10 Best Skills for Web Development

skills for web development

Web Development is a great, high-paying, and in-demand skill every individual must have. The world is moving towards the profession of web development as it is evolving, futuristic, and a promising career. Adding web development skills and some of its projects to your resume increases the chance of getting hired by a top product-based company. This is the most wanted skill companies search for while hiring. Also, do you know? Currently, India has about 28 lakh web developers.

Talking a lot about it, do you know what is web development? The creation of beautiful websites using tools and technologies that has a responsive design which we users hover over in search of information is called web development. It comes with the tools and technologies which make it fully functional and feature-rich.

In this article, we’ll be going through the top 10 skills required for web development.

web development

Top 10 Skills for Web Development

Building a website comes with numerous skills which you as a web developer must have in order to create dynamic websites. Let’s dive deep into some of the best skills which you as an individual must definitely have.

1. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the basic building block of web development hence it is the most important skill you must have. HTML (JyperText Markup Language) is a markup language that lets you create a web page using its elements like tags and attributes whereas CSS (Cascading Styling Sheet) brings life to the page by styling the document using color, different font styles, etc.

HTML and CSS collectively when used to build a web page make it look appealing and function at the same time. You can also use some of the frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, etc.) which could make your development easier and quicker. HTML and CSS are the easiest-programming languages that beginners can learn in a few weeks.

2. JavaScript

There’s no doubt in the fact that JavaScript is the most demanding and high-paying skill in the tech world. It has been ranking at the top of the programming languages list for years due to its versatile nature. Not only for web development, but JavaScript also serves multiple fields. It is used to build web applications, game applications, web servers, and many more.

JavaScript helps you to build dynamic, responsive, fully-functional, and feature-rich web applications. You can add interactive web elements to your web page using JavaScript. It is the most preferred programming language developers choose to build applications. The best part is you can use the same programming language to build the front-end and the back-end as well which makes development time quicker.

3. Front-End Technolgy

Web development comprises front-end and back-end. Front-end development takes care of the look of the website to make it catchy and let viewers scroll. Front-end development handles the look and feel of the website be it the buttons, the nav bar, header and footer, icons placed in it, and many more which are the elements in the front-end.

Front-end development involves various skills such as the programming language, frameworks (React, Angular, etc. ), tools, libraries, VCS, and IDEs. You must have an in-depth knowledge of these skills before you start learning about front-end technology.

Wondering what skills are required to become a front-end developer? Do have a look at the Top 10 Front-End Developer Skills You Should Know

4. Back-End Technology

The back end is the backbone of the website without which the front end is nothing. The backend handles the data which plays an important role in web applications. It is the back end that integrates the front end with the data. Back-end developers should have a basic knowledge of how front-end technology works.

The code in the back end majorly focuses on the logic-building skill and functionality of the application. It is a combination of servers, apps, and databases therefore knowledge of the stated tools is mandatory. You can work on the implementation part by practicing it on the daily basis.

Apart from JavaScript, we also have others which you can check out here – 5 Best Back-End Programming Languages. Must check out these Top 7 Back-End Developer Skills You Should Know for building a fully functional backend.

5. Frameworks

Frameworks are the collection of libraries that makes development efficient and effective. Therefore, you must have a good grip on frameworks. Front-end and back-end technology have their own frameworks which you can use during their implementation time. Also, every programming language has its own frameworks.

Since JavaScript is the most demanding programming language, let’s have a look at the most popular frameworks for front-end and back-end using JavaScript.

Some of the most preferred front-end frameworks are:

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue

Some of the most preferred back-end frameworks are:

  • Node
  • ExpressJS

Note: Every programming language has its own framework like

  • Django for Python
  • Spring for Java
  • Laravel for PHP
  • many others

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6. NPM

If you’re a developer and have no idea about NPM (Node Package Manager), then you’re not a proficient web developer. NPM is a library for JavaScript software packages. NPM plays a critical role while web development as it helps you to install the necessary libraries or files and manage the dependencies required while building the application.

It is the world’s biggest software registry that contains more than 800,000 code packages. It is also the default package manager of Node.js. To install NPM in your code, you need to type “npm i” in the console window of the IDE which takes minutes to install as it installs all the packages it contains.

7. Version Control System

Next comes the version control system which is a must skill for web development. VCS is a platform that lets you control the flow of your project, you can also bring modifications (edit, undo, redo) to your application using VCS. You can also track changes in your code. Since you can undo the last changes in your code and redo the same, thus you have control of its version and that’s why it is called a version control system.

The most popular VS which developers use is Git. Git is an open-source platform where developers can change/modify the code as per the requirements without affecting the source code. You can easily fix the mistakes of fellow developers and they can work on yours at the same time. Knowledge of VCS is a must-to-have skill if you’re looking for a career in web development.


The database management system is indeed an important skill developers must have. You need to handle large amounts of data while running an application, thus to maintain it, you need a DBMS. There are various popular DBMSs available in the market, you need to choose the best ones for applications.

If you’re confused about which is the best and which serves the purposes, you can clear your confusion with the 10 Best Database Management Systems For Software Developers. You can gain more knowledge on it once you start using it while building applications.

9. IDE (VSCode)

After having a full-fledged knowledge of skills, you need a platform where you can work upon. And that’s when IDE comes into the picture. IDE which is an Integrated Development Environment is a tool/platform where developers write the code, run them, and install various files and packages which could be used in the code.

According to Statista, out of various IDEs, VisualStudio Code is the most popular and the best one for building web applications on which developers rely the most upon. More than 76% of the developer community uses VSCode for building efficient web applications.

10. Deployment

Another important skill that brings your web application to live is deployment. After having worked on building the website, you must bring it to live to see the users’ reactions to it. Deployment lets you push the updates from the virtual environment to a real one where viewers can react upon.

You should also run and test your code before deploying it so as to check if any error occurs or not. Debugging can be done to remove errors and let the application run smoothly. Some of the cloud computing services which make deployment easy are :

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud


Web development requires numerous steps and to build these steps, you must have skills. Undoubtedly, a lot of skills are required to be a successful web developer, but those stated above are the most important and most demanding ones. You must be skillful in order to grab a good job with high pay. A good web developer always tries to learn more and keep oneself updated. Keep learning and stay updated.

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Q1. How to become a web developer?

Ans. You need to enrich yourself with the required skills and should also be consistent in learning. To maintain a daily routine, practice a habit of following the timetable and sticking to it. Start with learning the fundamentals and when you have a good grip on it, move to the implementation part. Practice as much as you can.

Q2. What are the skills to become a web developer?

Ans. The major skills which you need to master to become a successful web developer are:

1. Programming Languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
2. Frameworks
3. VCS
4. IDE (VSCode majorly preferred)

Q3. How to improve web development skills?

Ans. To improve your web development skills, you should be curious to learn and cultivate a habit of practicing daily. Build some business-oriented applications while having a look at some of the open-source projects. Keep up with fellow developers and learn from them.

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