Welcome to GUVI Blogs and this is Rajaraman. Choosing a mini project is often a difficult task for college students.  So we, at Team GUVI, thought of coming up with a readymade list of mini projects from which students can choose the projects of their liking.  So here we go with the list ranging from simple to complex but in no specific order. projects-2
* #### Reminder and ToDo app

  • Word Processor like Notepad, Notepad++

  • Syntax Checker

  • Code Indenter

  • Code Editor

  • GUI for databases like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

  • Simple website for you / your friends / your city

  • Paint Application

  • Inventory System

  • IRCTC railway booking system clone

  • Build your own Linux Commands / DOS Commands

  • Mini Facebook / Twitter

  • Online Banking System

  • Online Ticket Booking System

  • Music Organizer

  • Price Comparison website

  • Library Management System

  • Youtube Clone

  • Matrimonial Website

  • Flipkart clone

  • GirlFriends / BoyFriends organizer (Just for fun)


  • Web Scraper

  • Simple Chat Program

  • Local Machine Search Engine

  • Mini-Search Engine

  • Resume Builder Software

  • Quiz Website

  • Stack Overflow Clone

  • Online Voting System

  • Expense Tracker App / Website So, what are you waiting for?  Pick any mini-project and let the coding begin!! And if you want to learn any programming languages to start your first Mini-Project,

Check out Simple yet Creative Project Ideas of 2019

start learning here in GUVI.

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