Python Job Opportunities 2023: What Are The Career Opportunities After Learning Python?


Interested in Python job opportunities? Good call. To say that the Python job outlook is positive will be an understatement. As its popularity is rising, the demand for Python Programming as a preferred skill by employers is soaring sky-high.

With its steady positioning among the top 10 Programming Languages worldwide, Python is clearly more than just a dilettante favorite– it’s what employers want. Python is the language associated with some of the highest-paid jobs in India. Some of them have a median salary of ₹5,53,000…

Things are similar in different parts of the world. As reported by Naukri and other Job portals summary statistics, there have been 1,72,222 permanent job ads in India citing Python for the past 6 months with a median annual salary of ₹6-10L, which marks a 9.09% change year-on-year compared to the same period in 2019.

Scope of Python Programming & other Job Matrics 

Impressive figures, would you agree? Python isn’t just popular for Product development and advanced analytics. It has many different applications such as web development, game development, science, software development, language development, and more.

By this point, you’re probably wondering:

  • What are the companies and industries with the highest number of Python job offers?
  • What are the kinds of job roles for which you’d need Python?
  • Which other skills are expected for these roles along with Python?
  • What locations have the highest number of Python job openings at the moment?
  • What is the experience and education required for these roles?

Well, today we will try to address all of your queries. We have gathered and rummaged through data from over 1,000 Indian job posts originating from multiple job boards to find out the current market trends for Python-related jobs. Sound good? Alright, let’s get into it.


What companies are looking for Python Developers? 

Starting with companies. According to the data, Apple and IBM are leading the pack with the highest number of job offers, followed by other top giants in the industry like Amazon and Facebook which also make their mark with a good portion of Python job openings.

When it comes to company size, it’s obvious that most of the offers are posted by companies with more than 10,000 employees, which proves that big firms are actively recruiting candidates with Python. 

Nevertheless, there’s a reasonable number of Python Job opportunities for SMEs.(Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) as well, and that’s definitely good news for job seekers.

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Cities with Highest Python Job Openings 

Moving on to locations, state-wise, Bangalore tops the list, Hyderabad is a not-so-close second, but it also boasts a high number of Python job openings.

Bangalore, being the silicon valley of India currently has the highest number of Python offers. What’s also worth noting is that there are quite a few offers marked as ‘Remote’ without mentioning any city. 

This could be mainly due to the current pandemic situation as most companies are having their employees work from home. Still, as you can see, that doesn’t make location irrelevant in terms of the number of Python job openings. 

But which industries should you target?

As expected, our Job Portal research shows that most of the Python Job offers are concentrated in the IT industry. However, this barely exhausts all possibilities – there’s a considerable number of offers coming from the Financial Services and Education industries, as well.

So, what are the most in-demand roles related to Python?

The highest number of Python job postings is for the Software Engineer role. Very often people with this job title specialize in a programming language. Python, Java, and Javascript are a few very popular options.

The second type of role with the most job ads citing Python is data scientist. Python is the programming language of choice in the data science world, so no surprise here.

A good number of jobs are posted for research roles in various fields. A decent number of openings are also posted for roles like Data Analyst, Tester, Quantitative Engineer, and ML engineer.


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Python Programming Job Roles & Prerequisites

Alright. Now that you know more about the companies, locations, and industries offering Python job opportunities, as well as the roles associated with this programming language, It’s time to learn what education and skill you need to impress employers and land a Python job.

A Bachelor’s degree would suffice for around half of the cases (50% of listings require a Bachelor’s). But the other half of the job offerings require a Master’s and a Ph.D. diploma. As far as specialization is concerned, unsurprisingly, Computer Science has been mentioned as the most in-demand educational background in the majority of openings.

In addition, Mathematics and Physics are also preferred as educational backgrounds by employers.  Moving on to the most important part– skills. What other programming languages are listed as desirable in job offers along with Python?

SQL tops the list – as a database query language, SQL proficiency is a must in addition to programming language competence.

Other programming languages mentioned in the job offers include R and Java. And if you’re looking for one single place to master Python, SQL, R, and plenty more in-demand tools, we’ve got you covered.

Role of Python Libraries & Frameworks 

Now, going back to our research, we can’t omit the fact that, to a large extent, Python has become famous because of its libraries. Let’s see which are the most wanted ones out there. Over the last few years, Pandas became a favorite library for data manipulation activities.

So, naturally, it is cited in the largest number of openings. Numpy, Tensorflow, and Scikit Learn are the other more sought-after libraries in the Data Science field heading the list.

Interestingly enough, Selenium is frequently mentioned as well, mainly because there is a Python wrapper available for Selenium with applications in Automation testing.

Python for Web Technologies

HTML and CSS are mentioned in the highest number of job descriptions along with Python, which makes perfect sense, as they play a foundational role when building Web applications. On the other hand, Python’s own web frameworks like Django and Flask also stand out as some of the key web technologies Python job seekers could need on the job.

Other technologies & skills do you need to master before you apply for a Python-related role?

To put it briefly – yes. To secure a job, sometimes knowing one programming language isn’t enough. Based on the role, candidates are expected to know other areas as well, like version controlling through GIT/Github and deploying the application using platforms like Docker.

Cloud technologies like AWS have been mentioned in quite a few job offers, too.

Big Data is required in a good number of openings, mostly related to data analyst and data engineer roles.

Now, aside from the technical skills which are clearly a must for Python jobs, how important are soft skills, such as Communication? Well, according to the data, communication is important. 477 job posts explicitly require good communication skills.

What Python Job Experience is required? 

We’ve arrived at the last category in our research -experience: Most companies desire candidates with at least 2–3 years of experience.

However, the greater part of the job offers in our sample is suitable for candidates with at least 5 years of experience. So, keep that in mind and make sure you constantly upgrade your skill set in your resume and work on relevant tasks and projects to stay competitive.

Alright. To sum up,

 Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages out there and is expected to gain additional popularity in the near future. The main job roles you can apply for with Python are Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning engineers.

Curious about other career paths in data science and data analytics? Bookmark this space, where we’ll discuss the skills, experience, and education you need for the most in-demand job roles, and plenty more! 


1. How to get a job in python as a fresher?

There are plenty of jobs in the market, but not enough skillset. It’s no doubt that there is a gap between academic qualifications and corporate requirements. One needs to upgrade them with skills that are required at an industry-development level. Try our FREE IIT-M-based Python curriculum, to get yourself equipped with all the skills you need for future work.

2. How Python helps in your career?

Python is the most versatile programming language with wider applications in every aspect of Information & Technology. Python Community of 8 Million Developers worldwide is considered the strongest and it’s still growing. Learning Python as your primary programming language will take your career forward in great ways.

3. How to learn Python and get a Job?

The roadmap is clearly evident. Cover your Python Basic with this course, practice python programs, and add your projects to your Git repository. Also cover additional dependencies based on your Python stream i.e Data Science, Web Technologies, and more.

4. Is Python worth Learning?

Yes, Definitely. Python is a great programming language to pursue in 2023 and the future outlook is bright.

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