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Programming languages can be hard to understand for absolute beginners. While JavaScript stands as the best choice among beginners in learning web development. Indeed, JavaScript developers are among the top-paid developers for the versatile features that JavaScript offers for web development. 

There are many other programming languages making a remark in the IT & Software industry. But, why is it best to learn JavaScript? Is it possible to learn JavaScript from scratch? If yes, how will learning Javascript in regional languages benefit the learner? Let’s see further to know it all.

Reasons to learn Javascript in regional languages

#1 Fast & easy learning

JavaScript is a highly accessible programming language as almost every browser has it pre-installed & ready for use. This makes it fast for learners to set up a hassle-free environment for hands-on learning. And, by default, JavaScript transforms intricate details into abstracts, making it easier for beginners to get started. So, if developing an awesome website is the learner’s motive then learning the basic concepts of JavaScript in any regional language like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu or any such native language will accelerate the learning process among JS learners. 

#2 Smooth transition 

The transition to other programming languages like Python, C++ or Java becomes a cakewalk for JavaScript learners. JavaScript is versatile enough that it supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming. So, with a good grip on JavaScript, mastering a new programming language will be no big deal.

#3 Flexible for web development

The extensive libraries & frameworks of JavaScript like Node.js, Angular & so on support well for both frontend & backend development. Learning JavaScript online in any preferred native language of the learner can come in handy for building mobile apps, websites, or even desktop apps through the derivatives of JavaScript such as ReactJs, React Native & Electron.

#4 Salary soars high

A well-skilled JavaScript developer’s pocket is never empty & pretty hefty with huge salaries. Even a beginner can earn an average annual salary of ₹6.6 Lakhs per year. JavaScript developers when add their skillset with full-stack development skills, the potential salary skyrockets to ₹21 LPA. Willing to know how to bag such huge salary packages? Explore Zen class Career Program in Full-stack development. 

#5 Unlimited opportunities

JavaScript offers a wide scope to set up a career in the IT & software industry. Learning JavaScript will open up the chances to get position yourself as a frontend developer through frameworks & libraries like Angular or React respectively. While the learner can transform into a hardcore backend developer through NodeJs, ExpressJs, BackboneJs & such other backend technologies of JavaScript. And with added database management skills along with frontend & backend skills, the learners get to build a future in the full-stack development domain. You can see that JavaScript is the power base for a progressive career in web development.

#6 Popular for its community

As of 2022, there are about 17.4 million software developers with JavaScript as their core skillset. Even making the first move of learning JavaScript in your native language could open up a world of possibilities to interact with software developers worldwide. That’s how JavaScript becomes the most popular programming language in the world. 

Benefits of learning Javascript in regional languages

To learn javascript is to gain the precious benefits that help you ace the programming & web development world. Let’s see how!

#1 Strong basic knowledge

Learning the complex concepts of JavaScript in your comfortable language will change the learning experience to a different level. With real-life scenarios relating to the core concepts, the learners will be able better visualize the programming problems & implement the accurate coding concepts. 

#2 Unlocks your innovative skills

Web development or app development is majorly focused on creating effective solutions for the customers or users through building websites or apps. With increased confidence by learning the fundamental concepts of JavaScript or any other programming language, the developers get more innovative in meeting the needs of the regional communities & proceed forward in developing new features through backend as well as frontend development skills. The leading vernacular EdTech GUVI derives itself from the very idea to impart tech skills in native languages like Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada & more other than regular English.

Get started to learn JavaScript online

Learners can acquire JavaScript skills in their unique style. A strong foundational knowledge can lead to the effective implementation of advanced concepts in the web development industry. 

Self-taught & self-paced learning are inexpensive yet the best resources to upskill in the latest tech like JavaScript. For instance, Google Chrome’s developer view feature will make an easy access for beginners to go to the “JavaScript Console” and get hands-on practice with the lines of JavaScript code. However, this approach needs assistance from expert developers as well as demands patience to follow the official documents of JavaScript.

If self-paced online learning in native languages is your choice of upskilling then GUVI’s JavaScript courses are available in 9 different native languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Arabic, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati along with English as a medium of instruction.

Final thoughts

Upskilling in JavaScript makes you versatile in web development as it covers both frontend, & backend development. A keen focus on getting strong in the basics will help you tackle not only web development with JavaScript but also helps in advancing in other programming languages. 

Get your hands dirty in JavaScript coding through CodeKata of GUVI. Self-upskilling is the new upgrade for you in tech!

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