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What is TCS CodeVita?  Win Job Offer @ TCS + $20K Reward

Being an Indian, you would’ve heard of TCS. But, not about TCS CodeVita? We shall see it here. Interestingly, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) has risen up to 2nd in the Brand Finance IT Services 25 2022 ranking.

With about 12% growth year on year & 24% since 2020 to a brand value of US$16.8 billion, TCS continues to rise up the IT services rankings. Of course! A  well-paid job offer at TCS is every IT Job aspirant's dream. Jinkies! You can make this dream come true through TCS CodeVita.

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  1. TCS CodeVita Explained
    • Why Participate in TCS CodeVita?
  2. Major Rounds in CodeVita
  3. Preparation & Syllabus for TCS CodeVita
  4. The Wind-Up with Rewards

TCS CodeVita Explained

TCS CodeVita is the trending competitive programming contest hosted by Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) since 2012. This is exclusively conducted for engineering graduate students in India.

Where the duration of this contest is 24-hr long consisting of 3 rounds. This is considered a precious opportunity as students can participate in TCS Codevita only once in their lifetime. Needless to mention, the difficulty level is hard since it is a global level competition.

Why Participate in TCS CodeVita?

Because the winner gets the astounding title - ‘World’s Best Coder’ along with a Cash Reward of $20K. You can imagine this title adding a massive weightage to your resume!

More to it, the first-round qualifiers will receive Participation Certificates. And, decently paid Job Opportunities at TCS (The World’s #1 Organization; as per 2021 listing) for the successive round qualifiers.

Major Rounds in CodeVita

A total of three rounds will be conducted in TCS Codevita.

  • Pre-qualifier
  • Qualifier 
  • Grand Finale

The table below will help you understand the rounds with parameters like-

  • Mode of each round
  • Total number of questions asked
  • Total time duration is given to participants to come up with solutions. 

Each round is followed by an interview, you will advance to the next round only if you clear the interview of the previous round. The interview is related to the previous round, in which the questions asked are based on the coding solutions & techniques that you’ve used in the preceding round.

The cut-off is not based on the number of solutions that you provide in the round but the cut-off is based on your programming techniques & the way you crack the interview.

Preparation & Syllabus for TCS CodeVita

Preparation wouldn’t be hard if you’ve been preparing for competitive programming earlier with the basic knowledge. You must be well-versed in at least one of the programming languages mentioned below.

Standard programming languages allowed in TCS CodeVita

Programming Language Compiler Version
CGCC 9.3.0
C++g++ 9.3.0
JavaOpen JDK 11.0.11
Python Python 3.8.10

Tips & Tricks to Succeed in CodeVita

  • Pick & learn any programming language.
  • Though Python is easy, most of the participants choose C++ & Java. Using the most used languages is helpful to come up with better solutions. 
  • If you choose to use C++, have a grip on ‘STL’ (Standard Template Library) & its concepts.
  • Else If you choose Java, have a grip on ‘Collections’ in Java.
  • Prioritize the essential topics like array, stack, strings, & queues since there is a high chance of getting one question from these topics.
  • Don’t forget DSA(Data Structures & Algorithms). Preparing with the basic standard algorithms will come in handy. At times, questions are formed based on standard algorithms. Identifying the algorithm from the problem statement makes it really quick to solve it.
  • Focus on developing your logic as the problems can be based on implementation. 
  • Begin with the brute-force approach and proceed to optimize everything.
  • After following these above steps, you can go ahead with the standard complex algorithms and get familiar with topics like dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, graphs, and backtracking. Cover topics only after preparing the essential topics & basic standard algorithms.

Syllabus to Cover

There is no predefined syllabus for TCS Codevita. However, you can expect 0% to 60% of questions from the below-mentioned topics.

  • Array
  • Queue
  • Stack
  • String
  • Tree
  • Linked List
  • Map
  • Graph
  • Greedy Algorithm
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Recursion
  • Backtracking

These topics serve as essential prerequisites for most of the winners. If time permits then study condition statements, operators, time complexity, space complexity, data types, exception handling, frameworks, etc.


The Wind-Up with Rewards

TCS CodeVita has got some alluring job opportunities even for the runner-ups with extraordinary skills in programming. Succession or Good performance in Round 1 can fetch you a job offer for the Ninja Profile at TCS with an annual salary of 3-4 LPA. 

Likewise, round 2 can get you an offer for the Digital Profile at TCS with a salary package of 7-8 LPA.

Ultimately, the Top 3 winners who crack the grand finale will be rewarded with total prize money of $20,000 and a Huge-Paid Job Offer at TCS. Your top-notch skills will be the deciding factor for your Salary Package! 

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  1. TCS CodeVita Explained
    • Why Participate in TCS CodeVita?
  2. Major Rounds in CodeVita
  3. Preparation & Syllabus for TCS CodeVita
  4. The Wind-Up with Rewards