7 Best JavaScript Practices Every Developer Must Follow

JavaScript has become one of the most popular programming languages with a number of 65.3% among the developer’s community, as per the reports from Statista. JavaScript developers following the best JavaScript practices are also one of the highest-paid professionals in the tech world, be it in India or abroad. Using JavaScript, you can build excellent and dynamic web apps which is a solution to any of your doubts you type in Google.

Not only the front-end, but you can also work on back-end implementation or the complete web app using JavaScript. Many product-based companies like Microsoft, Google, Meta, etc. use JavaScript as their programming language for implementing web apps. With this being said, it’s very important for you to learn about some of the best practices that JavaScript developers must follow.

Although the salary of a JavaScript developer increases as you gain experience and skills, there are some fixed numbers given to them from fresher to experienced ones. The below table represents the salary of a JavaScript Developer based on the data from Ambitionbox:

LocationSalary of Fresher Salary of Experienced
In India2 LPA 15 LPA
In Abroad$17k $124k
JavaScript Practices

7 Best JavaScript Practices Every Developer Must Follow

1. Clean Coding Guidelines

For any programming language, the initial thing developers need to follow is the practice of writing clean code. You should set your own coding guidelines. JavaScript also has various ready-to-use coding style guides that are well-tested and used across the IT industry (AirBnB, Google, and many more). It becomes necessary for developers to follow a guideline when working in a team to avoid confusion among team members. Also, the major advantage of writing clean code and using a coding guideline is it becomes easy to read, write, debug, and also maintain it.

2. Use Functions

Functions are blocks of code that are written separately outside the main code to avoid redundancy. When there comes a situation when you’ve to use a piece of code multiple times in your code, functions can be used to call the main block and do the operation. It makes the code look clean, efficient, and readable. Also, the name of the function should match the task given to it. Also, when it comes to teamwork, this function can be used in another program as well by just calling it by its name. Hence, using functions in your coding style is one of the best practices JavaScript developers must follow.

3. Avoid Global Variables

The next best practice for JavaScript developers is avoiding the use of global variables (data types, functions, and objects). As they can be overwritten by other scripts which results in errors, you can otherwise use local variables. JavaScript prioritizes local over global when both have the same name to it. Also, using global variables in your program slows it down. Therefore, always choose local over global for declaring a variable.

Variables are of two types: Global and local. Global variables are variables that can be accessed from anywhere in the code whereas local variables are variables that can be accessed only within the scope of the program.

4. Declare Local Variables

Variables should be declared as local with var, let, and const keywords. This was introduced by JavaScript by ECMAScript 6. Since let and const are block-scoped local variables and when they declare a variable, it becomes a property of the window object and thus, overridden can’t take place. The let keyword allows us to change the value whereas, in const, you can not change the value. Since local variables are created when a function starts and deleted when the function is completed, there’s no issue with the program flow.

5. Descriptive names for variables

Whenever you start declaring a variable, make sure to declare it with some simple, easy, understandable, and logical text. When it comes to teamwork, developers from the same project may get confused with the variable names being used in the program. To avoid such confusion, you must declare variables with understandable names. Also, do follow the habit of CamelCase (JavaScript being case-sensitive) while declaring a variable which can be a bit lengthy. This is one of the best JavaScript practices which developers must follow.

6. Use Comments

While writing code, giving proper comments at regular intervals and wherever required becomes important and is the best JavaScript coding practice for developers. Not only the team members, but even you may also get confused about the same code which you’ve written days ago, so to avoid that confusion, you should give proper comments on operations you perform while coding (especially functions, objects, and classes). You can just comment on a line by using /* ….. */ and entering statements (comments) into it. Thus, following this JavaScript practice again makes your code look clean.

7. Using async_await

JavaScript comes up with this feature of the async_await function. In this function, you use the await before a call to a function that returns a promise. JavaScript supports asynchronous programming (parallel programming) where you can run a piece of code without any interference in the flow of the overall program. Using the async-wait function, you can perform such operations very quickly and easily. This is the best JavaScript practices that developers must follow while coding.

If you’re a beginner and wondering where to start here’s the Best JavaScript Roadmap Beginners Should Follow which covers all the basics to advanced-level concepts of JavaScript

Do check out the JavaScript course which covers all the concepts required for you to have a good grip on it.


In this article, we’ve read about the best JavaScript practices that developers must follow. With these practices when followed, you can develop fully-functional, dynamic web apps. These JavaScript practices mentioned above help you to write clean and better code by which there’re fewer chances of bugs/errors. Hence, beginners or experienced professionals should follow these JavaScript practices to build a wonderful app with minimal errors.

Q1. What every JavaScript developer should know?

Ans. Every JavaScript developer must know the basics to advanced-level concepts very clearly and some of the concepts on which JavaScript developers have a good grip are:
1. Promises
2. Scope
4. Regex
5. Hoisting
and many more.

Q2. How do I become a successful JavaScript developer?

Ans. If you’re a beginner, it’s very important for you to give maximum time to understanding each concept thoroughly so as to become a successful JavaScript developer and also get handsome salaries. Some of the pointers which you must keep in mind are:
1. Understand HTML and CSS
2. Write clean code
3. Add comments wherever necessary
4. Update yourself
5. Be curious to learn more

Q3. What is the highest salary of a JavaScript developer?

Ans. JavaScript developers are the highest-paid professionals having salary which ranges from 4 LPA to 25-30 LPA, although it depends on the experience you have and also on the companies in India. It ranges from low to high as you gain experience and also the product-based companies give more salary as compared to service-based companies.

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