Best Programming languages for the future

Best Programming Languages For The Future!

It can be challenging to pick the best programming languages for your requirements with so many commercially available and new ones emerging each year.

The delivery model, which includes scripting languages, protocols, frameworks, and other resources, is crucial to the software production process’s effectiveness.

Coding that is quicker, better, and has fewer glitches stands the best chance of survival! These are the claims made by the developers of the new batch of programming languages to pique the interest of developers.

They are all transforming the way we write code now and setting the groundwork for the potential of programming.

Table of contents

  1. Best Programming Languages for Future
    • Python- our 1st in the best programming languages
    • Java
    • JavaScript- one of the best programming languages
    • Kotlin
    • Scala
    • Ruby on Rails
  2. Final Words on Programming Languages

Best Programming Languages for Future

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more familiar languages that could become the mainstay of your venture.

Python- our 1st in the best programming languages

For several years, we have consciously preferred Python language to virtually anyone who is just getting started in the programming world.

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The main explanation for all of this is that it has a very basic syntax that is easily understandable, graspable, and used.

We widely use this language for web creation, software development, and other applications, and it is compatible with a number of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Learn the widespread uses of Python: What Is Python Used For?

Broad library assistance, automated garbage collection, simpler integration with certain other languages, GUI programming assistance, and several other functionalities are positive checkpoints in the language.

Django, Flask, Pyramid, and other common Python frameworks make it more powerful and easy.


Since its initial launch in 1995, Java has grown in popularity. Despite the introduction of Kotlin, which we now use in so many Android apps, corporate mobile app development companies still use Java for user interface and backend coding.

This ubiquitous programming has a number of advantages, including superior efficiency, platform stability, and so on.

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Master Java

Find the best Java Interview Questions here: JAVA Interview Questions

The object-oriented programming implements the well-known concept of Write Once, Run Anywhere, which enables Java users to operate on other systems that enable JAVA without requiring a recompilation.

We generally use it in the creation of Android apps, as well as Web, desktop, and intelligent systems.

JavaScript- one of the best programming languages

Many languages have evaporated, but JavaScript is one of the few well-known languages that persist to have a strong following and desire in the software industry.

JS is an interactive high-level scripting language that adheres to the ECMAScript standard.


It’s a multi-paradigm system that supports object-oriented, hierarchical, directive, declarative, and prototype-based programming. We can also use it in a lot of non-browser settings.

JavaScript is a simple scripting language. We can use it to create and programme web pages. Often, for studying the performance of a page.

Based on the numbers and marketplace, it does not appear that react.js has fallen out of favour in contemporary times and will continue to be a favourite for programmers in the coming.

Master JavaScript with these Interview Questions: 42 JavaScript Questions Towards Better Interviews


Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed language of programming that adopts both object-oriented and functional programming functionality.

8-Minute Crash Course on Kotlin Programming Language. | by Tanu N Prabhu |  Kt. Academy

The language’s most powerful feature is that it is fully compatible with Java and embraces all Java libraries.

In addition, the language is relatively simple to understand. And we can use it for online and desktop app development in addition to Android application development.

Some of the most common frameworks for Kotlin are Javelin, KTor, and Vert.x, and corporations including Pinterest, Uber, Netflix, and others are hiring Kotlin programmers.

Since it is well recognized that the Android industry is not going anywhere anytime soon you can choose to study Kotlin in 2021 for some promising potential job prospects.


A number of tech companies use Scala, including Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter, and others, for their specific websites and merchandise. Everyone recommends it to newcomers because of its ease of learning.

It could become one of the most popular programming languages in the future, as many other organizations look committed to introducing it into their industries due to its rapidly increasing popularity amongst programmers.

The language was built specifically to address problems that programmers had with other programming languages, like Java. It has established a strong presence among programmers through the years.

It is a general-purpose language of programming that we can use for both object-oriented and functional coding. Scala has a number of distinctive characteristics, including lazy computation, string interpolation, type reasoning, and high scalability.

We can compile this programming language to bytecodes and run it on the Java Virtual Machine.

Web design, data analytics, and machine learning are all areas where the type is generally utilized.

Ruby on Rails

It is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that is interpreted. Ruby is a complex form of language that embraces various programming paradigms. We generally use it to collect garbage.

Here is a comparison for you: Ruby vs. Python: Comparison

Context-sensitive, object-oriented, and functional programming are all included. Rails is a programming platform that provides a format and structure for web developers to write code. It actually aids in the creation of websites and apps. Ruby’s guiding philosophy is “convention over configuration.”

Ruby on Rails: All you need to know about Ruby on Rails - Best Web  Development Company in Shimla

Ruby outperforms all other frameworks and languages in terms of pace. The same code form makes software easier for developers. It is suitable for fast application growth (RAD) and is easily adaptable. It established a clear emphasis on research. Ruby on Rails also has fully accessible libraries.

Junior programmers and co-developers are representations of Ruby on Rails' entry-level work. In addition, accomplished individuals have a strong chance for high-level positions such as chief technical officer, team leader, and senior engineers.


Final Words on Programming Languages

It is extremely challenging to anticipate the world’s most prevalent programming languages over the coming several decades.

But the above-mentioned languages have made an exception due to their immense popularity. A plethora of programmers all over the globe prefer to use these programming languages because of their maximum reliability, dependability, and consistency.

Despite the reality that some of them will seem to be out of reach, they are unlikely to become obsolete in the foreseeable term.

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We look forward to your comments & suggestions. Keep learning!

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  1. Best Programming Languages for Future
    • Python- our 1st in the best programming languages
    • Java
    • JavaScript- one of the best programming languages
    • Kotlin
    • Scala
    • Ruby on Rails
  2. Final Words on Programming Languages