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How to Get a Job in Software Testing as a Fresher?

Freshers who are fascinated about working in the IT and software industry are often confused about where to get started. Software testing is a safe career domain where such aspiring freshers not only enter the IT industry but also can step into any other software domain later with ease. 

Furthermore, software testers earn good salaries, depending upon their level of work experience. Many small startups pay their software testers as equal to developers, and sometimes even pay more than the developers. Hence, with the prevailing demand for software testing, it is important to be aware of ways to be followed to get a hold of testing job opportunities. 

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  1. 6 Important Ways to Software Testing Career
    • Focus on Aptitude & Analytical Skills
    • Conceptual Knowledge is Core
    • Become a Bug Reporter
    • Set up Priorities
    • Curiosity Killed Saves the Cat Tester
    • Focus on Ideas Generation
    • Ultimately, What do you think?

6 Important Ways to Software Testing Career

Software testing will help meet the expectations set to develop better software applications, services and user experiences. Here are the top 6 focus points, if you’re opting to pursue a career in testing.

1. Focus on Aptitude & Analytical Skills 

While hiring software testers, the basic expectation from them is to showcase their skills for finding the root cause or pattern of an issue alongside finding the actual issues in the software. This skill can be acquired by practicing & training our minds to solve aptitude & analytical questions. 

  • If 13 is Thirteen & 12 are Twelve what 212 would be?
  • In 24 minutes, the hour hand of a clock moves through an angle of?

Were you able to answer these questions? Great! Such questions are enough to judge your potential in a testing interview & label you as the right choice for addition to the testing team.

2. Conceptual Knowledge is Core

Understanding the responsibilities, and job role while implementing the conceptual knowledge to fulfill the job role becomes mandatory for a software tester. 

  • Differentiate between Quality control and Quality assurance.
  • What are the benefits of Destructive Testing?

Answering such theoretical & technical questions will refine your confidence, define your job position & set up a positive impression in front of the interviewer.

3. Become a Bug Reporter

If bug reporting is an art then a professional software tester is an artist. Effective Bug reports communicate smoothly with the development team to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Bug reports will contain detailed yet clear & concise information about bugs, their description, the date when a bug was found, the name of the tester who found it, the name of the developer who fixed it, & so on.

4. Set up Priorities

An essential trait that a software tester must possess is to stay clear in prioritizing things. It would definitely cause a mess when the tester is loaded with multiple tasks & is not able to define priorities. While ‘Defect Severity’ and ‘Priority’ in testing are important concepts that will define the professional characteristics of a software tester.

Case Scenario: You like Goa Carnival the most and have been waiting for it so long but you come to know that your best friend is getting married on the same day. What would you do? Will you go for Goa Carnival or will you attend the Wedding?

5. Curiosity Killed Saves the Cat Tester

Testers are immune with Curiosity, which means that their curious minds will help them excel in software testing.

  • Why do you think a chair requires four legs?
  • Why do we use an umbrella to protect ourselves from rain?

All such ‘Why’ questions are the accelerating fuel for a software testing career. How exactly? Well, a tester’s curious mind will automatically create the smallest set of test cases needed for in-sprint testing & such similar scenarios. 

6. Focus on Ideas Generation

Testing is the penultimate step before the final launch of a software product to the market. Testers are equally responsible as developers for launching software considering its cost, safety & effectiveness. But why do we have to generate ideas for software testing? Before answering to that let’s answer another question.

How will you test a pen for writing? 

You try writing it on a piece of paper for the first time after purchase, it works well. Then drop it from a certain height, say 50cm, now try writing with the same pen. Is it working? Maybe Yes! Ok then imagine a kid playing a pen fight game & with another pen on the desk. Will the pen continue to work well for writing as before?

The main message here is to relate the software product to a real-life object like a pen & generate ideas to test it with all possible perspectives. 


Ultimately, What do you think?

Do these focus points make sense? Are you able to connect yourself with the Software Testing career requirements? If that’s a yes, then It’s perfect to start focusing on the above-mentioned important guidelines to begin upskilling in software testing. Once your mind is fine-tuned with the essential traits of a tester then getting a software testing job role would be a piece of cake.

According to statistics from QY Research, the A/B testing software market was worth $485 million in 2018, & It will continually grow to be worth $1.08 billion by 2025. The Automation Testing domain is yet another upgraded career path for manual testers. So, prepare yourself to Succeed!

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  1. 6 Important Ways to Software Testing Career
    • Focus on Aptitude & Analytical Skills
    • Conceptual Knowledge is Core
    • Become a Bug Reporter
    • Set up Priorities
    • Curiosity Killed Saves the Cat Tester
    • Focus on Ideas Generation
    • Ultimately, What do you think?