6 Reasons Business Analytics makes Digital Marketing Powerful

Business Analytics

Giant companies like Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb, & even Google have been using the power of analytics & achieved desired growth in relevant areas. When a business analyst collaborates with a digital marketing team, the results are marvelous. You’ll see all the progressive roles that Business Analytics plays in marketing for a business in this blog.

Definition of Business Analytics:

Business Analytics is a process that uses historical data & technologies to gain new insights for making smarter decisions in a business. 

Why use Business Analytics in Digital Marketing?

Many high-performing organizations saw 65% ROI(Return on Investment) just with 190% more use of business data analytics practices.

It is quite essential for analyzing the competition in the market to determine the areas of improvement and develop strategies to face the high competition in the market.

The new-age marketers are expected to possess the skills of business analytics to upgrade their careers. 

How Business Analytics plays a Major Role in Marketing?

Here are the big profiting reasons for implementing Business Analytics in Digital Marketing. Read till the end for entering into digital marketing career with the most appropriate guidance.

1. Understanding the Consumer

A marketer needs to understand the behavior & needs of a consumer. This helps to target the perfect customer at the perfect time with a perfect message to hook them toward our product.

Analytics will mobilize the marketers to analyze customer behavior, determine their buying patterns, predict their purchasing pulse, customize their experience, & optimize pricing plans for accelerating sales.

With big data analytics in the picture, its usage has been evident in maintaining customer experience & satisfaction across all the platforms.

2. Segmentation of the Audience

The latest tools in Business Analytics empower the marketer to prepare segment-wise reports, based on which the marketing manager can determine where to concentrate his resources.

Further, Analytics will enable the implementation of ‘cohort analysis’ to check whether user engagement is actually improving over time or is only appearing to improve because of growth. Consequently, a well-performing marketing funnel can be set up based on behavioral segmentation.

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3. Optimization of Marketing Spends

The expenditure on marketing is one supreme factor for better budget distribution & high ROI. Did you know this fact? McKinsey, the world-famous consulting company with the most trusted advisors, estimated reinvesting of about $200 billion worldwide in other areas by optimizing marketing spend with analytics.

Analytically optimized marketing spending will avoid the risk of inefficient ad campaigns, drainage of budget in PPC(Pay-per-Click), & wrong attribution costs.

With well-researched data and analysis, marketers can draft an efficient budget plan for rightly performing channels with attributes.

4. Competitor Analysis & Content Marketing

Enlisting the major competitors, then managing & analyzing the information will come in handy for digital marketers. This helps determine the areas of improvement, & strategic tactics to be employed to achieve an edge over the competitors.

With the accurate target audience from analytics & comparing the content on the competitor’s website, a huge impact can be made through Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Email Marketing & so on.

5. Precise Measurement of ROI 

In almost all cases, a professional with technical and business analysis skills are required to design, deliver & interpret data produced by multiple applications. 

Moreover, the increasing complexity of the technological ecosystem clubbed with a greater number of potential data sources, generates the need for analytic tools to calculate what is practical & cost-effective.

However, even if the company isn’t really data-driven, the business analytic tools facilitate companies to predict the ROI of all marketing activities.

6. Catalyzes E-commerce business

A whopping 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in a period of 6 months. Here, it’s not about data analytics, but observing the detection of device that is used for online shopping. This is possible through the implementation of business analytics.

Also, the interaction of social media users on Facebook or Instagram & the traffic patterns can rapidly level up the business through insights. Consequently, marketers can focus on giving a better experience to users according to the most used devices & media platforms.


Ever wondered to reach the top in digital marketing career? Business Analytics is one big ladder to climb high. While it is not a mere skillset but you can see its importance in executing growth in any business.

  • Business Analytics is the key to unlocking consumer trends, needs, and demands. 
  • Business Analytics tools are essential gear for marketing & sales professionals to implement efficient segmentation.
  • Business Analytics determines the areas of improvement, and competition in the market & helps in better resource allocation.
  • Debugging the loopholes, and minimizing wrong spending & attributions while raising sales performance are some prominent features associated with business analytics.

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