Game Development Career 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Are you phenomenally crazy about playing games? Do you think a Game Development Career is where you aspire to step in? Then this article calls for your attention. 

While shooting down countless villains in Call of duty or racing through streets in Forza Horizon, have you ever considered how much effort goes into making the video games you love? Or if you enjoy playing games on your computer or mobile device, you have probably considered creating your own, right?

Through game development, you essentially build an environment for others to play in so that they can escape into a world of your imagination in every sense. 

In this article, we’ll look at a few key things that you must consider if you want to pursue a career in game development. 

Why choose a Game Development Career?

Gaming has advanced dramatically. It has become a fast-evolving industry with over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. 

It is only getting more prominent as cloud gaming services and major tech firms such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Apple Arcade joins the fray with their own gaming platforms. 

People can never be satisfied and always look for upgrades, which is especially true in the gaming industry, where the public expects better online games to be released every calendar year.

As a result of these factors, the demand for game developers is increasing. Gaming has become a highly competitive industry that needs professionals who can combine innovation, fun, and technology, and hence game development jobs are more exciting than traditional 9-5 jobs.

Game Designer vs. Game Developer – What’s the Difference

While the words “game designer” and “game developer” can sound similar, they are not interchangeable for those contemplating careers in these fields. 

Game designers are the visionaries who see the whole process from beginning to end. Game developers are the ones who make the magic happen; they work together for hours to ensure that the coding is correct. 

Graphic designing, programming, art, and animators are all used by game designers. They come up with and conceptualize the structure of the game, as well as its plot. 

Another important aspect of their job is creating the game’s initial design and flow. 

Game developers are essentially programmers. They concentrate on the game’s technological aspects. They are fluent in several programming languages, including Lua, Perl, C++, and others.      

A game’s requirements are created by game developers, who then use those specifications to advise the plan. 

Skills Required For a Game Development Career 

Game development appears to be an attractive career choice with so much going on with the gaming industry. So, what skills do you need to be a top-notch video game developer? 

#1 Strong programming skills- a basic requirement for a Game Development Career

Game developers have to be proficient in at least one programming language. C# is the most common language for platform games, which is quite similar to Java. 

Python and Lua are two other languages that game developers need to know. 

#2 Creativity- one of the most essential aspects for a Game Development Career

A game developer’s competitive advantage should be their ability to think creatively. 

You need unique and incredible innovations to the virtual world in a market flooded with innovative ideas. 

#3 Problem-solving aptitude

All programming positions necessitate a high level of problem-solving skills. Game designers must have the ability to think objectively and break down issues into smaller parts that will be improvised separately. 

They should have the ability to predict and solve problems that users might face when playing a game. So, problem-solving aptitude becomes another prime factor for a Game Development Career.

#4 Prototyping and testing

A Game developer should be able to create low-fidelity and high-fidelity samples of gameplay concepts and features. 

You should also be able to effectively write test cases and test plans and perform a game test. 

#5 2D/3D modeling

A Game developer has to be responsible for managing game assets and iterating current asset models. 

They should model 2D/3D assets using software like Unity, Maya, and Blender. So that becomes another interesting aspect for a promising game development career. 

#6 Communication skills

Along with technical skills, soft skills like communication skills are equally crucial to game developers so that they can effectively convey their vision, ideas, and opinions to other members of the team. 

Different Roles concerning a Game Development Career

There are many exciting career opportunities available in the gaming industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most appealing roles. 

#1 Game Programmer

To tell vividly, Game programmers are software developers who do computer coding to bring game designers’ ideas to life.

Creating unit tests and validation procedures, as well as technical recording requirements, are among their responsibilities. 

They form an interface between game producers, game designers, artists, sound designers, and quality assurance testers. 


Average Base Pay of  ₹ 608K / year 

Knowledge Required

They should have good software programming skills (C+, Objective C, JavaScript, and so on), as well as game engine expertise (Unreal, Unity) 

#2 Game Designer 

Game Designer is another job role concerning a Game Development Career. They are the game architects, and their role involves designing and defining all of the game’s elements, including the setting, rules, atmosphere, story flow, stages, characters, vehicles, and weapons, among others. 

They create the overall game model, which is then implemented by programmers, animators, developers, and audio engineers. 


Average Base Pay of  ₹ 573K / year 

Knowledge Required

A game designer must have a strong understanding of programming languages, 3D modeling systems, and animation software. 

#3 Audio Engineer 

Role: Audio engineers use soundtracks and sound effects like gunshots or a car’s vroom, as well as ambient sounds like traffic, crowd noise, and birds chirping, to add realism to the in-game environment. 

They mix complex sound effects with ambient sounds and background music to add life to the game’s environment, encapsulating the game’s essence in the audio they create. 


Average Base Pay of  ₹ 350K / year 

Knowledge Required

Audio engineers should be well-versed in sound applications (LogicPro, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, and so on) as well as game engines (Unreal, Unity) 

#4 Game Publisher 

The role of a game publisher is to publish and distribute games. Game publishers have the advantage of being able to release and distribute your product as widely as possible, from physical discs on store shelves to digital distribution. 

The publisher often funds the game’s production and pays the developers. Other duties of the publisher include printing a game guide and designing the game’s box.  

Knowledge Required

Game publishers should have good knowledge of the gaming industry, rights and licensing of games, and budget handling. 

#5 Quality Assurance Tester 

Quality Assurance Testers are professionals who examine video games for glitches and bugs at various stages. They collaborate with game designers and programmers to ensure that a game runs smoothly before it is released to the public. 


Average Base Pay of  ₹ 256K per year 

Knowledge Required

Testers must be keen observers with solid analytical and logical reasoning skills. They must be concentrated and have a good eye for detail to find all errors in the game they are working on.   

Factors to Consider if opting for Game Development Career 

Game development is an exciting and satisfying career direction, but it is also a very competitive one. 

Most experts believe that you can opt for this industry if you have the enthusiasm and passion for succeeding in gaming. 

Ensure you gather the relevant skills needed for game development, such as strong programming skills, knowledge in game engines, 3D modeling software, etc. 

You also need to consider funding and game publishers involved if you plan to create a game on your own without associating with any partners. 

Hence before joining, make sure you’re up for a challenge and that you’ve given yourself a good reality check!  


So, that was a great deal of understanding in a Game Development Career.

That said, the international gaming industry is currently in a high boom. And the Indian market is steadily catching up, providing plenty of opportunities for game enthusiasts. 

It is a relatively new industry, but it has evolved rapidly in the last two decades as the internet has become more available and technology has advanced. A Game development career is a very compelling career path for many people, especially those who enjoy gaming.  

The gaming industry in India has a bright future, so now is the best time to start a career in this field!  How about beginning a game development career with the PyGame course?

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