Does AWS Require Coding?

Does aws require coding

The demand for AWS solution architects is on an exponential rise! And it isn’t declining anytime soon. So, what are the basic requirements to learn AWS? Then, do you need to learn coding for using AWS? Is AWS meant only for techies or developers who are good at programming? Do you need to have IT or programming experience to comprehend AWS cloud computing? What are the basic requirements to learn AWS?

If you are someone with a huge interest to pursue a great career in AWS, then you should probably be reading this.

To get started here, let us first give you a NO! Because getting started with and learning AWS does not require any coding or programming skills! It implies that you don’t need to be a coder to begin using AWS. It is because AWS comes in handy with the API sets that automate all the operations and help to stage all the resources in the organization’s software.

However, depending on your skills and the job requirement, you might still need to learn some programming languages as you gradually form a base on AWS!

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AWS (Amazon Web Services)

This dramatically popular (& for the right reasons) cloud computing platform helps in delivering a great customer experience. AWS provides on-demand access to scalable web and application servers, storage, databases, content delivery, cache, search, and other application services that make it easier to build and run apps efficiently.

Now, let’s dive deep and jot down some AWS applications that do not need coding, while also tracking some that need coding!

AWS Tasks that do not require coding!

Cloud computing tasks like:

  • Creating a WordPress site
  • Using AWS to store files
  • Deployment and management of AWS platforms
  • Managing general operations of AWS systems
  • Management of cloud computing architecture, etc.

By using an AWS feature called the marketplace where vendors can sell pre-made, ready-to-launch machine images which are simple to provision and can be done without coding. There are many other images in the marketplace too, for launching off-the-shelf blogging, wikis, and photo storage servers.

As the play store app for Android mobiles, the marketplace is an AWS feature that provides readily available machine images that are simple to use and can do without coding. There are several files in the marketplace for launching off-the-shelf blogging, wikis, photo storage servers, etc. 

File storage is one of the common tasks performed in almost every organization or company using AWS that needs zero coding knowledge. Moreover, positioning a file storage system on AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) can be done without coding skills. It’s possible to interact with the file storage through one of the many clients and GUI that exist, such as Cloud Mounter.

Yeah, obviously, networking concepts and hardware know-how would add stars to your collar, though.

Furthermore, knowing at least one OOPs language can help meet technical challenges while developing and deploying apps over the cloud.

So, which AWS jobs do not require coding? No programming knowledge dependency!

So, multiple AWS jobs like Solutions Architect and System administrators, who are highly in-demand and paid well too, open up for non-coders.

AWS Tasks that require coding! What are the basic requirements to learn AWS?

Does cloud computing require coding? Yes, it sometimes for some applications does!

  • Designing, configuring, managing, & maintaining a cloud infrastructure for applications
  • Developing applications/programs within the AWS
  • Identifying customer problems and devising solutions to problems using AWS services
  • Use AWS tools & services like Terraform/CloudFormation
  • Create CI/CD pipelines
  • Using Amazon Linux workspaces

Building basic websites is a common task that usually needs no coding knowledge. But if you wish to customize it, then YES! It does require coding. You might then have to learn at least HTML. In addition, learning programming languages like Node.JS, Python, PHP, etc., can be valuable. You can then go about developing the website customized to your taste and fitting your requirement!

Further, advanced roles in the development field need exceptional coding abilities. Nevertheless, specialists of any educational or proficiency can comprehend the fundamentals of cloud computing. Success in AWS calls for ample time, effort, and consistency in learning and practice.

So, which cloud computing jobs need coding?

Are you planning to be a DevOps Engineer? Then you got to crack coding, dear! Other in-demand jobs in the AWS world like AWS Cloud Engineer, AWS Developer, AWS Solution Architect, AWS DevOps Engineer, AWS DevSecOps, etc. have the basic requirements to learn AWS.

Is the thought of learning programming languages a nightmare to you? This might help: How To Learn Any Programming Language? This Will Help.

Do you have the basic requirements to learn AWS?

Now that you have a basic idea of the AWS jobs, which cloud computing needs coding and which doesn’t, how about getting started? These well-paid AWS jobs ask for skills that are sitting high on the list of most in-demand skills for employers. Basic requirements to learn AWS are core interest and urge to learn!

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Acquire the requisite AWS skills and make your way to one of the most promising jobs of this era.

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