How To Become A Full Stack Developer?

guide to become full stack developer

How to become a Full Stack Developer? What are the programming languages, which courses, and what duration is apt to acquire the required skills? Why learn Front-End Development or Back-End Development for that case?

With so much hype going around Full Stack Development and the essential courses to be pursued for attaining the same, it’s about time to have a discussion surrounding it! So, let’s get into a talk.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack development is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the technology world. In many ways, a Full Stack Developer is a jack of all trades. Yes, they are coders, who can code both the front and back-end sides of a website or application. There is an increasing demand for these roles within companies. Also, for the few who have achieved that status, the possibilities feel endless!

What are the frameworks & programming languages to learn and why?

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If a person wants to become a Full Stack developer, then there are plenty of different things that are going to have to learn. Full-stack developers are among the most diverse workers in the technology industry, and they must master a range of different skills.


As career experts and the best resume writers from different professional resume writing services say: “Two of the most important skills any developer should master are HTML and CSS. These skills are taught in many coding, development, and online tutoring websites. HTML is the main coding language used to input content onto websites. Certainly, CSS is essential in the design of websites and applications”


Javascript is absolutely essential for any full-stack developer. It is the scripting language that is used to control everything that moves or is animated in some way on a webpage. It can be used for both front and back-end developments, and it is a vital skill to master if someone wants to become a full-stack developer.

Back-End languages

Once a person has mastered the above, they should also learn to master at least one back-end programming language. The three most commonly cited ones to learn to become a full-stack developer are Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. Without at least one of these, a back-end developer’s skill set will not be complete.

Career and Salary Options for Full Stack Developers

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One of the biggest reasons why full-stack development has become so desired is its career options. More importantly, the position also offers some very lucrative salaries.

Due to the skilled nature of the role, companies will often offer very high salaries for these positions. Many companies may have salaries available for over $100,000 for experienced full-stack developers. The average salary will be around $65-75,000, which is very high, and there is always room for people to continue to move up that career ladder and make even more money as well.

How to become a Full Stack Developer?

The biggest question then, is how does one actually go about becoming a Full Stack developer? There are many steps that someone should take to land themselves the job.

Take some courses and get your certificates

Most importantly, what someone will need to do to become a full-stack developer is to build their skills by taking training courses and getting qualifications. A full-stack developer should always be looking to add new strings to their bow. It is important, however, not to overload yourself. It is not possible to master absolutely everything, so choosing a skill set and focusing more on that can be useful.

Get real-world experience

Understanding how to code and the theories behind processes is all well and good, but to truly develop, you will need practical exposure. Working with a team on a big or small project and putting your knowledge to use is only going to sharpen your skills and, in the end, make you a more accomplished developer.

Get as acquainted with as much as possible

As we’ve already discussed, several technologies are essential to a back-end developer’s growth, but there is so much more than a developer can learn. Once you have mastered some of the aforementioned technologies, continue to learn a little bit about other ones as well. There is no need to become an expert in all of them; in fact, it is advised that you focus on just a few, but a little bit of knowledge of different ones can go a long way.

There are many benefits to becoming a Full Stack Developer, and with more and more companies attempting to find people who can perform the role, this is a career opportunity that is well worth considering for any young developer.

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Author byline: Alina Burakova is a career advisor with years of experience in the technology industry.

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