5 Best Reasons to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms [DSA]

reasons to learn data structures and algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms are the most important skill every individual must have. It is a must-required skill company search for in individuals before hiring them in tech interviews. With DSA, you can work on building web applications effectively and efficiently. DSA adds many benefits to your growing career. It helps you clear tech interviews with ease.

Having so many advantages, let’s understand some of the best reasons why you should learn Data Structures and Algorithms. Before that, let’s read about DSA.

What are Data Structures and Algorithms?

Data Structures and Algorithms are the building block of software development. DSA is not limited to any one programming language. DSA can be implied with any programming language. It helps you in problem-solving and is a great benefit for competitive programming contests. You can build an efficient solution using DSA, keeping time and space complexity in mind. DSA is a perfect skill you must have if you’re looking to grow in your web development career.

Best Reasons to Learn DSA

Why DSA is so demanding? You can now answer all the reasons to learn DSA. Keep up with the below-mentioned points.

1. Optimized Code

The most important reason why to learn DSA is you can work on code optimization. Every programmer can build software, but only a programmer who knows DSA can build it with efficiency. There comes a time when you’re able to run a code without any error, but there are several test cases that have to be passed. To pass those test cases, you need to optimize your code. This is where code optimization is required.

To optimize your code, you can use data structures and algorithms techniques. When you gain in-depth knowledge of DSA, you can quickly make decisions about when to choose which data structure and algorithm so as to optimize your program in terms of time and space complexity.

2. Build a High-Profile Resume

As you know companies nowadays look only for skills while hiring. If you have the required skills, you’ll be hired immediately. And DSA is the most-demanding skill you should have. MNCs or top companies look to shortlist resumes if you’ve DSA mentioned as one of the skills. Skills in DSA are a great addition to your resume.

Data Structures and Algorithms are the most-required skills companies look for. When you read about it and try to implement some projects based on it, you can also add it to your resume. A resume with the required skills can increase your chance of clearing tech interviews and getting a high-paying job.

3. Helps in Solving Real-World Problems

While building projects, be they enterprise-level or beginner-level, you’ll need DSA to implement them. DSA can help you in solving real-world problems. If you start learning DSA now, you’ll be able to come up with efficient and optimized solutions to real-world problems. Understanding data structures and algorithms enables you to understand the problem statements on a deeper level and create logical solutions to solve them.

The simple concepts of DSA like searching can help you search for a particular item out of hundreds of data. Only if you had known the concept of “searching” in DSA, you would have implemented it. Programmers break down real-world problems into smaller steps, making them easier to solve using DSA.

This course on Data Structures and Algorithms offered by Guvi has in-depth concepts which could help in clearing tech interviews and grabbing a high-paying job.

4. Cracking Product-Based Interviews

DSA is the highest-paying skill that a tech company is looking for in you. Nowadays, to clear any product-based company interviews, you need to have a strong command of DSA. The interviewers are definite to ask at least 1-2 problem-solving questions for you to solve and will also ask theory questions based on it.

If you have a strong grip on it, you’ll crack the tech interview. Thus, learning DSA can help you to crack not only product-based company interviews but also service-based ones.

You can have a look at the Data Structures and Algorithms course by Google to have complete and in-depth knowledge of DSA.

5. Become a Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developers/web developers are the highest-paid professionals in the current IT/tech industry. To become a full-stack developer, you need to have complete knowledge of DSA. As you know, data structures and algorithms are the most required skill for back-end developers, hence to build the entire system, DSA is a must.

It is the building block of software development, therefore, without knowledge of data structures and algorithms, you can’t even think of becoming a full-stack developer. Hence, if you know DSA, your dream of becoming a web developer will be fulfilled. This could be the best reason to learn DSA to get your dream job.

If you’re a DSA enthusiast, these 10 Best Data Structures and Algorithms Courses [2023] will help you to dive into much deeper concepts and gain a lot out of them.

Bonus Point – Build Efficient Applications

In the tech industry, the company heads look up to those who can build efficient applications. And this can be built only if you have adequate knowledge of DSA. Learning DSA can help you to build efficient web applications which have minimum time and space complexities. And a developer who understands DSA completely can surely look after building an efficient web application.

If you can build an application that requires the least space and time, the companies could ask for nothing more. Thus, learning DSA can help you benefit you in getting a good job as well.

Now with this being said, if you’re looking for a roadmap where you can learn DSA concepts clearly, have a look at the Best DSA Roadmap Beginners Should Know 2023


Learning DSA can benefit you in so many ways. From building a high-profile resume to cracking tech interviews easily. There are a lot more reasons which state why you should learn DSA. It is advised that you should begin learning data structures and algorithms concepts now and start implementing those in real-time projects.


Q1. Is DSA important for web development?

Ans. Yes, DSA is the building block of software development, therefore, you should have an in-depth knowledge of DSA to create dynamic and interactive web applications. The whole of the back end relies on DSA.

Q2. Why DSA is important for placement?

Ans. Companies look for DSA in your resume since it is the most-required skill. Using DSA, you can build optimized and efficient applications, therefore, learners who have a good grip on DSA are highly preferred by most tech companies and can easily get placements.

Q3. Why Should I Learn DSA?

Ans. Learning DSA comes with many benefits. You can come up with optimized solutions and build an efficient application. There are a lot more reasons which state that you should start learning DSA now. You can easily get a high-paying job if you have a good knowledge of it.

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