Is Web Development a Good Career?

is web development a good career

Did you recently hear that being a Web Developer is cool? Well, if yes, then it depends on a few reasons that make this job role a cool one. Let’s know everything that’s bittersweet about web development.

The best traits of a web development career are something like – plentiful job opportunities & their base pay, which proves to be a top choice for people who seek job security with better salaries. Although good salary packages & flexible working hours are considered as the major contributors to job satisfaction, there are other factors that are quite significant to pay attention to.

Web Development career cultivates the newest interests among the working minds with its latest evolutions in technologies, further leading to the ways to learn & grow in this field. Thus, an impressive skill gain and exhibition of talent in web development brings greater appreciation to your table, all of these contribute as top factors to ultimate job satisfaction. Now, let’s dive into the reasons that could make you realize the worth of Web Development.

#1. Web Developers lead a wealthy life

In our nation – India, the salary of an average web developer starts from 250k/year & can go beyond 900k/year. This is better than decent pay, even when a beginner starts earning with basic to advanced web development skills. Also, most of companies look for proficiency, where even if the stereotypical factor like work experience is null, it can be overlooked with sound development skills.

Online Web Development

#2. Huge Demand for Web developers

In the modern world, every virtual business is heavily dependent on the online user experience for its success. A web developer plays a key role by developing an apt business platform for any organization fulfilling the consumer needs with the best experiences. Well, if companies rely just on Wix or WordPress templates, without hiring web developers, then the chances of delivering the most ideal, engaging & attractively designed experiences for the customers can be less.

Such dependencies support the reports of BLS(Bureau of Labor Statistics), which state the employment of web developers & digital designers is projected to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations.

#3. Vast Opportunities for Web Developers to Grow

Beginning as a web developer doesn’t necessarily with the same title throughout the career. The more evolution in the latest technologies & programming languages – the more opportunities to learn & grow. 

Other areas like finance, healthcare, e-commerce, the public sector, or any digital business have numerous opportunities for web developers. And, sometimes, the parallel fields like web designing & product management doors might open up for those who have the zeal to reach greater heights while developing websites & apps. 

This implies that web development enables web developers to accelerate toward various tech careers through exciting promotions.

Additionally, Web developers can switch themselves into Full-stack developers. Don’t know what’s Full-Stack Development? Get to know all about Full Stack Development!!!

#4. Web Developers are part of the Creative Community

The online communities for developers are strong support systems & even considered as a  lifeline at times. Thus, working as teams together with unlimited communities online would make the work lives better & joyful. These online communities provide a great source of technical support & spark a connection with like-minded technical people. 

Further, what justifies the creativity trait of a web developer? The answer to this is in understanding the term frontend development. As a front-end web developer, one shall understand the web design requirements, and discuss with user experience(UX) experts about colors, layout, and distinct features. Then, the job responsibility is to take all that discussion and design to give life to the requirements. This indeed is a creative job. Back-end developers are all about the background components of a website or the working of a web application.

With this, we can comprehend that a web developer needs an understanding of design, user psychology, & focus on business goals while creating websites. If creative challenges excite you, then web development will be a great step for making a career.

#5. Web Development has Freelancers or Corporate employees

Flexibility is the first-class benefit that one can get after entering the web development industry. This holds the same for both freelancers & corporate employees. Freelancers schedule their own time to work & earn big. While employees who are part of an organization, in a development team can enjoy like-minded enthusiastic collaboration. Here, flexibility is directly proportional to the new skills gained through learning new programming languages.

Ultimately, the high demand for development skills has unleashed freelance developers to have the freedom to choose their favorite projects & succeed in their careers.

Challenges & How to overcome them?

One immediate challenge to enter the web development industry is the humongous competition & job hunt by the unemployed youth. However, with excellent technological proficiency & skillful talent in developing unique websites & web apps, anyone can excel in impressing the recruiters of companies. Gain the development skills at your own pace through GUVI’s self-paced Web Development courses.

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