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7 Powerful Steps to Land a Software Developer Internship

Software development is set to grow at the rate of 25% between 2021-2031. An illustrious software development career requires you to get an early and strong start. Bagging a prestigious software developer internship can prove to be a solid launchpad for your career to take off. Many big product companies and brilliant startups provide software developer summer internship programs and internships from time to time.

Although, with the mammoth competition in the IT field, it has become somewhat difficult to get good software internships at the beginning. So, if you’re a student or an early graduate wondering how to land a software development internship in India, we are here to share the best steps and advice to get you exactly that, all by yourself.

Table of contents

  1. Importance of Software Developer Internships
  2. How to Land a Software Developer Internship in India
    • Research the Companies Offering Software Developer Internships
    • Develop Relevant Skills and Software Development Knowledge
    • Build a Strong Software Development Foundation
    • Craft an Impressive Resume and Cover Letter
    • Network & Connect With Industry Professionals
    • Start Applying for Software Developer Internships Early
    • Prepare Well for Internships Interviews
  3. Where to find software development internships?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs
    • Is it hard to get a software internship?
    • What is the average stipend for a software developer internship in India?
    • Is an internship necessary for software development?
    • What is a good GPA for a software developer internship?
    • Is it possible to get a software internship without experience?

Importance of Software Developer Internships

Before we start exploring various ways to land a software development internship, it’s important to understand why getting the right internship is necessary. Here are the advantages of doing an internship:

software developer internship

1. Practical Learning: These internship opportunities provide budding techies with an excellent chance to learn through real-life projects and hands-on learning by taking it out of a classroom. You get to understand real problems and find ways to solve them technically with real stakes.

2. Real-life experience: An internship is an excellent way to understand your field and get to know the reality of your future beforehand. You understand the day-to-day working, the perks, and the challenges that come with the field you’re willing to pursue. It helps you grow as a professional and handle different situations and requirements better.

3. Find your interest: Software development is a wide field with multiple branches. Through an internship, you’ll get the chance to discover your preference or specialty. You can also test if you like the field or not, thus exploring your professional interests better. You’ll also get to know the kind of work environment, people, and soft skills that you need to thrive.

4. Build a Resume: Working with a big software product company or a fast-paced startup will help you gain good practical experience in software development, thus upgrading your resume and giving an obvious edge to your candidature for your future endeavors.

5. Better connections and network: You get to meet and work with many industry professionals and experts through an internship. Leverage this opportunity to make valuable connections and contacts for life and grow your network.

All these aspects help shape your future. Hence, it’s important to find a good software development internship that will help you achieve all these and contribute dearly to your career trajectory.

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How to Land a Software Developer Internship in India

To land a software development internship in India, you must start early. Prepare an extraordinary resume to stand out. Upskill yourself with in-demand skills in software development. Network like crazy and do your research to target your desired internship. Prepare extremely well for your technical interviews.

The most important steps to land a software development internship are:

  1. Research the Industry and Companies Offering Software Developer Internships
  2. Build a strong Software Development Foundation
  3. Develop Relevant Skills and Software Engineering Knowledge
  4. Craft an Impressive Resume and Cover Letter
  5. Network & Connect With Industry Professionals
  6. Start Applying for software developer Internships Early
  7. Prepare for Technical Interviews

By taking care of all the above steps, you’ll soon have an outstanding software development internship in no time. Sounds easy? Well, it’s easier said than done. Each of these steps needs time and learning to get them right.

Let’s discuss them in detail and make you a master of landing the perfect internship in software development.


1. Research the Companies Offering Software Developer Internships

software developer internship 2

The concept of internships is relatively new in India. Fifteen years ago, there were very few companies that used to hire interns extensively in the tech field. Of course, with the changing tide of time, internship opportunities have been bustling in the IT sector.

As an intern, you’ll be usually expected to write code for applications, debug them, research new software products, help in testing, and assist with other processes in a software development lifecycle. Above all, you will need to learn from your seniors and execute those learnings as per the need.

There are variations in internships as well. Common internship types include paid, unpaid, volunteering, performance-based, full-time, part-time, research, virtual, and in-office internships. Most internships last anywhere between a week to 6 months in various capacities.

Numerous product companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Uber, etc. source software development interns directly from colleges and big premier institutions every year. Although, students have the option to find off-campus internships as well. Many potent but smaller companies put forth their opportunities through various hiring channels.

You can refer to the career page of top product companies, look for available internship opportunities and keep a tab. Popular companies for software developer internships include Oracle, Amazon, Meta, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, PayPal, IBM, Dell, Infosys, Intel, Cisco, HP, etc.

2. Develop Relevant Skills and Software Development Knowledge

Before you start seeking internships in software development, you need to get thorough information on all the relevant skills and knowledge that you need to put down in your resume. Research and surf through plenty of software developer internship job descriptions online. You can also reach out to your professors, mentors, or alumni in the software field to know the top skills you need to learn.

You’ll get a good idea of what the hiring managers are looking for. The key software developer skills for an internship include knowing major software development tools, platforms, programming languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, etc. Core software development skills include:

  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Programming languages like C++, JAVA, Python, etc. based on the development needs
  • Databases and database management tools like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.
  • Software testing
  • Proficiency with IDEs for respective coding languages
  • Software deployment tools like Jenkins, etc.
  • Source control and its management tools like Git
  • Basics of networking
  • Understanding of most operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.
  • Good Knowledge of software development life cycle
  • Cross-platform development
  • Knowledge of security, encryption, and cryptography

Apart from these technical skills, you must have various soft skills like good problem-solving, mathematical and analytical skills, time management, time management, organizational skills, attention to detail, accuracy, collaboration and communication skills, etc.

If you’re yet to learn any of the above key skills, you can easily take the help of various online certificate courses on programming languages and online resources such as YouTube tutorials, coding communities, forums, help groups, etc. There are enormous online communities and a huge amount of study material is available on software development.

software developer internship 3

3. Build a Strong Software Development Foundation

You know all you need to learn. Now it’s time to build a solid base in software development and further build your skills from there. For starters, you need to pursue education in the tech field. If you don’t have a tech background, then you need to build your technical base from scratch.

You can take up the help of online technical certificate courses in software development and various disciplines included in the field. GUVI offers courses in programming languages and other topics in software development for beginners to help you build your knowledge from the basics.

If you are already aware of the basics and wish to further upskill yourself to master all the required skills, you can take the help of professional courses with certifications from top institutions that help you apply your knowledge through projects, hands-on learning, and expert training.

A portfolio of competitive projects goes a long way in establishing your knowledge of core concepts. Further, sharpen your skills by participating in various software development competitions, hackathons, and events.

4. Craft an Impressive Resume and Cover Letter

software developer internship 4

Your resume acts as your introduction and first impression. Crafting an impressive resume and an effective cover letter is the key to unlocking golden career opportunities. Your resume should be simple, clear, and to the point. You can take help from various resume builders available on the internet.

Make sure to include your education qualifications, relevant skills, previous internships, LORs, projects, and certifications in the resume. If you don’t have prior experience, encash your academics, position of responsibilities, projects, soft skills, achievements, and upskilling courses to create an impact.

Showcase relevant coursework during your university period. Your employer should be able to get a good idea of your technical skillset and compatibility with software development through your resume. Make sure to support those skills with relevant certifications or project work.

If you want to get instantly noticed, put quantified results in your resume rather than using simple power words. Your cover letter is your introduction to the employer before they get a chance to meet you. Use it to give extra insights about your soft skills and talk about your passion and love for software development. Don’t forget to highlight your willingness and preference to learn from that company.

Since every opportunity will be different demanding certain special skills, prerequisites, or conditions, you need to alter and furnish your resume to suit the company’s requirements. Take inspiration from the job description and include the demanded skills/specifications in your resume to make it more relevant and valuable.

5. Network & Connect With Industry Professionals

software developer internship 5

Networking is the most straightforward and effective way of getting your desired internship in record time. You can start by leveraging professional social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals, experts, mentors, and employees already working in the software development field. Creating a solid profile helps you track and get personalized internship listings.

Try connecting with your alumni or people you have something in common with. They might be readily available to help you understand the company’s culture, expectations, work environment, and availability of opportunities. You can grow your network of fellow software developers and relevant people and seek their help in finding a good internship at a company that you wish to work for.

Apart from social media, you can also build connections by becoming a part of developer forums, clubs, and communities. They are often rich with the latest industry information and shining internship opportunities around the corner. You also get the added benefit of classified industry information, upskilling through competitions, necessary knowledge, and tips to ace software development.

Various software development summits, webinars, boot camps, events, and meetups are other avenues to find valuable connections. You can connect with the attendees and the mentors to build contact and seek help for internships.

6. Start Applying for Software Developer Internships Early

You must have heard ‘early bird gets the worm’. Well, it sits true for internship searches and applications. Once you get your resume ready with all the relevant information, skills, and experiences, it’s time to start applying. Identify the best internship opportunities and start applying. Keep a tab of your deadlines and subsequent emails/communication that comes your way after that.

The months from May to August are bustling with summer internship opportunities in software development. So, you have to ensure that your profile is ready and complete before that. To start working during a summer internship, it’s necessary for you to start applying by March-April. The screening process takes a lot of time, especially in big companies. So you want to be ready early on.

It’s a fact that large companies receive a huge volume of applications and the open positions get filled quickly enough. So, an early application makes it easier for your resume to get picked and then land an interview subsequently. Tailor the application before applying for each opportunity as per the company, job description, culture, and skills mentioned.

Big companies put out their internship hiring requirements in a more generic fashion where they match an applicant’s credentials with the available positions as they see fit. Smaller companies hire interns for specific positions as per their needs.

There are numerous other places like LinkedIn, job portals, and company websites that display internship listings. You can refer to them in detail below.

7. Prepare Well for Internships Interviews

Once your resume gets selected, you will be called for an interview. You might have to go through multiple rounds of interviews aimed at evaluating your candidature on a technical, behavioral, or cultural fit basis.

For the technical interview or test round, you should brush up your knowledge of key software development and DSA concepts. Stay on top with skills like database management, algorithm, JAVA, Python, C++, object-oriented programming, operating systems, cloud computing, etc. You can practice the most asked interview questions for software development and prepare yourself to answer technical questions on the spot.

You can also take part in hackathons and become a part of various coding communities that will help you keep updated with the latest developments and trends to help you sail smoothly through your interviews. You must identify your weak spots and practice eliminating them before you appear for the interview.

You must also prepare yourself to face some common behavioral and situational questions based on problem-solving skills, the ability to work on feedback, and collaborative skills. Work on your communication skills consistently. During internship interviews, it’s important that you put forth your ability and willingness to learn upfront. Be confident, passionate, and earnest during the interview. Keep your responses structured and use the STAR method.

Where to find software development internships?

There are various places where you can find the best software development internships for you. You just have to know what you’re looking for and research the legitimacy of the opportunity. Here are a few avenues where you can look for your desired internships.

1. Placement Cell and Career Counseling Centers: Make use of your college/university’s placement cells and career counseling centers. They have good opportunities from verified sources and companies, suitable for students.

2. LinkedIn: companies and hiring managers often list internship openings on LinkedIn. You can create a LinkedIn profile and based on that, you’ll start receiving notifications for internships soon.

3. Internship Websites and Job Portals: Internship websites like Internshala, Letsintern, etc. have a plethora of internship postings to suit your requirements from big and small companies across India. Similarly, job posting sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. also have internship listings along with jobs. You can easily use the filters to find the perfect internships for you with so many choices.

4. Company websites: You can always check out your preferred company’s website to look for any internship opportunities available. You know they’re legit and you can directly apply for those opportunities.


Finally, you must choose which internship serves your purpose the best way. Before applying to any internship, inspect the scope of learning a lot at that particular company. Beware of companies that seem exploitative and use students as cheap labor. Perform thorough research before applying.

Finding an internship is pretty easy if you use your resources wisely. Expand your network and knowledge. Understand the company’s requirements and tailor your resume to ensure they see you as the best fit. Keep upskilling and giving yourself the required edge with projects, experiences, training, courses, and competitions. Start early and ensure you’re well-prepared for upcoming interviews.

Just have faith in your abilities and take the first step. Rest everything will follow. If you need help upskilling and upgrading your tech career in development industry, kickstart your Full Stack Development journey by enrolling in GUVI’s certified Full Stack Development Career Program with Placement Assistance where you will master the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) and build interesting real-life projects. This program is crafted by our team of experts to help you upskill and assist you in placements.


1. Is it hard to get a software internship?

Getting a good software developer internship isn’t easy when you’re just starting out. You need to work a lot to build a good resume and profile complete with all the relevant skills. Keep applying to more opportunities while updating and customizing your resume and cover letter to target that particular company.

2. What is the average stipend for a software developer internship in India?

The average stipend for a software developer internship ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per month on average. However, the number is highly indicative and flexible with the size of the company, your prior internship experience, your educational institution, your area, and your course/specialization.

Large companies offer as high as 1-1.5 lakh per month for summer internships to students from premier institutions in India. While the average stipend that startups and small companies offer ranges usually from Rs 10,000-35,000.

3. Is an internship necessary for software development?

It’s technically not mandatory to do an internship in software development to become one. Yet, an internship is extremely helpful and usually necessary to learn the on-the-job skills in a real setting with actual projects and stakes. They are a huge learning opportunity for your soft and hard skills. They allow you to explore your strengths and preferences. Moreover, they also help build a stronger resume with that invaluable experience.

4. What is a good GPA for a software developer internship?

Usually, a GPA above 2.5 is considered for a software developer internship. In the Indian grading system, any CGPA above 6.5-7.0 is considered good by companies for internships. Bigger companies like Apple and Microsoft need the applicant to maintain a 2.7 and 3.0 GPA respectively. Startups might not make a big deal of CGPA.

Although, the role of GPA in deciding your selection declines after you’ve already done a couple of internships.
Your prior experience becomes a testament to your skills rather than your grade during an internship application. Even if you have less CGPA, you can easily win over through a good display of practical skills and knowledge during the hiring process.


5. Is it possible to get a software internship without experience?

Yes, definitely. If you are passionate about software development and aim to learn deeply through an internship, you do not need prior internship experience for the same. Internships ideally evaluate your willingness to learn skills rather than prior experience. You can participate in various hackathons, coding events, and online developer clubs to sharpen and showcase your coding skills. You can also create a competitive side project or take a certificate course to further upskill yourself. Get LORs from professors or previous seniors to further testify for your skills in the beginning. You’ll also need to work well on your communication and collaboration skills.

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  1. Importance of Software Developer Internships
  2. How to Land a Software Developer Internship in India
    • Research the Companies Offering Software Developer Internships
    • Develop Relevant Skills and Software Development Knowledge
    • Build a Strong Software Development Foundation
    • Craft an Impressive Resume and Cover Letter
    • Network & Connect With Industry Professionals
    • Start Applying for Software Developer Internships Early
    • Prepare Well for Internships Interviews
  3. Where to find software development internships?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs
    • Is it hard to get a software internship?
    • What is the average stipend for a software developer internship in India?
    • Is an internship necessary for software development?
    • What is a good GPA for a software developer internship?
    • Is it possible to get a software internship without experience?