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Join #AIforIndia1.0 & Be A Part Of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

Why #AIforIndia1.0?

Have you ever dreamt of breaking any Guinness World Record? We, at GUVI, have! #AIforIndia1.0. And we wish you to be a part of it!


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    • Why #AIforIndia1.0?
    • What is #AIforIndia1.0?
    • What will you achieve?
    • Final Words

Why #AIforIndia1.0?

Mrs. Sridevi Arun Prakash, an inspiring Technopreneur, Mompreneur, Ex-Coo & Co-founder of GUVI, had an awe-inspiring vision to educate & empower one and all with tech-skills. She called herself a social entrepreneur and wished to help students to catch the job train.

Above all, Mrs. Sridevi was a wonderful human being who was keen on uplifting both women and men by imparting IT skills to succeed in life. In the same vein, her teachings and guidance interweave the philosophy of GUVI and its services.

So, respected Sridevi was an inspiration to all the women out there, who are Technopreneur as well as Moms!

With a mission to impart skills to everyone, her vision was to Skill-Up India. Through her vision, we dream of forging India revolutionized into an AI Leader. Mourning the loss of our beloved Sridevi, GUVI commits to moving forward. GUVI foresees to give life to her ideology.

What is #AIforIndia1.0?

Subsequently, we perceive #AIforIndia1.0 will stand true to her vision of skilling anyone, anytime & anywhere. And, the AI code revolution by GUVI is one of her grand visionary movements. Further, it progresses through to set the standard of excellence in the Ed-Tech industry.

Therefore, GUVI is organizing a Guinness World Recordbreaking online workshop on PythonMost importantly, the idea here is to skill-up 10 Lakh Indians in one go. Certainly, it will ignite the coding revolution #AIforIndia1.0. It will make India – an AI leader.

Further, this free workshop calls out to any individual who is a student, IT professional, enthusiast, novice. So, anyone aged 8-80 years can sign up! It is the best platform to learn to build a face recognition app using Python from scratch. 

“Through every age, the world experiences diverse revolutions. Currently, we are on the brink of the coding or AI revolution. You don’t need to be a developer, but you need to understand what is happening.

You need to be well informed on what your data means to you and what it means to others, so you can make informed decisions, without depending on the opinion of others,”

says Mr. Arun Prakash, Founder & COO – GUVI Geek Networks.

What will you achieve?

As a participant, you achieve the honor of being a part of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!

You will receive the most contemporary Python course for free! Yes, you heard it right! This is the best 1-day course workshop to skyrocket your career in Python.

Furthermore, you can build an app of yours! #AIforIndia1.0 will help you build a Face Recognition App using Python.

Final Words

In short, #AIforIndia1.0 is our dream for India. That is to say, it is just the beginning step of the Progressive Coding Revolution, which will be held on 24th April 2021, at 10 A.M. So, this grand event is GUVI’s initiative to set the Guinness World Record with the maximum number of participants.


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