Amazon Full Stack Developer Salaries In India

Amazon Full Stack Developer salary in India

Full Stack Developer salaries at Amazon range from ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 46 Lakhs per year. Wow! And that is what gives all the reasons to talk about Amazon Full Stack Developer Salary in India. 

Do you know that the Average Annual Salary of experienced Amazon Full Stack Developers in India is ₹ 16,28,235 per year? And this is as per records according to AmbitionBox– one of the top career advisory & company reviewing platforms? This salary seems to be 104% more than the average Full Stack Developer Salary in Internet Companies.

Even Glassdoor, another well-known salary and company review portal states Amazon Full Stack Developer salary has a very high confidence value. The average base pay is around ₹8,00,000/yr.

Now you might wonder what exactly a Full Stack Developer does to attract that a lot salary. Well, no wonder, because a Full Stack Developer needs to be an all-rounder. They tend to wear a plethora of hats that make them stand out from the other developers in the industry.

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What Are Popular Skills for Full Stack Software Developers?

As a Full Stack Developer, you have to be good at developing Front End, Back End and Data Structure, Scalability, etc.

So, you need to have to bag a lot of skills including a good grasp of technologies and tools. Which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Data structure, Flask, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS, and more.

Amazon Full Stack Developer salaries in India

The salaries differ from JavaScript Full Stack Developers to React.JS ones. Yes! The JavaScript Full Stack Developers are the most popular ones among the Full Stack Developers and their initial average salary rounds up to somewhere around ₹6.2L That said, the average salary of Java Full Stack Developers pops up high at around ₹7.6L.

In short, the more skills that you have will own you more handsome packages, you see.

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Best Career path for a Full Stack Developer??

You would find most of the Full Stack Developers at the best of their job roles as Sr. Software Developers/Programmers or Sr. Software Engineers. They could be functioning as Team leaders or Technical Architects. The salary of an Amazon Full Stack Developer might vary from Team leaders to Technical Architects. It might range from 12L to 20L respectively.

As a team leader, you will have to oversee a team of developers. So, here the challenge is- your leadership and problem-solving skills. How do you direct and delegate tasks to your team members would define your proficiency?

On the other hand, a technical architect acts as a middleman. He becomes a connection between the company’s higher management and the designers and developers. A good technical architect would foresee and identify the IT needs. They have to design a solution for their organization at every point in time.

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The good thing is that most of the Amazon Full Stack Developers have reported positively. They say that the salary and benefits are great compared to other companies. Along with good base pay, they seem to be privileged with many goodies like coupons, allowances, gifts, etc.

Ways to get into Amazon or any big similar MNC:

Providing a good creative career, Amazon Full Stack Developer salaries in India look very handsome altogether. But how do you get there?

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  1. Via College Placements! Yeah! If you belong to one of those selected colleges that are privileged and provide their students with great placements, then BINGO!
  2. LinkedIn Connections. Networking always helps you see. If you have good connections then try reference. It works!
  3. Competitions. Heard of GSoC. Try them! Several programmers have benefitted from them.

Wrapping up

So, are you prepared to get there? Master Full Stack Development and get skilled enough to get into an MNC like Amazon.

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