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Figma vs Adobe XD: The Controversial Debate Comes to an End | 2024

In the world of UI/UX design, the heated debate that goes on forever and ever is whether Figma is better or Adobe XD is better, in simple terms, it is always, Figma vs Adobe XD.

If you are an aspiring UI/UX designer or someone just starting in the UI/UX design field, you need to understand the conflict between Figma vs Adobe XD as that can help you decide what tool to use.

In this article, you will understand the difference between Figma and Adobe XD, what their features are, and why they are the giants in the UI/UX world. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Table of contents

  1. What is Figma and Adobe XD?
  2. Figma vs Adobe XD: What is that all about?
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs
    • What kind of projects is Figma best suited for?
    • Does Adobe XD have a mobile app?
    • What are the system requirements for Adobe XD?
    • Which is better for a freelance designer, Figma or Adobe XD?

What is Figma and Adobe XD?

Figma and Adobe XD

Before you understand Figma vs Adobe XD, you must first understand what Figma and Adobe XD are. There are various tools used in UI/UX designing but why do these two stand out? Let us find out.

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Figma is a highly user-friendly and versatile design tool that has gained popularity among UI/UX designers for its strong emphasis on collaboration and ease of use.

Figma’s standout feature is its real-time collaboration capability, which allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, much like Google Docs.

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Adobe XD, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, is another powerful tool for UI/UX design and prototyping. It is a desktop application available for both Windows and macOS, with some web functionalities.

Adobe XD is known for its seamless integration with other Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator, which is a significant advantage for users already within the Adobe ecosystem.

Since both of them are similar in function and use, the debate Figma vs Adobe XD heated up and still going on to date and you will understand both sides in this article.

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Figma vs Adobe XD: What is that all about?

Figma vs Adobe XD

Now that you understand what Figma and Adobe XD are, let us now see about Figma vs Adobe XD.

These are the differences and similarities that can help you understand the debate between Figma vs Adobe XD

FeatureFigmaAdobe XD
PlatformIt is a web-based cloud platform, that also supports desktop apps suitable for Windows and macOSIt is a desktop application for Windows and macOS, with limited web capabilities just like other Adobe software.
CollaborationIt has real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on a project enabling seamless teamwork.It offers only limited real-time collaboration features.
PrototypingFigma offers advanced prototyping options with interactive components and animations.Adobe XD offers prototyping with basic to intermediate interactions and it also has an auto-animate feature for simple animations
Design SystemsWith Figma’s shared libraries and components option, the design system is as strong as ever for a UI/UX designer.It also supports design systems, but it is not as strong as Figma
IntegrationIt provides extensive integration with other tools and collaborative platforms like Slack and JiraIt integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and other Adobe products, but fewer third-party integrations.
User InterfaceIf you are a starter, with it’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, it makes you very comfortable.It feels familiar if you are already an Adobe user, but it might feel a bit strange and difficult for a first-time user.
PricingWith its free plan that almost has every feature that one needs, Figma is a desirable product and it also has paid plans offering some extra featuresIt offers a free starter plan with limited resources. You can opt for paid plans for more advanced features which is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud that starts from 2394/month
Community & ResourcesFigma has a vibrant community, extensive online resources, and pluginsLarge community, especially among Adobe product users, with good resources and plugins
File SharingEasy sharing through links, supports version historyFile sharing through Adobe Creative Cloud and supports versioning only if it is done through Creative Cloud.
Offline WorkLimited offline capabilities as Figma is a web-based cloud platform.Since Adobe XD is a desktop application, it supports strong offline capabilities.
AnimationIt offers basic to moderate animation capabilities and they are mostly limited.Adobe XD offers more advanced animation features, especially with its Auto-Animate feature.
Learning CurveFigma is generally easier for beginners and non-designersFor those who are not familiar with Adobe products, Adobe XD will be a bit difficult to grasp and learn.
Figma vs Adobe XD

We thought of mentioning these points when the topic Figma vs Adobe XD came and we hope you understand the differences between them.

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Kickstart your UI/UX journey by enrolling in GUVI’s UI/UX Career Program where you will master technologies like AdobeXd, Illustrator, and Figma, and build interesting real-life UI/UX projects. Alternatively, if you would like to explore Figma through a Self-paced course, try GUVI’s Figma’s Self-Paced certification course.



In conclusion, the debate of Figma vs Adobe XD is long in the tradition of UI/UX designing but the question of which is better among the two should be answered by you. You should decide whether it is Figma vs Adobe XD or Figma and Adobe XD.

The reason why we are saying that is because you should be able to understand which is better according to your requirements, though Figma may seem better at first glance, the capabilities of Adobe XD are humongous and it has innovative and interactive features like Auto-Animate which is a boon for animators.

So, before figuring out which is better, first figure out your requirements and with that, you will understand which would be better suited for that requirement and you can figure out the answer for Figma vs Adobe XD by yourself.

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What kind of projects is Figma best suited for?

Figma is ideal for a wide range of design projects, including web design, app design, and graphic design, especially where collaboration is key.

Does Adobe XD have a mobile app?

Adobe XD offers mobile apps for previewing designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices.

What are the system requirements for Adobe XD?

Adobe XD requires Windows 10 (64-bit) or macOS X v10.14 or later, with specific hardware requirements depending on the complexity of the projects.


Which is better for a freelance designer, Figma or Adobe XD?

The choice depends on the designer’s specific needs and workflow. Figma’s collaboration and web-based features are great for those who work with teams remotely, while Adobe XD’s integration with Creative Cloud might be more beneficial for those heavily invested in Adobe’s ecosystem.

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  1. What is Figma and Adobe XD?
  2. Figma vs Adobe XD: What is that all about?
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs
    • What kind of projects is Figma best suited for?
    • Does Adobe XD have a mobile app?
    • What are the system requirements for Adobe XD?
    • Which is better for a freelance designer, Figma or Adobe XD?