Top 5 Luxury Jobs in Machine Learning 

Top 5 Jobs in Machine Learning

Did you know what could be the future with machine learning? And, What job titles can you target for than the obvious title – Machine Learning Engineer? Exploring the top 5 Jobs in Machine Learning could help you understand better. But, before getting into it, What’s Machine Learning in simple words?

Machine learning is the data domain where computer systems do the major learnings from the customer data & utilize it to benefit the businesses. We can see that the globally leading companies like Google, Netflix & even Amazon rely on machine learning to provide its customers with a valuable and personalized experience.

According to Gartner states report of 2022, the rapid growth in AI will give rise to approximately 2.3 Million job openings in Machine Learning.

What are the Top 5 High-Paying Jobs in Machine Learning?

Here, we have listed the top-five jobs in machine learning for you to aspire big in your career.

1. Cybersecurity Analyst 

With relevant Machine Learning skills & diligent zeal to work in Cybersecurity, one can become a cybersecurity analyst who defends a company’s digital infrastructure and data assets. These analysts study the cybersecurity systems that can analyze patterns through ML skills. Further, this learning helps prevent similar cyber attacks, respond to threats & changing behavior. In simple words, Cybersecurity analysts are the experts who modify, upgrade, and even create new set of algorithms to protect the organizational data. They draw salaries starting from ₹9 LPA & goes upto ₹12 LPA. 

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2. Natural Language Processing Scientist

An NLP scientist is mainly responsible for technically creating, and coding the NLP devices & its related applications. So basically, these scientists use programming and ML algorithms to give life to machines & provide the ability to machines in understanding human languages. The smart assistants like Amazon’s alexa & Apple’s siri are the famous innovations of NLP scientists. Ofter real-life applications of NLP include predictive texts in our smartphone chats, language translations, email filters, data analysis & so on. 

A typical NLP Scientist in India earns an average annual salary of ₹15 Lakhs & can go on to earn a maximum of ₹52 Lakhs.

3. Data Scientist

The data scientists specialized in machine learning will write ML algorithms that helps to discover the patterns that further provide the insights and recommendations for customers of any business. These data scientists with a sound ML knowledge use different Machine Learning techniques & modern technologies like Python, R, SAS, and even SQL/NoSQL database skills to perform in-depth statistical analysis. An ML Data scientist bags an average annual salary of ₹12.8 Lakhs & touches a maximum salary of ₹ 51.4 Lakhs.

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4. Machine Learning Engineer

The ML engineers specifically focuses on researching, building & designing artificial intelligence (AI) systems that automate predictive models. In other words, with ML being the subset of AI, the professional ML Engineers will be responsible for writing code and algorithms that enable machines to take actions without being directed. Tesla or self-driving cars are perfect examples that describe the working principles of an ML Engineer.

Also, Machine Learning models developed by these ML engineers help reveal latest trends & predictions which greatly push the companies to meet their business goals. While Google Cloud ML Engine, Amazon Machine Learning, R Programming, MATLAB, Hadoop, TensorFlow are some of the key tools & technologies used by ML Engineers. Interestingly, the highest reported salary offered to a Machine Learning Engineer is seven-figured salary of ₹ 78lakhs.

Here comes the top best position of the 5 luxury jobs in Machine Learning….,

5. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI Engineers engineers are the professionals who use AI & ML techniques to develop applications/systems that can perform intelligent tasks similar to that of human brain. Usually, AI engineers are expected to be highly skilled than NLP scientists as it’s more than just making the machines understand the human languages. Some must-have technical skills of an AI Engineer are Programming, Machine Learning Algorithms & Frameworks alongside the Big data technologies like Apache Spark, MongoDB & Hadoop. Even an entry-level AI engineer gets an annual average salary of around ₹8 lakhs in India & levels up to higher positions for getting a greater pay. And, with over 10 years of experience, AI engineers can can charge up to ₹1 Crore per Annum


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