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Impressive 2024 Swiggy Interview Experiences For You

Are you looking out for a job change? Which companies are on your hot shortlist? If you get a call from Swiggy and struggle to find out how the interview process would go, then this Swiggy Interview Experience guide will help you from the ground up.

A late entrant to an overcrowded online food order and delivery market, Swiggy soon advanced high as one of the top companies in the much-vaunted league of ‘unicorn’ startups. Introduced in 2014, Swiggy just took around about 4 years to spread itself in every corner of India.

Now, if you dig deep you will find that Swiggy made it up the ladder so soon mostly because of its razor-sharp focus on logistics, leadership and technology.

Table of contents

  1. Swiggy Interview Experiences:
  2. Basic Interview Process in Swiggy
    • Sales to Product Manager @ Swiggy
    • UI Developer Role @ Swiggy
    • iOS Developer Role @ Swiggy
  3. The Conclusion

Swiggy Interview Experiences:

Swiggy Interviews
Swiggy Interview Experiences

We have coiled up a few Swiggy Interview Experiences from some specially curated videos that will detail the entire Swiggy Interview process with smart tips and tricks that you can stick to!

Yes! You will find these on YouTube but you will have to screen through different videos individually which would take up all the research time that we have already invested for you! Save your time and master the skills with hacks to crack your next Swiggy Interview.

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Basic Interview Process in Swiggy

Swiggy’s Interview Process usually comprise of around 4-6 rounds. These rounds more or less access you in your core skills and your readiness for the job. With basic know-how interactive questions, the overall process comprises of

  1. Machine Learning Coding Round/ Exploratory Understanding Round
  2. Skill-based Technical Round based on your job requirement
  3. Product Manager or Reporting Manager Round
  4. HR Round

So let’s get started with the Swiggy Interview Experiences below:

Sales to Product Manager @ Swiggy

Explaining a day in her Swiggy Project Management role, Priya Virmani in her interview with Sugat Nayak on Swiggy Interview Experiences bifurcated her primary functions into the following:

  • Stakeholder management,
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Decision Making

She mentioned that she faced the following rounds for her

Swiggy Interview process:

  • Round 1 – Exploratory call with Hiring Manager
  • Round 2 – Product Sense
  • Round 3 – Business Sense or Data-Oriented Decision Making
  • Round 4 – Product Strategy
  • Round 5 – Execution Excellence
  • Round 6 – Business & Product

Detailed view of Interview Process for Priya Virmani:

Priya made her transition from sales to Product Management, which occurred to be a step curve altogether. She also suggested to take a better path for this transition.

Every interview except the first was approx 1 hour each and it took around 1 1/2 month inclusive of all the holidays. Her first round was an exploratory call of around 30 minutes which was majorly to understand her job profile and work exposure.

Round 2 which was more of making a product sense which was taken by a Product Manager. Given a specific scenario, Priya was asked how would she solve any random problem that would come in. The round essentially dealt with problem solving to problems related to consumer and peer.

As a tip she mentioned that the team is not actually looking forward to a perfect solution but are looking for a structure that could fit in to solve the required problem.

The third round for her was a data driven decision making taken majorly to understand her comfort in using numbers and how integrated was she with the business or product.

One case study that the interviewer asked her goes like this: Imagine you are Restaurant owner. Then what would be your earning and would be your revenue.

Her next round was with a Director of Product. It was regarding product strategy, vision, and road mapping.

She sensed that the entire interview process was more about how you can translate the business rules into executionable documents or visions. And essentially the 5th round rotated around more about the same. More about how do you manage people that report to you.

The final round which was with the AVP of Business horizontal just to check the behavioural aspects of the candidate. This round on business and product was a very conversational one.

So, this off-campus interview experience at Swiggy would really showcase a broad spectrum of questions that are gonna be asked to the candidate in the Swiggy interview.


UI Developer Role @ Swiggy

In his self-made video, Akshay Saini, a motivated vlogger mentioned his Swiggy Interview Experience. He said that he faced 4 rounds which were:

  1. A machine coding Round- 2 hrs
  2. Technical Round- approx 1 hr
  3. Design & Architecture-based Round- approx 1 hr
  4. Hiring Manager Round- approx 1 hr

More about UI Development: Game Development Career 2024: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Swiggy Interview Experience
Swiggy Interview Experiences

Akshay’s Detailed Swiggy Interview Experience

All four rounds got over within a day. The initial 2 rounds are conducted in the first half prior to lunch followed by the remaining 2 post lunch.

A swiggy like food delivery app was one of the questions to him in his first round. With a focus to code, modular structure, and functional components.

His second round was DS + UI tech round. This technical round was taken by a very friendly interviewer who was primarily checking his code. He also got a tree based question & UI based question, both of which were of moderate toughness.

After a descent 2nd round, the third round in Swiggy Interiew process was a UI design and architecture round. Implement your own carousel UI screen and a few other challenges made the third round for Akshay.

And he also had another question in the 3rd round. It was to develop snake game.

The fourth and the final round for Akshay was the HR round. In his Swiggy Interview Experience, Akshay said that the final round was primarily on the Resume. The HR Manager also asked him questions on scaling an app and the latest technology advancements.

For a more detailed understanding of Akshay’s Swiggy interview Experience, check here!

iOS Developer Role @ Swiggy

YouTube link to Agam Mahajan’s Swiggy Interview Experience: Click here

A Computer Science graduate Agam Mahajan, who is iOS developer at Swiggy Points in an interview said that he went through the following rounds in his Swiggy Interview Experience.

  • Machine Coding Round
  • iOS Coding Round
  • Design Round
  • HR Round

Detailed Swiggy Interview Rounds for Agam

In the Machine Codng Round, Agam received an assignment on a movie app. With the required data, candidate’s core programming knowledge is tested.

The second round was more of an iOS & Swift coding round wherein candidates coding and product development sense is tracked. This round also included 1-2 problem-solving questions.

The next and the third round for Agam was on design part, wherein he had to work on the architect part of the app. he had to propose all the design use cases along with the design.

And the final round was the Hiring Manager Round.

Agam mentioned that the technical skills that you need to develop as an iOS developer are

  • Coding Language (Swift for Agam)
  • Know-how of the Compiler
  • Expertise in making a good UI

Resources & platforms:

Rayman Glitches & Hacking with Swift

More on Interviews: Click Here

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The Conclusion

So, these are the top Swiggy Interview Experiences that we received from YouTube channels. These Swiggy Interview Experiences are brought to you at one place just to ease your search to the best Swiggy Interview Experiences.

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We look forward to your queries and suggestions in our comment section.

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  1. Swiggy Interview Experiences:
  2. Basic Interview Process in Swiggy
    • Sales to Product Manager @ Swiggy
    • UI Developer Role @ Swiggy
    • iOS Developer Role @ Swiggy
  3. The Conclusion