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Cybersecurity is an exponentially growing industry that is evolving to protect individuals & organizations from increasing cyber-attacks. Recently, The Artificial Intelligence(AI) Industry is playing a vital role in cybersecurity, improving the efficiency of various organizations & industries’ cybersecurity.

In the present-day scenario, AI & ML algorithms are heavily in use to automate tasks/processes, crunch data, enhance cybersecurity, & make decisions at a mind-blowing rapid speed. Now, anyone will arrive at a wondering state that AI might replace the cybersecurity industry. But, no! Surveys & statistics show a different yet interesting story.

In the cybersecurity domain, It is imminent that AI will become indispensable to handle the threats. Also, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the market is expected to grow 23.6% from 2020 to 2027, predicting a reach of $46.3 billion by the end. However, the adoption of AI into cybersecurity isn’t risk-free. About 60% of the companies that imbibed AI have encountered cybersecurity risks generated by Artificial Intelligence. Here, in this case, to handle the cyber threats, the expertise of cyber warriors will again be the need of the hour. Clearly, we see that Cybersecurity & AI make a mutual impact on each other, but that doesn’t actually diminish the opportunities in both domains.

Now, we can discuss another perspective here so that you’d understand the relationship between cybersecurity, artificial intelligence & human intelligence. 

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  1. Does Cybersecurity still have a dependency on Human Intelligence?
  2. Are you someone who is interested in Cybersecurity -
  3. Are you someone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence -

Does Cybersecurity still have a dependency on Human Intelligence?

Though AI appears to do everything, it can’t do everything. Both Human Intelligence and artificial intelligence are two different sectors when it comes to performance in calculations. In general, human intelligence isn’t capable of performing a large number of calculations steadfastly. But, we race ahead by compensating in other aspects. Say, the features to explore, hypothesize, deduce, predict & the ability to logically reason. Even under certain situations with inadequate data & ambiguity, we could perform cognitive tasks in a better way than AI. Thus, our brains are the best simulators & win with complex biological features over any fastest & latest supercomputer.

Cybersecurity professionals have a logically reasoned & intuitive approach to handling cyber threats. With a lot of anonymity & ambiguity thrown by the cyber attackers, cyber experts evaluate the risks, make cognitive judgments & make better decisions with human intelligence. Such human capabilities cannot be replicated by the currently evolved AI features.

As of now,  AI technologies are capable of performing mathematical calculations at an exponential pace as compared to the human brain. Hence, this is the ultimate benefit for the cybersecurity domain where AI can augment the human brain to help bring solutions to cyber threats.

Ultimately, we can come to a conclusion. With the growing cybercrimes, cyber threats & black hacking

If the question is about choosing a career, the focus should be on what kind of roles & responsibilities the aspirant is interested in putting in an effort to become a professional.

Are you someone who is interested in Cybersecurity –

  • Safeguarding the organization’s information systems & its assets.
  • Identifying & solving actual & potential cyber threats.
  • Enjoys defining the access privileges, control structures, & resource security.
  • Keeping the team & users informed about threats or attacks by preparing performance reports & communicating system status.
  • Debugging the security violations & inefficiencies through frequent audits.


Are you someone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence –

  • Automating infrastructure for the Data Science team
  • Coordinating between Business Analysts & Data Scientists
  • Improving Machine Learning algorithms time-to-time
  • Test & deploy Machine Learning models for meeting the business goals
  • Develop the most consumable products for users based on machine learning
  • Coordinating with multiple teams, both internally and externally
  • Boosting the process of statistical analysis & interpreting the results for effective decision-making.
  • Making ML an integral part of website layouts, & UX team to help deliver finished website layouts, further used by the s/w development team.

Now, making an informed decision is up to the aspirant. If improving business goals through AI automation skills then Artificial Intelligence is the one interesting career path for you. On the other hand, If cyber challenges & ethical hacking skills fancy you towards an adventurous career then Cybersecurity is the right choice for you! And, this domain doesn’t necessarily require majors/degrees in the respective cybersecurity domain. Any beginner can start from scratch to learn the white-Hat warrior skills. Take a tour of GUVI Career Program on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking with Placement Assistance.


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  1. Does Cybersecurity still have a dependency on Human Intelligence?
  2. Are you someone who is interested in Cybersecurity -
  3. Are you someone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence -