Full Stack Developer Syllabus 2023 [UPDATED]

Full Stack Developer course syllabus 2022

Jack of all trades- A full stack developer has to work in all the areas of an application, be it the front end, server side (back end), database, or any other component. A profile so versatile definitely calls for a handsome package with an intriguing career. Then what does it take to be a full stack developer? What is the Full Stack Developer Syllabus in 2023?

The demand for talent with digital skills such as Full Stack, React JS, Android, Angular JS, and Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, Cyber Security, among others, has seen a surge since last quarter. This is so because technology transformations have become a key priority for organizations industry-wide. Some areas have witnessed over a 300% increase in requirements.”

Quess Corp, leading business solutions provider & India’s largest private-sector employer 

That is to say, the demand for Full Stack Developers is soaring high today. And this is the time, when you need to track down, if at all, how to begin a career in Full Stack Development. Well, taking a professional full-stack development course seems to be the best way to get a headstart. But what’s the structure of the course? What would you learn through the full-stack development course? What’s the full stack development syllabus in 2023?

Consider all your queries heard. To answer your questions, we interviewed and discussed the above questions with the Subject Matter Experts and hiring Partners in leading companies like Paypal, Google, ZOHO, Freshworks, Microsoft, Flipkart, etc. and jotted down the modules that the Full Stack Developers should learn in 2023.

Through our research, we found out that the full stack development syllabus aims at teaching and inculcating a clear vision to carve industry-ready, all-rounder web application developers, who can build a project from the ground up, by incorporating front-end, back-end, and database technologies. Also, it is imperative to ensure that the candidates gain the ability to develop big-time real-life projects that make them stand out!

To get a detailed insight on the latest syllabus taught and followed by GUVI’s Flagship Professional Full Stack Development Zen program, read this comprehensive guide on full stack development syllabus guide to start your full stack journey.

Full Stack Web Development Course Syllabus 2023 Details:

Before starting your full stack development journey, you need to understand all the skills and topics that you’ll need to master. Following is a list of topics and their contents that will help you become the master full-stack developer with all the relevant skills that the modern industry demands!

Full Stack Web Development Syllabus 2023: Key Modules

1. JS basics

2.  HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

3. DOM Manipulation 

4. Callback, Promise, Async/Await, and more

Hackathon – 1  – Frontend (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS)

5.  Data Structure & Algorithms 

6. ReactJS

7. MySQL & MongoDB, NodeJS, React, & more 

Hackathon 2 Fullstack application(Reactjs + Nodejs)

8.  System Design & AWS 

Placement preparation & capstone project development (1 to 2 weeks) 

Add-on sessions as alumni meet, cracking interviews, personality development, webinars 

Final Mock Interview – 3 & Capstone project review

Placement Ready/Handover

Module 1: JS Basics

Introducing web basics and carving a foundation for Javascript, the first module of the Full Stack Developer Syllabus 2023 will give you a good overview of the complete course. Find out the browser internals and explore how the server looks at the URL with all the underlying basics. Then, get a solid grip on the topics right from the start.

Find a practice platform where you can do the hands-on rigorous practice. The module 1 topics in the Full Stack developer syllabus would more or less look like the ones that you might have already covered in your high school or later, only with augmented levels of complexity. So, here are a few of the topics that you would get started on in module 1. 

JS Basics

  • Introduction to web 
  • Browser Wars 
  • DOM tree, CSSOM tree. 
  • Browser internals – HTML parser, CSS parser, JS engine 
  • Layout engine or rendering engine JavaScript 
  • V8 engine internals 
  • IP – MAC address – Ports & Evolution of HTTP 

Module 2: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Full Stack Development syllabus goes without saying an imperative need to learn HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap. The Web seems to be all built on HTML& CSS. And it seems that every mushrooming Full Stack Developer needs to crawl past these essential programming languages. It’s more like every Full Stack Developer is expected to know HTML & CSS. Hence, a detailed understanding of HTML and CSS will help you multifold in your career. To find out how and what you need to master for the same, download the syllabus here.

Module 3: DOM

Concentrating on the Document Objects and the Window Objects this module teaches you to modulate CSS through Javascript and more. FYI, the document and window objects are kind of omnipresent especially when building web applications. Starting from handling right-clicks in the browser to copying something on the user’s clipboard, the functionalities of these two include the ones that you can use without much previous knowledge. So, this module helps you sharpen your skills and learn further. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module:

  • DOM Manipulation
  • Document object and Window object
  • The method in the document object

Anything that you learn should be put into practical implementation at all points in time. Then remember to put your learning into essential hands-on practice here.

Module 4:  Callback, Promise, Async/Await, and more

Callback, Promise & Await!!! No! Wait, before you jump off the page already, you need to see this.

Full Stack Developer Syllabus 2023

They are what comes in module 4 of the Full Stack Web Developer Course Syllabus. Small as this module appears holds a value big enough to be just skipped. Then, you should now be in a position to deliver small projects of your own in 2023. Also, ready to step into the next module. 

Modules 5, 6, & 7 in the Full Stack Development Syllabus:

This list is followed by modules on

As a Full-stack developer, you need to make sure to be on top of the standards in Database Management. Data management is in the retrieval, insertion, & deletion of data from databases and organizing it in the form of tables, views, schemas, reports, etc. These are an integral part of the process of the project management process.  

Note: For programmers early into development, React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Do you know, why there is such a demand for Full Stack Developers? It is essentially because of the leading companies across the globe switching to React (Developed by Facebook) from the traditional Angular(Developed by Google).

Well, MEAN vs. MERN is a topic of discussion for every budding Full Stack Developer. The syllabus for both remains different. To ease this confusion between MEAN & MERN, we have an interesting blog for you- Read it with a click below.

Download the complete Full Stack Development Syllabus from the Zen Class Page!

At this point in time, you would be capable of creating separate front-end and backend applications from scratch. Keep levelling up yourself in terms of projects and other public skills simultaneously. Try to attend umpteen mock interviews and prepare yourself. On the other hand, workshops, webinars, and guest lectures can add value to your learning process. So, try and participate more in public discussions and forums.

Full Stack Developer Syllabus Module 8:  System Design & AWS 

Followed by outright implementation know-how of System Design and AWS will give you the key to getting started with Full Stack Web Development. Learn how AWS services fit into cloud-based solutions. Also, explore AWS Cloud best practices and design patterns through guided hands-on projects and learn to build a variety of infrastructures.

Top it up with a maximum number of real-time projects and you should be good to go!

Like a BIG GO! Yes, these 8 modules in the Full Stack Web Development Course Syllabus should be way enough for you to build your foundation. Backed up by multiple projects and mock interview sessions, you will be in a good position to get into any Full Stack Development job role.

So, how to master the complete Full Stack Developer Syllabus pdf in 90 days?

To sum up, the above-mentioned list of syllabus topics is what ZEN Class from GUVI incorporates. The structured program in ZEN promises you a good grip on all the requisite Full Stack Development skills within a period of 90 days!

How is the Full Stack Development ZEN Course different from the rest?

We bring in Mentors from the top most product companies like FaceBook, Google, Microsoft, etc. When our learners interact with these Subject-Experts from current contemporary Product Companies, they feel confident and clear picture of how to build world-class products on their own. And that’s where we win the challenge.

Mr. Arun Prakash M, CEO & Co-Founder GUVI Geek Network

So, Hackathons at regular intervals followed by tasks that will make you job-ready with a real-time project portfolio are what ZEN has to offer. Hear it from Prashanth Palki, Full Stack Developer @ Ankercloud Technologies.

Resources to Foster Learning Full Stack Development Syllabus

To sum up, full-stack developers are the proverbial unicorns of the development world: fanciful and functional. Full-stack developers possess a range of both front-end and back-end skills. If you’re wondering why full-stack developers are in such particular demand, it’s because most developers are highly specialized. Then it’s time you get into learning all about it.

You may refer to the following websites for augmented learning:

Now, that is a huge list to work on. So, keep learning and keep practicing. So, do you want the complete Full Stack Web Developer syllabus? Refer here.

In ZEN Class, we bring the problem statements from the product companies to the Table. We let the students go through that, understand the problem areas and then identify the technologies to crack them. So, we provide opportunities for the learners to explore the current market scenario and grow as a Proficient Full Stack Developer from there.

BalaMurugan S P, Co-Founder Of GUVI Geek Network

Practice to Master Full Stack Development Syllabus

Have you already heard about CODEKATA and WEBKATA? If not then these are our award-winning practice platforms- The best place to practice coding. Above all, Codekata extends a series of programs from the experts! Very importantly, we have seen that Programmers experience a difference in the level of comfort and confidence in coding after rigorous practice on Codekata. Do you wish to know more about this platform? This is the best place to read. In short, based on your performance on Codekata, we send your profile up to the tech companies. Also, we have observed that these profiles make a huge impact on employers. And your chance of getting hired increases by 90%.

Furthermore, Webkata is the Front-end practice platform that hosts a series of tasks on Web Development skills like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In short, this cloud-based module will enable you to practice Front-end skills. This goes without any need to set up the local environment.

We believe that a programmer becomes a better one, only when he/she writes a couple of lines of code from scratch and keeps doing it! Yeah, that is to say, no programmer was made in a day!!!

To augment your performance, we keep introducing some of the other platforms occasionally. And, as a part of it, MicroARC and Project Board are separate platforms for practice. Now, you can work on web development along with multiple other projects while learning, simultaneously on our platforms. In short, we wish to make sure that learning never stops.

Signing off with the Full Stack developer syllabus for you!

So, that was all from us on the Python Full Stack Developer Syllabus pdf 2023.

Common then, go on and tell us in comments what is the most in-demand stack you should be mastering in this world of development – MEAN or MERN? Any queries? Comment your questions and suggestions, even tips and tricks in the comment section. We will get into a discussion with you.

Do you want the complete Full Stack Developer Syllabus? Contact us. Or you may download the Full Stack Developer Syllabus on our website too.

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