6 Awesome RPA Project Ideas in 2023

RPA Project Ideas

RPA is the recent significant buzz in the digital era. About 98% of IT leaders say that automating business processes is vital to driving business benefits(According to the survey of Automation Anywhere). If you’re clueless about RPA & still looking for the trending RPA project ideas, then suggest you get to know – What is RPA?

In short, we can say that RPA allows us to automate multiple tasks that follow the process(es) and reduce human intervention. So, to enter this big billion industry, the aspirants should possess an appealing project portfolio to showcase their RPA skills.  

Before we dive into the RPA project ideas, the main purpose of RPA & its relevance should be clearly understood. Hence, Let’s see why RPA is important. 

Clearly, to the point, RPA bots can be trained to undertake repetitive tasks faster & further finish the tasks with utmost accuracy than humans ever could. And, so RPA stays relevantly important as it promotes

  • Less Turnaround time(TAT)
  • Avoidance of human-caused errors
  • Greater efficiency
  • Cost Reduction

Meanwhile, to implement our RPA project ideas, one should be aware of the best RPA tools available in the market. UiPath is a popular yet reliable end-to-end platform that offers Robotic Process Automation solutions with a full suite of capabilities, tools & other technologies. Interested in Learning UiPath RPA course for Free? Sign up now! Now, jump into the most wanted RPA project ideas of 2022.

Top Trending RPA Project Ideas

1. Web Scraping 

It is a process to extract, copy & parse the publicly available data from websites into a structured format that further helps power business insights & for improved decision-making. Definitely, Web scraping is a useful technique for creating datasets for research & learning. While manual web scraping is a costly affair. And, thus this process needs to be automated to do the cost-cutting.

The ‘Data set of Movies & TV Shows’ from TMDb, ‘Data set of Weekly top songs’ from JioSaavn, and ‘Data set of Books’ from Amazon are some popular projects of RPA that help flaunt your web scraping skills.

2. Customer Relationship Management System

Any digital platform/e-commerce site needs CRM. It is a technology for managing the company’s relationships/interactions with customers and potential customers. An automated CRM system with streamlined processes will help the companies to stay connected to customers, & boosts profitability. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri & Microsoft’s Cortana are some popular virtual assistants that are set up on the principles of RPA.

Likewise, the FAQs, & the most common comments/reviews in bulk volumes can be handled well with the help of RPA. Did you know? A European IT-managed service provider implemented the RPA solutions by setting up a Virtual Workforce. This enabled customer service in less than 50 seconds(manually, it took 6 mins), resulting in an 83% reduction in execution time. Thence, your new RPA project idea can focus on building an effective CRM system with Robotic Process Automation.

3. Data Transfers/Migration

The job to move bulk volumes of data from one system to another system, or update backups can seem to be easy but it indeed is a time-consuming process. RPA enables the rapid quick transfer of such data. 

Here are some popular instances where data migration/transfers take place-

  • Merging of companies
  • Acquisition of companies
  • Retirement of a legacy system
  • For an ERP upgrade, i.e, Enterprise Resource Planning Upgrade.

Using RPA solutions to these scenarios of data migrations can prevent manual labor, eliminates potential clerical errors & provides data in relevant formats.

4. Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a time-consuming HR process. Usually, the onboarding process might seem like nothing but notifying the company about new employees but there is more to it. And, this process of onboarding includes –

  • Resume Screening 
  • Offer Proposal
  • Employee background verification
  • Fill in the new hire & Offer Acceptance 
  • Induction/Orientation & Training
  • Employee management
  • Enable notifications

Implementation of onboarding creates the new employee’s perception of the company. Also, the possible friction between the new employees & existing staff can be easily reduced through onboarding. Adding RPA technology to onboarding can greatly easen & fastens the duties for HR staff.

5. Admission Process in HealthCare

The patient registration process is one of the top RPA project ideas since the process is quite known. Automation through RPA solutions in the Healthcare industries will create big profits for the company. Ahem! especially in this COVID era. So working on such a patient admission process system using RPA is more likely to widen your scope to enter the RPA market with relevant skills.

Performing the tasks of collecting details of patients, conducting a background check of previous medical history, & integrating all the details into databases. All these tasks when performed manually is pretty time-consuming and high chances of human-caused error. Further, RPA solutions avoid the patient waiting in queue to submit their details for registration/admission.

6. Invoice processing (or) any in the Manufacturing industry

Robotic Process Automation is a prominent enabler for digital transformation initiatives within the manufacturing industry. You can try building a system that automatically creates invoices for any particular transaction. Another effective example of RPA in manufacturing industry is related to Coke Canada Bottling.

This company started to Automate product sampling requests using RPA, which is essentially tracked for accounting purposes. The process volume is about 100 per day, & if done manually, it takes 8 minutes approx. With RPA, it takes only 30 seconds, which saves about 1,600 hours per month. If you wish to create your own RPA project that benefits the manufacturing industry then it’s a huge hit for your career. 

Another Quick Fact!

The telecom and IT appear to be leading the automation trend in business processes, upvoting the RPA market until 2024 & predicted a phenomenal growth rate (CAGR) of 60% (Acc. to market research report).

Ultimately, make your choice to get started with your first RPA Project. Just in case, are you seeking to gain more skills that strengthens your project work making journey? Enroll in RPA Design & Development Course accredited by UiPath(#1 Global Leader 2022 in making RPA according to Gartner). This UiPath RPA Course is Free for Learning.

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