discover the channel that best suits your objectives and needs!

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