Free upskilling event: AI-for-Women by GUVI offers AI skills & certifications to 30K+


Empowerment should reflect in upgrading & uplifting lives. And, upskilling is the ultimate key to upgrade & uplift. GUVI celebrates International Women’s Week 2023 in its unique style that is intended to empower women with AI & ML skills.

The IIT-M & IIM-A incubated EdTech company – GUVI(Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint) has launched the ‘AI-for-women’ campaign as a part of SriGeek initiatives & offered free upskilling to more than 30,000 women during the International Women’s Week of March 2023. 

Mr Maheshkumar, hon’ble deputy mayor of Chennai corporation, has inaugurated this grand event, ‘AI-for-Women’ on International Women’s Week 2023. The AI-for-Women initiative aimed to provide its registered users with free learning access to a course relevant to Artificial Intelligence(AI), right from the registration that started in February 2023 & proceeded until the end of International Women’s Week, i.e, till March second weekend. 

How ‘AI-for-Women’ aims to benefit women?

This free learning access to the GUVI course is intended to prepare the registered women users for participating in the grand AI-for-Women virtual event. And, the grand virtual event includes a training session that will train the participants to build an AI app with Machine Learning(ML) model. Certifications are distributed to the participants for the successful completion of this grand event along with the participants’ demonstration of AI skills.

Willing to explore your chances?

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Along with ‘AI-for-Women’, about 8 virtual & in-real-life events were launched under the SriGeek initiative from February 2023 to March 2023, to provide free upskilling & career opportunities for women. The most prominent events among these include ‘AI-for-women’, Tech-talks with successful women entrepreneurs, distribution of tech skill resources to economically challenged women, & #sheisback program for women to return back to the workforce after a career break. 

What’s more about #sheisback on GUVI?

#Sheisback program is supported by Zen class career programs that provide comprehensive tech training, placement support, extensive career guidance, & skill certifications for specializations in trending tech career domains like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Frontend development with Angular, & Frontend development with ReactJs. Also, Paid internship opportunities are an exclusive part of the #Sheisback program. If you are a woman, even with a career gap of more than 2 years, you can apply for the #sheisback program and proceed with the screening test to get a career counseling session that could help build your tech career.

To enquire about the #Sheisback program, call: +919736097320

The thoughts of Ms. Sridevi Arunprakash, co-founder of GUVI, have been the tree of inspiration to launch these career-oriented initiatives for women by GUVI. 

Prior to the launch of ‘AI-for-Women’, Mr. Arun Prakash, Founder & CEO of GUVI, expressed his thoughts & said, “GUVI team always encourages the progressive thoughts of Sridevi Arunprakash, & one such thought is“ Now is never too late to Upgrade”. Our team is all set to launch an empowering initiative, named, the SriGeek initiative, to greatly mobilize women with tech skills.”

‘AI-for-women’ is derived from its successful precedent – ‘AI-for-India’ by GUVI. This virtual event has hit global success with a tremendous response from numerous aspirants from remote areas/villages that found tech-skills accessible & at the same time ‘understandable’. Their active participation in the ‘AI-for-India’ has made GUVI create the Guinness World Record for the ‘Most number of users to take a programming lesson in 24 Hours,’ by beating the previous record by 50 times. 

India’s first vernacular Edtech – GUVI is a prestigious part of HCL Group, & shares brand partnerships as well as collaborations with eminent partners like ‘Google for Education’, IITM Pravartak, AICTE, AWS, and Google Cloud. GUVI focuses on offering self-paced courses & career programs that are accredited by renowned institutions like IIT Madras, UiPath & NASSCOM. The tech courses of GUVI & Zen class career programs are meticulously curated & instructed in native languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali & so on for the comfort of learning & gaining tech skills.

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