5 Best Back-End Programming Languages

back-end programming languages

It is true to say that we all rely on applications for our day-to-day needs. Web applications have made our life easier than before, where within a single click, information can be processed. These web applications are created by web developers. Web developers are the ones who take care of the frontend and backend development of the application.

Web Development = Front-End Development (Client-Side) + Back-End Development (Server-Side)

While frontend developers build the UI, backend developers work on the server-side implementation. As per the reports, backend developers are the highest paying professionals than frontend developers.

Do you also want to become a back-end developer?

In this article, we’ll be talking about the 5 best back-end programming languages which you must know to start your career as a back-end developer.

What is Back-End Development?

Backend development is the implementation of the server side, which is not visible to the user. Web development is the integration of the front-end and back-end. While frontend developers work for the UI of the application, i.e., how the application may look, whereas backend developers generally focus on databases, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), architecture, and servers. Backend developers build code that allows an application and database to communicate with each other.

Still Not Clear? Here’s an example:

Flipkart – where when you open the website, you see a list of items and search for one. The look of the website is created by none other than frontend developers whereas when you search for an item, the server side takes care of pulling the information from the database and returning it back to the user. This mechanism is taken care of by backend developers.

Hence, the backend is the part that holds the data in the database and returns it to you in the front end (UI) whenever required.

The average salary of a backend developer:

In India – 5LPA
In Abroad – $72k

Now if you’re one who wants to become a backend developer and grab a handsome salary, here are the 5 best backend development programming languages.

5 Best Back-End Programming Languages

let’s get into the most in-demand back-end programming languages for back-end web development.

back-end programming languages

1. JavaScript

Undoubtedly, JavaScript is the leader of back-end programming languages. It is the most popular (having 69.7% of professional developers) and an in-demand programming language in the tech industry. Not only in backend development, JavaScript is also for frontend development.

Millions of web developers use this language to build any kind of web application. JavaScript offers dynamic programming, lightweight scripting, object-oriented programming, rich interfaces, and many more features. Also, some of the popular companies which use JavaScript are Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, and eBay.

Major Points:

  • JavaScript is versatile, i.e., both for frontend and backend development.
  • Due to its multiple features, it is the best language considered for backend development.
  • The average salary that JavaScript developers may get in India is 6.5LPA
  • JavaScript frameworks are NodeJS, ExpressJS, Angular, and MeteorJS.

2. Python

Python is considered the easiest language to learn, hence, its chosen by 48% of developers for backend development. Python is an object-oriented, high-level interpreted programming language. The major features which Python includes are easier integration with other languages, GUI programming support, code readability, and many more which makes it popular among backend developers.

Not only in backend development, but Python is also considered best in other industries which include Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning mechanisms. Django (Python’s framework) helps developers to create scalable, secure, and stable applications.

Major Points:

  • Python is easy and versatile which makes it the perfect choice for backend development.
  • Includes excellent and standard libraries which help developers in building efficient applications.
  • The average salary that Python developers may get in India is 8LPA.
  • Python’s frameworks are Django, Flask, and Pyramid.

3. PHP

Another popular backend programming language is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). PHP is an open-source scripting language that is specially designed for backend development due to its server-side functionality, and tools that help in the easier deployment. You can also embed PHP code into HTML for building web applications.

Also, PHP ignores minor errors that help in the smooth functioning of the application. Its features include cross-platform, ease of usage, OOPS, and a massive developer community. Beginners generally choose PHP as the back-end programming language.

Major Points:

  • PHP, being a server-side scripting language is specially designed for web development.
  • PHP supports multiple databases such as MySQL and SQLite which helps during web development.
  • The average salary that PHP developers may get in India is 4LPA.
  • PHP frameworks are Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, etc.

4. C#

C#, created by Microsoft, is a general-purpose programming language that is best suited for backend development. Since it is based on C and C++, it’s easier to learn. C# has been ranking in the top 5 list for years for backend development. As a beginner, it is the most suitable backend programming language as it has error-proof commands which alert you of errors before testing.

Along with web-building applications, C# is considered for game development. Major features that C# offers are scalability, interoperability, and faster compilation. Companies like Microsoft, StackOverflow, PluralSight, etc. use C# programming language.

Major Points:

  • C# is used for creating system backends because of its incredible features.
  • C# has a good library system for back-end development.
  • The average salary that C# developers may get in India is 5LPA.
  • PHP frameworks are ASP.NET, .NET MVC, Selenium, etc.

5. GoLang


GoLang usually denoted as Go, designed by Google is a fast-growing back-end programming language. According to Stack Overflow, it is in the top 5 list of the most loved programming language. It is a great programming language that is fast, user-friendly, and builds efficient web applications.

Due to its great garbage collection capabilities, Go enables secure, scalable, and efficient memory management. Some of the features of Go are readable code, easy, compiled language, high-performance, powerful library, and backed by Google. Companies using Go are Trivago, Uber, and many others.

Major Points:

  • Go supports multithreading.
  • It can be used in large-scale projects.
  • The average salary that GoLang developers may get in India is 7LPA.
  • Go frameworks are Gin, Echo, Play, etc.

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So now that you’ve learned a few most popular and best back-end programming languages, you should try getting into the depth of these programming languages. Try learning the concepts deeply and then build some of the best project ideas on backend development. When you build some great projects, only then you’ll have an idea of their working.

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Q1. Which programming language is best for the back end?

Ans1. Backend developers are the most in-demand and the highest-paying developers in India or abroad. Some of the best back-end programming languages include JavaScript, Python, and Go due to their best features.

Q2. Which is the best programming language for web development?

Ans2. Although there are many programming languages, according to several reports, JavaScript is the best language considered for web development. Along with JavaScript, you should also have a good command of HTML and CSS.

Q3. What are the most popular back-end development frameworks?

Ans3. Frameworks are a set of tools or resources used by software developers to build and manage web applications. Some of the most popular backend development frameworks are- Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, etc.

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