16 Famous Tech Companies That Use Python In 2023

famous tech companies that use python

If you are old enough to remember how time-consuming it was to rip CDs onto your computer’s DVD drive, you will appreciate how much Spotify has simplified music listening. Did you know that Spotify’s web backbone, consisting of multiple interconnected services, heavily relies on Python?

Despite fierce competition, Python, developed in the 1990s, remains one of the most popular programming languages utilized by many industry behemoths. One of the highest-paying software development jobs is that of a Python developer.

Because of its widespread use, Python has been used to construct apps for backend web development by several successful businesses. We know how important and influential Python is in web development because we are one of the top Python web development firms.

Top 16 Tech Companies That Use Python In 2022

Throughout this article, you’ll learn more about Python as a programming language and its use in several significant firms’ tech stacks. Continue reading!

 1. Google

Google is a well-known digital company worldwide, well recognized for its involvement in various online services such as Android, Search, Stadia, YouTube, and others.

Google is one of the most well-known tech giants using Python, having used it since its inception and continuing to do so due to its comparatively easy maintenance and simple nature, allowing for rapid deployment in various sectors.

Python is used in the company’s search engines and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotics projects. Python is also being used heavily in app participation and support.

2. Netflix

Netflix is an excellent example of a firm that picked Python programming because of the vast ecosystem of tools that keep their system running. The company’s primary source of revenue is subscriptions to its streaming service.

This service offers internet streaming of television shows and films, including in-house productions. One of the dynamic software used by the organization to reinforce the structure’s security, evaluate data reports, and generate alerts is created in Python.

Netflix uses Python to provide machine learning capabilities that examine movies, improve streaming, and extract images to display thumbnails. Python is used throughout the system.

 3. Dropbox

Dropbox is where you keep all of your important files, documents, images, and videos. Have you ever thought about how a service like Dropbox may grow from 2000 to 200 million users? Dropbox’s whole tech stack was created in Python, and it only started using Go afterward.

Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python, was fired from Google, where he had worked for years. Because many of Dropbox’s libraries are proprietary, it’s difficult to say how reliant the company is on Python.

On the other hand, it published a Python API, so we may assume that a significant percentage of server-side code is done in Python.

 4. Stripe

Stripe is a Fintech start-up that enables businesses to accept online payments. This organization is one of the most impressive Python web app examples for creating mobile and web app APIs. Stripe makes it easier for internet merchants to manage their transactions.

It offers a variety of subscription invoicing, management, and fraud prevention services to businesses. Python is popular among Fintech start-ups because of its efficiency in financial operations and Fintech solutions that include computations and data. Another argument could be that it is the most straightforward language to learn for financial experts.

 5. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most well-known players in the online marketplace, employs Python in a number of aspects of its platform. Implemented in Amazon’s product and deal recommendation system, which analyses and recommends things to customers using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Because Amazon deals with massive volumes of data, it needed technology to handle it, and Python fit the bill because of its high scalability and ability to integrate with other technologies like Hadoop.

Jupyter notebooks are another example of Amazon employing Python for many use cases, including Machine Learning and automation with AWS resources.

6. Reddit

Reddit is a network of social news, content rating, and discussion websites. Reddit is heavily influenced by Python and its massive library collection built by incrementally creating a drastically modified version of each module used.

Reddit was originally written in Lisp, but it was rewritten in Python six months after its start in December 2005. Python provided a more fantastic selection of code libraries and was more developmentally flexible, which was the key reason for the switch., the web framework that powered the site at the time, is now an open-source project. Python was at the heart of it all, serving as the software’s backbone.

 7. Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media and networking platform. It is one of the most well-known companies that use Python in conjunction with Django, and it has just accepted Python 3. Instagram chose Python because of its simplicity, efficiency, and practicality.

These criteria are pretty crucial for any growing business. It’s a pleasant language for developers, concentrating on critical aspects. Instagram considered switching to PHP, but they decided that Python would be the best option after some thought. However, they overcame their issue by adding more AWS machines, and the dynamics are now positive.

 8. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most well-known Python application examples for data analysis and backend development. As of April 2020, this music streaming and media services business had 286 million monthly users, with roughly 130 million paying members.

Spotify uses Hadoop for its big data and Luigi, a Python tool that works with Hadoop. Luigi oversees the operation of the company’s libraries and merges error records to fix faults quickly.

Machine learning methods are used with this package to maintain features like radio, recommendations, and discovery.

 9. Facebook

One of the numerous companies that use Python is Facebook, the social network that deserves credit for coining the term poke. Facebook has grown in popularity throughout the years. As a result, understanding the technology that has enabled Facebook’s growth is critical.

Python is mainly used on Facebook’s backend for production engineering, a branch of development that blends systems and software engineering.

Essentially, the production engineering team ensures that Facebook runs well for nearly two billion people worldwide. Python plays a significant role in this process.

 10. Quora

Quora is a hybrid of a social media platform and a question-and-answer site. Quora’s founders followed Google’s approach and used Python due to its simplicity of programming and readability while using C++ for the performance-critical areas.

Another critical factor in choosing Python was the availability of several good frameworks at the time, such as Django and Pylons. Furthermore, knowing that Quora would require server/client interactions that weren’t always entire page loads, having Python and JS work so effectively together was a significant advantage.

 11. PayPal

Every day, PayPal assists individuals in keeping their money safe by facilitating and securing transactions over the PayPal platform. PayPal’s whole infrastructure is built on Python. One of the most popular pieces on the subject, “10 Myths of Enterprise Python,” is credited to the official PayPal Engineering writers on Medium. If you like PayPal, keep in mind that it’s another multinational firm that uses Python.

 12. Uber

Uber began as a ridesharing service to make passengers feel safer while also providing convenience at a low cost. Uber has since added Uber Eats, a food delivery service, to its offerings.

The majority of Uber’s services are powered by Python and Node.js, with Go and Java also contributing to the company’s software stack. Tornado is Uber’s preferred Python framework.

 13. Pinterest

The best way to think of Pinterest is as an online scrapbook. Pinterest allows users to share their passions through graphic pins that illustrate hobbies, design ideas, lifestyle inspirations, etc.

Pinterest developers employ Python, primarily Django, in the application layer, with Tornado and a sprinkling of Node.js for the web servers.

 14. NASA

It may be difficult to believe that NASA is another global company that uses Python, but it is. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) utilizes Python for shuttle mission planning and data management in their Workflow Automation System (WAS).

Python’s simplicity allows NASA to achieve project requirements without being slowed down by extraneous complications. NASA also uses Python for several other projects, which may be seen on their open-source projects page.

15. Instacart

Instacart is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows users to order groceries from numerous local merchants. Later, Instacart shoppers go to these stores in-person to complete all of the items on order and have them delivered to their homes within an hour!

Grocery delivery has never been more convenient. The logistics of allocating shoppers to customers in an orderly and timely manner is no more a challenge with Instacart’s Python and Ruby backend.

16. Lyft

Lyft is Uber’s doppelganger. Lyft makes extensive use of Python. NumPy, Pandas, and PuLP are commonly used by services to serve requests via Flask, Gevent, and Gunicorn. To combat fraud, they use SciPy, and to provision hosts, they use Salt.

Lyft is also a significant Jupyter user when it comes to data science. Jupyter is a popular notebook-style interface for working with data and machine learning techniques. Because it’s mostly a Python user, it uses the PySpark library.


There you go! These are the top 16 innovative organizations that have apps built with Python. Python has proven to be one of the most popular programming languages. Furthermore, it is well-suited to rapidly evolving industries such as internet and media usage, economics, and computer software. Python-based websites benefit from its extensive library of libraries, increased scalability, frameworks, speedy development, and developer-friendly nature.

If the success of a vast corporation is any indication of how effectively your organization can benefit from Python, then perhaps these top 15 worldwide corporations that employ Python accomplished their objective well.

Python adoption has reached a new high point in 2022 and continues to rise. We looked at the top 16 successful and world-class technology companies that utilize Python in this article. Is there any organization on this list that we missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


1. Why does Netflix use Python?

Python is used by Netflix’s information security team to achieve several essential tasks, including risk classification, vulnerability identification, security automation, and auto-remediation, to mention a few.

2. Is Python used by Instagram?

Instagram uses Python to construct the “business logic” required to serve 800 million monthly active users in one of the world’s most extensive settings. The runtime we use to execute our code is CPython, which is the reference implementation of Python.

3. Is it worthwhile to study Python in 2022?

Yes, Python will be helpful in 2022. Python is used by 48.24% of developers worldwide, according to Statista. Python is also ideal for most firms’ purposes because it aids in the seamless execution of their activities.

4. Which industry makes the most use of Python?

Insurance, retail banking, aerospace, and finance are among the most common industries that employ them.

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