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Hire Data Scientists with Ease | The Know-it-all Guide

Data is the veins and arteries of any business. They hold the superpower to make or break the growth of companies. Many leading firms, growing businesses, and budding startups have already started to hunt for Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Machine Learning experts, and more.

India is emerging to be the hub for Data Scientists. The number of talents is increasing every day. Are you looking to hire one for your team as well? This comprehensive guide will help you get started! Read for more.

Table of contents

  1. Why Hire Data Scientists for Your Business?
  2. What makes the Best Data Scientist?
  3. Benefits of Hiring a Data Scientist for Your Business
  4. Qualities to Look for while Hiring a Data Scientist
  5. How to Hire Data Scientists in India with Ease?
  6. How GUVI for Corporates makes your Hiring Easy?
  7. Technologies Learned by the Candidates
    • How to get started?
  8. Wrapping Up
  9. FAQs
    • How do I find and hire a Data Scientist?
    • Is the Corporate Training online or offline?
    • Can I get a demo for the Hyre tool?
    • Is the Hyre tool easy to use?
    • How do I hire a Data Scientist with GUVI hiring?

Why Hire Data Scientists for Your Business?

Hiring Data Scientists for your business is a great way to tap into the power of data-driven decision-making and gain a competitive edge in the market. Data scientists interpret and analyze raw data to provide the best actionable recommendations. 

They convert industrial and technological data into operational insights, helping companies solve day-to-day business problems. The organizations can leverage the expertise of Data Scientists to make more informed and data-driven decisions. 

Data scientist report
Image: Pexels

According to a recent study, 47% of companies say that it is difficult to hire Data Scientists for their teams. So, we’ve curated this know-it-all guide with everything about how to hire a Data Scientist for your business with ease. Read till the end to figure out more.

Before we move into the next section, if you’re looking to learn then ensure you have a good grip on data science essentials like Python, MongoDB, Pandas, NumPy, Tableau & PowerBI Data Methods. If you are looking for a detailed course on Data Science, you can join GUVI’s Data Science Career Program with Placement Assistance. You’ll also learn about the trending tools and technologies and work on some real-time projects.  

Additionally, if you want to explore Python through a self-paced course, try GUVI’s Python self-paced course.

What makes the Best Data Scientist?

Data scientists typically have expertise in areas such as analytical thinking, machine learning, mathematics, statistics, and software engineering/coding. But the right hire will possess a good combination of all the above. A reliable data scientist understands scientific research methods and has foundational skills to turn results into viable business solutions.

A highly-qualified data scientist will have a good command over Data Mining, Data storytelling, exploratory data analysis, data wrangling, big data, deep learning, SQL, Python, data visualization, etc.

To find a Data Scientist that best fits your team, you should choose from the crowd of professionals with appropriate domain knowledge and experience. In some tech scenes, the fresher with an open mind, a suitable skill set, and an immense willingness to learn about the domain might take the business to new heights. So, always choose talent and skills over experience. 

Benefits of Hiring a Data Scientist for Your Business

By hiring Data Scientists, companies can gain access to valuable insights that will help them make more informed decisions. However, the benefits of hiring a data scientist don’t limit to staying ahead of the competition and making data-driven decisions. The following is the list of benefits.

Improved customer experience:

With data visualization and data analysis, Data Scientists can help businesses with meaningful data findings that will emerge as the roots of any product or service updates.

improved customer experience

These continuous learning and unlearning processes about the market and understanding customers will help improve customer experience.

Identified Target Audience:

Data Scientists help businesses identify their target audience with data analytics and deep learning technologies. SMBs can scale their businesses from the inception by installing a data scientist on their team.

Minimized Risks:

Businesses can leverage the analytical thinking and data interpretation skills of Data Scientists to make more informed business decisions. This will naturally reduce the danger of any risk involved. 

Encouraging the Workforce:

With more reliable and leading-edge data forecasting, all the employees can stay focused and work towards the goal with best practices. This way, the Data Scientists lift the company by encouraging employees to perform better.  

Discovery of growth opportunities:

Data Scientists foresee the future of the business and help stakeholders decide better as they interpret the growth opportunities with supporting data. 

Increased revenue generation:

With valuable data insights, Data Scientists suggest organizational workflows, goals, and prospects to the stakeholders that will eventually lead to an increase in profit and revenue generation. 


Qualities to Look for while Hiring a Data Scientist

In the modern-day scenario, we can spot two kinds of Data Scientists, analysts, and out-of-the-box thinkers. The one with a good balance of both traits is highly preferred by the industry today. Here is the list of qualities to consider while hiring a data scientist. 

Statistical Thinking:

Statistical formulation and methods are the primary toolkits of a Data Scientist. A good data analyst/scientist interprets highly-efficient data and provides statistically-informed predictions and recommendations.

Domain Knowledge:

Technical skills such as machine learning, blockchain, and AI are all the basic prerequisites for any data scientist. But, the best player has a good understanding of the domain and asks questions to the stakeholders to gain more insights about the company and its trends. Data Scientist with a suitable domain background will fit your business perfectly. 

Better Communication

Communication is a vital part of the skill set for a Data Scientist role. A data scientist manages huge data in his workday, but what makes his role meaningful is when he communicates his ideas, recommendations, or any data-driven information specific to the company to the stakeholders. 

Data Scientist communicating his ideas
Image: Pexels

They should communicate their ideas clearly and effectively with stakeholders and translate their findings into fundamental business practice. So, “excellent communication skills” top the requirement list when you’re hiring a data scientist for your organization.

Willingness to Learn 

A data scientist encounters a lot of dynamics in his day-to-day work. Data Scientists must stay updated and curious about the changing trends and data.  


Out-of-the-box thinking is a paramount quality in a Data Scientist. With this quality, a data scientist will always find a way to creative problem-solving and decision-making. They also bring about innovative ideas to the table as they play an influential role in the decision-making process of the business.

How to Hire Data Scientists in India with Ease?

India is growing in the number of Data science talents with suitable domain knowledge. But how to hire the ones that best suit your business needs? 

Growing businesses can simplify their complex efforts and increase productivity with an integrated and seamless recruiting partner, GUVI for Corporates

Read till the end to understand the importance of hiring a Data Scientist and how GUVI for Corporates makes the hiring process – a breeze.

How GUVI for Corporates makes your Hiring Easy? 

GUVI, an HCL Group company is one of India’s leading integrated edtech platforms offering technical courses created by industry experts in vernacular languages. 1000+ Corporates across the country trust GUVI. 

With GUVI’s smart hiring services, businesses can eliminate external hiring expenses like advertising costs, third-party fees, consulting fees, technology fees, and some internal expenses like training & onboarding costs, and save up to 70% on cost-per-hire and fasten the pre-onboarding process like screening, coding tasks, and more. 

Growing businesses can hire trained fresher or mid-to-senior level Data Scientists and analysts with strong technical and non-technical skills at affordable costs.

Are you looking for trained Data Scientists, machine learning experts, big data engineers, or data analysts? 

GUVI for Corporates helps growing companies to hire skilled candidates, highly trained by industry experts for up to 5 months. Top experts from companies like Chargebee, Paypal, Juspay, Freshworks, DBS, and more mentor these candidates. They work on real-life projects like covid-19 data visualization, sentiment analysis, oil price prediction, etc. 

hire data scientists with ease
Image: Pexels

There are a wide range of benefits, of course!

  • Hire Trained and Certified Candidates 
  • Minimized Cost-per-hire
  • Hire Data Scientists with no location constraints
  • IIT-Madras and IIM-Ahmedabad certified Pool of Techies.
  • Hire Immediate joiners
  • Close a job posting within a week
  • Sorted Candidate Profiles for Customized Hiring Needs.
  • End-to-end support from the corporate relations team
  • Attract top companies with higher job closure ratios.

Technologies Learned by the Candidates

Learners at GUVI are trained to meet the technological demands of the industry. They are trained by industrial experts and seasoned with the knowledge of in-demand industrial skills and tools such as

  • Computational thinking 
  • NumPy
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • Mongo DB
  • Power BI
  • NLP
  • Data Visualization
  • Pandas
  • Machine learning, and more …

How to get started?

With GUVI for Corporates’ Hiring services, companies can achieve stress-free and low-cost recruitment.

End To End Campus Hiring:

Businesses can leverage GUVI for Corporates’ campus hiring to hire fresh talents across the country with specific hiring demands.

HYRE Assessment Tool:

HYRE is a seamless end-to-end recruitment tool used for screening, assessment, and evaluation. It equips companies to create, customize, manage, schedule, and track role-based tests.   

It has a great library with customizable questionnaire templates with different difficulty levels for individual job roles.

Lateral Hiring:

GUVI for Corporates’ Lateral Hiring Team enables you to save time yet find the best mid-level talents with ease.

Corporate Training Suite:

Accelerate Productivity with Advanced Training for Your Team. GUVI for corporates’ technical corporate training and soft skills training enables businesses to leverage the maximum workforce potential. 

Kickstart your Data Science journey by enrolling in GUVI’s Data Science Career Program where you will master technologies like MongoDB, Tableau, PowerBI, Pandas, etc., and build interesting real-life projects.

Alternatively, if you would like to explore Python through a Self-paced course, try GUVI’s Python Self-Paced certification course.

Wrapping Up

From organizing, formulating, and managing data, choosing the right hires, and assisting the stakeholders in deciding the future of the firm, Data Scientists are the hidden gems of any business. 

Data scientists play a direct or indirect role in every business decision. So, companies need to choose this valuable hire wisely. This guide will help you discover the journey of bringing in a skilled data scientist for your business. 

If you’re actively hunting for Data Scientists for your team, GUVI for Corporates will help you streamline your recruitment process. You can find the right talent at an affordable cost and in no time. Have any specific hiring recruitments? Drop in on us today!


1. How do I find and hire a Data Scientist?

GUVI for Corporates helps companies find the right talent for their business with its streamlined and efficient hiring services. You can find skilled Data Scientists who are well-trained with the latest tools and technologies with GUVI. You can reduce cost-per-hire and close recruiting in a week with GUVI hiring.

2. Is the Corporate Training online or offline?

Our corporate training suite is 100% online and customizable according to business requirements. It promotes hands-on learning with bite-sized engaging video content. 

3. Can I get a demo for the Hyre tool?

Yes, You can opt for the demo of the HYRE tool by signing up.  

4. Is the Hyre tool easy to use?

Hyre tool is easy to use and involves very little admin intervention after setup. You can send timely emails to candidates and track all your efforts with the all-in-one smart dashboard.


5. How do I hire a Data Scientist with GUVI hiring?

You can share your recruitment task and let us perform the initial screening for you. You can shortlist from the pool of 100+ trained and certified candidates based on your business requirements. Conduct hassle-free interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Release offer letters for deserving candidates and close the hiring in no time.  

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  1. Why Hire Data Scientists for Your Business?
  2. What makes the Best Data Scientist?
  3. Benefits of Hiring a Data Scientist for Your Business
  4. Qualities to Look for while Hiring a Data Scientist
  5. How to Hire Data Scientists in India with Ease?
  6. How GUVI for Corporates makes your Hiring Easy?
  7. Technologies Learned by the Candidates
    • How to get started?
  8. Wrapping Up
  9. FAQs
    • How do I find and hire a Data Scientist?
    • Is the Corporate Training online or offline?
    • Can I get a demo for the Hyre tool?
    • Is the Hyre tool easy to use?
    • How do I hire a Data Scientist with GUVI hiring?