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Good News! GUVI Establishes a New Branch in Noida [2023]

World’s 1st vernacular EdTech company, GUVI, prestigious part of HCL Group, incubated by IIT-M & IIM-A, has now set foot in Noida for setting up its new branch office on 1st June 2023. This inauguration of GUVI’s new office seeks a new horizon across India and aims to provide the finest EdTech services in North India & its surrounding countries.

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  1. HowGUVI makes an Impact?
    • GUVI’s Noida Branch: New Chapter for Online Learning!
    • How local learners get benefitted from GUVI’s Noida Branch?
    • Milestone moments of GUVI headed to Noida
  2. Learners of GUVI have no Age limit!
    • HackerKid
    • Placement Preparation
    • GUVI Premium Tech Courses
    • GUVI Career Programs

How GUVI makes an Impact?

We call our country ‘Incredible India’, meaning that India is a land of diversities, cultures, religions, festivals, ethnicity & languages, spread across various states. And, GUVI upholds this spirit of ‘Incredible’ with its very essence. GUVI stands for ‘Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint’, a motivational boost for millions of aspiring learners from various regions to break the barriers in upskilling through its standard EdTech products that enable upskilling through the vernacular approach.

GUVI embarked on its journey in 2014 by providing online tech courses covering domains like programming, web development & DSA instructed in native languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi other than regular English.  Now, GUVI has expanded its market presence with the new branch, providing career aspirants with an on-ground touchpoint for easy access to trending career domains like IT-Software, Data Science, Data Engineering, Automation Testing, UI UX Design, CAD for engineers & more.

GUVI’s Noida Branch: New Chapter for Online Learning!

With over 2 million learner base, GUVI has already been offering Self-paced tech courses in Hindi, Arabic, Bengali & more such native languages. Now, with the new branch office set up in Noida, GUVI will widen its network at the national level across North India, interact with locals at the ground level, & regulates its quality in EdTech services by providing Tech Courses & Career Programs instructed in regional languages like Hindi(at primary level) & upscale to upskill the learner of native languages like Bengali, Punjabi, Bihari, Gujarati & more.

How local learners get benefitted from GUVI’s Noida Branch?

Noida’s center of GUVI will mobilize the local aspirants to discover relevant upskilling programs available in Hindi, and other native languages. Further, get a 360-degree overview of GUVI’s self-paced courses & career programs while learners get to unlock the support from the mentorship through experienced professionals & industry experts from top companies like Flipkart, Amazon, TCS, PayPal & 600+ hiring partners, helping learners to achieve their dream career in Tech.

Milestone moments of GUVI headed to Noida 

At an early stage, under the leadership of Co-founder cum Iron lady of GUVI, Ms. Sridevi ArunPrakash, GUVI got selected as One of the Top 10 startups led by Women in India hosted by Google Launchpad & actively got engaged in the Google for Startups Accelerator. With her inspirational thoughts that envisioned to impart skills everyone, our Co-founder – Mr. Balamurugan together with the Founder – Mr. Arun Prakash, & the entire team GUVI, have together launched the grand AI-for-India initiative that created a Guinness World Record for upskilling a maximum number of learners online in computer programming. 

Check the below image to witness the history of GUVI & its success.

GUVI democratized tech education worldwide through its brand partnerships with Google for Education, UiPath, IITM Pravartak, Autodesk, and IIT-M CCE. With an objective to accelerate the democratization of tech skills to everyone in North India, GUVI sets up the Noida branch office that extends its EdTech services to more than 10 million learners.

Learners of GUVI have no Age limit!

GUVI has covered a wide range of learners irrespective of age group through its EdTech Products. 



HackerKid for Kids is India’s 1st gamified learning platform for kids from ages 7 to 17. With exciting Coding games aligned with CBSE, ICSE, & State board curriculums, kids get to experience game-based learning through the following coding games:

  • Turtle – teaches Python coding
  • Zombieland – teaches Syntax-based coding
  • WebKata trilogy – teaches HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding
  • Coding Pirate – teaches an Algorithmic approach to program

Placement Preparation

Placement Preparation is for College students & IT career aspirants who wish to utilize a free-to-use resource platform that focuses on:

  • Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability 

GUVI Premium Tech Courses

GUVI tech courses are best recommended for College students, IT & Non-IT professionals with online & self-paced learning with courses instructed in vernacular upskilling in 10+ native languages like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu & more.


GUVI Career Programs

GUVI Career Programs are best recommended for Final year college students, Freshers, IT & Non-IT professionals seeking a career switch, & Tech job aspirants with career gaps. With placement assistance surfacing after online boot camps of vernacular upskilling, the GUVI learners get to unlock their career in various specializations like- 

  • Full-stack development
  • Data Science with IITM Certification in Advanced Programming
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Analytics with Digital Marketing
  • Automation Testing with Selenium & Java
  • CAD (Civil & Mechanical) certified by IITM Pravartak & Autodesk*
  • UI/UX Design & more

Interested in building a future in Tech? Explore GUVI’s Career Programs now!

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  1. HowGUVI makes an Impact?
    • GUVI’s Noida Branch: New Chapter for Online Learning!
    • How local learners get benefitted from GUVI’s Noida Branch?
    • Milestone moments of GUVI headed to Noida
  2. Learners of GUVI have no Age limit!
    • HackerKid
    • Placement Preparation
    • GUVI Premium Tech Courses
    • GUVI Career Programs