Unboxing The Exclusive LIVE METAVERSE DATATHON 1.0

Datathon 1.0

Well Done πŸ‘ to all the 29 teams who ingeniously participated in our recent hackathon, LIVE METAVERSE DATATHON 1.0! πŸ†


“The sound of a hackathon resonates more closely with the development aspects! However, a Datathon, unlike a hackathon, is something contemporary and taking shape recently. 

The comprehensive Data Science course at Zen Class GUVI is custom-made to accommodate all the newfangled ideas, and this Datathon happens to be one from the same basket! 

The 30 hrs of Live Tech Hackathon that Team GUVI successfully conducted on 16th & 17th July 2022 is an incredible achievement to cherish for every GUVIan!

With a total of 220 registrations and very active, interactive, high-spirited tech geeks, this virtual hackathon was one of its kind and something that the data world didn’t experience much so far! 

GUVI always strives to go one step ahead and deliver not only the best placement opportunities to their students & Amigo club members; but also to provide them with a unique skill-building and hands-on tech experience even before they venture into the corporate world!

Hackathon in the world of Data Science!

So, if you are an aspiring Data Scientist, then this Datathon was something that could give you a first-hand experience of the Data Science world with excellent support from dedicated mentors and tech geeks! Sounds awesome! It definitely was!

It was a standout experience that we received from Zen Class. GUVI has, indeed, created a unique model pronouncing that there are distinguished hackathons intended specifically to the field of Data Science!

Vikrant Deshmukh, a Datathon 1.0 participant. 

Datathon 1.0- In the making! 

New to a hackathon, then Datathon would be an alien! 

GUVI’s aim in unfolding this distinctive experience was 

  1. To provide a clear glimpse/ practical insight into how industry functions in the Data Science domain. 
  2. To depict the exact working of a hackathon with professional industry mentors.

Great industry mentors don’t give you solutions. No! They trigger your thinking process and make you come up with out-of-the-ordinary solutions to generic problem statements. And that is what was witnessed in this virtual datathon too!

A glimpse of the background pre-program process!

Boarding onto the preparation session, the first metier that ran back-screen was to underline the data domains to target. That done, the technical team at GUVI went on to identify the exact problem statements. The Datathon 1.0 went live with the primary focus on the data domains comprising Finance, Automobile, EdTech, and  FMCG. 

Thanks to the expert technical team, and the extravagantly talented internal and external mentors,  METAVERSE DATATHON 1.0 soared high with bright colours. 

In the bid of provisioning a datathon experience not just limited to a few problem statements but rather an exciting, interactive, and complex hackathon session, GUVIans have driven all the impossible miles with passion.

What were the problem statements? The real Gold-Dig!

The problem statements that primarily constituted the heart of the whole 30 hrs. session were the following: 

  1.  Product Review Analysis – Flipkart/Amazon
  2. PhonePe Transaction Geo – Visualization
  3. Customer Conversion Prediction
  4. Predictive Analysis of Customer Support

Wow! You really got it today! GUVI’s Datathon was a grand success, and GUVI, as always, wishes to deliver it across via knowledge sharing. So, grab the problem statements and dig your way to the best solutions! NOW! 

Awards & Accolades!

Datathon 1.0 was not only the most interactive hackathon that served with the top solution and techie ideas but also embraced the unique talents with perks to the participating teams. 

GUVI Live Metaverse Datathon 1.0

Though the idea was to hand over a real-time industry experience to the students and Amigo club members  (GUVI internal star students club), which definitely saw a green light, the event turned out to be more than that. We believe that the personified GUVI podiums were the underlining factor that kept around 90% of the teams glued till the last minute of the datathon! 

Hey, who are the winners?


Both the Datathon days went very progressive with continuous learning & coding sessions and interpolated array of exciting & engaging activities like quizzes and Group Discussions. Tech bits as they were called included tech bits with 10 Tech Quiz & Tech Live Group discussions.

Not a minute went devoid of fun-filled interactions. The 30 hours of datathon saw the data tech arena to its brim with the coordinators driving the sessions with the teams under constant backing and synergy supported by technical experts with external and internal Mentors. 

As discussed, the datathon particularly aimed to deliver the best tech experience to the candidates. So, we had around 7 external mentors dedicated to 4 teams each, constantly mentoring them and aiding inundated support to the teams. 

Meet the team of Mentors: 

Datathon Mentors

Also, our Amigo Club members were on a 24/7 charge taking care of any out-of-the-way issues arriving unnoticed. Moreover, we got dedicated support from our Alumni who were present all through the sessions, mentoring the students and solving any random queries that arrived from the thin air. 

Moreover, we had intermediate evaluations ensuring that the candidates are going in the right direction. Now, this is a great deal, you see! The mentors were constantly evaluating the performance of every team, ensuring that the teams don’t go off track! 

Amidst all these solution trackings, the external members took into account that the gaps were filled with cutting-edge technology discussions. These friendly discussions led way to technology-rich talks and gave space to the participants to put in their data-driven thoughts. 

Wish to figure out the schedule for each day?

Day 1 

Day 1 gleamed off at around 9 am with a warm welcoming and guided introduction to the platform Gather.

The tech surge started off, right after splitting up the teams with mentors and coordinators. The intervening tech bits, Mentor sessions & discussions made the day so much indulging that it took off the trail even all night with overnight dedicated mentor support. Cool! That is something really intriguing!

One of the most lively slices of the Datathon was the Tech Bits‘. These small wads of activities ravished the moods of the candidates and kept them efficacious at the moment & through the Datathon. All the candidates and teams were observed to have actively participated in the 15-30 minutes of rapid Quiz and Group discussions that intercepted the high-spirited rounds of problem statement solving.

Well, not only did the candidates find the Tech Bits soothing but also did triumph as winners! Here’s a sneak peek at the top 3 winners of the Tech Bits-1

Well, it would be wrong if we miss mentioning the simmering spirits of the participants. Even after continuous efforts of 15 hrs on day 1 put in by candidates, they were still performing their best till 4 am of the day. Hats off to their dedication which in fact made the whole event a grand success. 3 Cheers to the teams. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Day 2 

Further, presentations took the main cover on day 2. After virtually shaking hands with the guests of honour, the ecstatic day continued with evaluation and zealous ardour. The session went eye-popping when the mentors identified the top 5 out of the 29 contesting teams after the first round of the final evaluation. Then the top 5 teams centred the stage for more challenges!  

The top 5 winning teams of the first round were offered an opportunity to present their projects in the presence of chief guests. And, it was really intriguing because these Chief Guests were experienced Industrial Experts. Wow🀩

Then what? It was time for announcing the winners who were cordially felicitated with awards.

The final evaluation was conducted by the mentors and the chief guests. So, from among the 5 shortlisted teams, 3 winning teams hit the podium with their constant efforts and outstanding perseverance. These 3 teams made it to the final with waving colours and bagged privileges and accolades shipping them to higher altitudes in their tech careers. Kudos to the winnersπŸ†.

So, how does it feel to be a winner? We are sure, after the long hours of dedication and hard work, the fruit really must have tasted yummier than ever!

Hear what our Winning team has to say!

A glimpse of revivifying moments

As a surprise element came our CEO’s announcement. Our CEO, Mr ArunPrakash M, affirmed that the best performers stand eligible for internal placements through GUVI. Well, for your information, GUVI is connected with 200+ MNCs that directly hire from us. So, the chances of the winners getting placed with the top companies are 100%!😁

Another exceptional award went to the best candidate of the Amigo Club. In reward for the consistent best efforts, the best Amigo member would be promoted to a Full-time employee in GUVI. Cheers to you too Amigo Club member.

The day waved off a surreal goodbye at around 6 pm. 

Waving a Good Bye!

We look forward to delivering many more such Datathons in the walk of our journey. We believe such Datathons will enhance the data skills of the budding and experienced Data professionals! Join us and make these Datathons become more knowledge and data-driven!

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