Before you attend the interview for an SDE(Software Development Engineer) role in CRED. You need to know what is CRED all about & its business line to crack the CRED interview questions. So, What’s CRED? CRED is a widely popular Indian fintech company launched in recent times. The primary purpose of the CRED app for its users is to enable credit card payments based on rewards. CRED also enables users to make house rent payments & offers a short-term credit line.

Why CRED is in recent trends?

In general, most people pay their credit card bills using payment apps or by directly logging into their bank accounts. But, by using the CRED app, the users reap huge benefits like Cashbacks & CRED coins just by performing the same function of paying their credit card bills. 

Since more people are heading their way to use CRED to earn benefits, this app is seen to be a trending hit. 

CRED has Job Vacancies for Freshers(2022 Passout)

Experience: ZERO experience required. But, internship experience in the development domain is preferred.

Role: SDE (Software Development Engineer)

Prepare yourself for the crucial 4 rounds in the Hiring Process!

Round #1 consists of performing the Assignment. Once the HR of CRED team initiates the hiring process, you’d receive an assignment that is to be finished within 24hrs of the deadline. This must include your codebase. Furthermore, the development of your assignment should cleanly follow the architectural practices. Also, this assignment will be seen as a full-on project & hence every feature needs to be built & fulfilled.

Round # 2 consists of DSA & Puzzles for about 90 minutes. This round will most probably happen the next day after Round #1. The job aspirant needs to be very strong in the basics of Data Structures & Algorithms. And, the puzzle questions will be based on various data structures with most of them at Medium Level difficulty. An important point to be noted is that – you might be asked to code in Google docs rather than on any IDE. As a matter of fact, CRED team is smart enough to check your approach to solving a problem.

Round #3 consists of Machine Coding for about 2.5hrs duration. Firstly, you’ll have to design and code a clean, modular & extensible solution based on a specific set of requirements. Say, for example, a machine coding problem could be to design a snake & ladder game with certain constraints & requirements. Next, this round is followed by a code review process where an interviewer keenly analyses your code & tries to understand your design decisions.

The reviewers expect a good solution from your code & it follows as below:

  • Working and demonstrable code.
  • Functionally correct code.
  • Separation of concerns should be addressed.
  • Modular and readable code.
  • Flexible & Easy Code that accommodates new features with minimal changes.
  • Follows a main method for easy testing of code.
  • UI is preferred but not required.

Round #4 consists of System Design & Managerial for about 90 minutes. It’d be great to use tools to showcase your system design skills. System flow chart, Data-flow-diagram, Context diagram & other such will come in handy. Eventually, you will get a chance to face the interview with the Head of the Engineering department. And, your focus should be on concepts like schema, failure cases, idempotency, data de duplication, and the feasibility to build on CRED. Ultimately, with confidence & conceptual clarity in your work, this hard seeming round will turnout to be achievable.

Here are the Top 5 Questions that are frequently asked by CRED

  • Elaborate the Case study on the profitability of a mobility app
  • Write API test cases for the functionality on the projects you’ve worked/ of your work experience.
  • Design key store distributed cache system with modular & scalable system.
  • Machine Coding Round: Design a Key Value-Based Cashing System
  • System Design Round: Design a Payment gateway API

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