Why Are Companies Keen To Hire Freshers?

Why companies keen to hire freshers?

Do you often wonder why companies in India prefer to hire freshers rather than lateral candidates? According to a survey conducted in 2022, “59% of Indian companies are keen to hire freshers in July-December”. Well, this statement may raise more questions, like why? How is that possible? Are they performing well? 

If you work in human resources or if your job involves recruitment or training, you may already know what I’m going to say in response to these questions. There are a few advantages in hiring freshers, which are most needed for companies in India.

Why Do Companies Prefer To Hire Freshers?

The freshers always welcome innovative, new, and fresh ideas with an instinct to learn further. Here are some of the main advantages,

Long-term commitment and loyalty:


Freshers have great potential. You can also improve employee loyalty by hiring freshers. You’ve taken a chance on them, and they are ready to prove their worth by aggressively pursuing goals, working longer hours, and spontaneously adapting to your company practices.

Definitely, freshers are long-term resources where each and every company has a different way of doing things. But while hiring a fresher, the candidate will learn to work for our company and he will have the intention of growing more.

Freshers don’t switch often:


We have a highly competitive market where getting a job without experience or exposure is very difficult. In order to develop their career, freshers will avoid switching jobs often enough to show stable growth in their career.

Most of the freshers will feel like they are working at home if they adopted the team and culture, and they will be a long-term resource to gain more experience and master the field they are working in.

Willingness to adapt and learn:


Freshers have the mindset of learning everything since they are new to an organization. Sometimes they won’t have a clear picture of which field they are well versed in. So training freshers is not a big deal, and hence they will adapt to any kind of work.

A new, inexperienced employee is like a piece of clay that can be shaped according to the organization’s needs and goals. So, adaptability is not a problem for freshers.

Tech Savvy young generations


COVID-19 has changed the perspective of consuming education. Students are now earning money while studying for their degrees. They get more exposure because of technology and social media.

This modern technology helps students adapt very easily to the work environment and job. For example LinkedIn which motivates the student to get more certificates and express there knowledge.


Cost of hiring freshers


Usually, the cost incurred while hiring an experienced candidate is higher because it includes advertising costs, in-house recruiters’ salaries, third-party recruiter fees, travel expenses, signing bonuses, and employee referral bonuses.

But in the case of hiring freshers, the company can set its own salary budget to pay them, which is less than the average salary offered to an experienced candidate.



So these are the main reasons that made companies in India hire more freshers. But do you want to take this to the next level of hiring? Do you think we can even reduce the training cost by hiring trained freshers?

You can accelerate your tech talent acquisition and scale your organization with the vetted fits! Start your recruitment with Guvi for Corporates! A personalized service that helps you to hire trained freshers who are well exposed to current industry technology as well as work on in-house projects too.

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