10 Best Companies for Data Science in India | 2023

The best companies for Data science in India & all around the world involve the combination of mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence(AI), data analysis & significant scientific methods. The core goal of these companies is to extract value from data. 

Data scientists in such companies perform operations by combining the various above-mentioned fields with their professional skills to analyze the data. The sources of data usually are smartphones, the web, customers, sensors & many such devices. 

If you’re aspiring to be a data scientist, then learning about data science companies in India can be beneficial in making a wise move. 


Watch out for the Top 10 Best Companies for Data Science in India

Before get started, have answer of this question: Can you achieve a Data Science job with no work experience? 

Top companies based on the work strategies, tied-up clients & job growth are here:

#1 Accenture 

Accenture is one of the top leading MNCs in India, in which its data scientists focus on characterizing & delivering the procedures with the best possible assistance through the most integrated kind of data. This company motivates its data scientists to show up in defining strategies & providing solutions by utilizing their own vast data.

Also, Accenture is a well-renowned professional service provider around the world that’s handling & opening multiple data science projects. Their data scientists get to explore the company’s business processes along with data management.

Did you know? 

Accenture is the #1 ranked world’s most valuable and strongest IT services brand.

#2 Oracle Cloud Solutions

Oracle provides new services for its data science team to collaboratively build & deploy powerful machine learning models. This company offers new infrastructure & python support for ML algorithms within the Oracle Autonomous Database reducing the need to move data. Also, Oracle is a great company for beginners as the young professionals will get the chance to work with the senior best data scientists.

Zoom, Red Bull Racing, FedEx, and Deutsche Bank are some of the high-profile clients of Oracle Cloud Solutions.

You’ll get blown away by the fact that-

An Oracle Data Scientist earns a salary ranging between ₹ 6.5 Lakhs to ₹ 36.1 Lakhs.

#3 BRIDGEi2i Analytics

Acquired by Accenture, about 70% of the entire employee count in BRIDGEi2i are data science professionals & data analysts. This company has an asset-based consulting approach covering the entire range of its activities. Hence, directly from the process of data science to the technologies of machine learning.

BRIDGEi2i keeps its talent pool with constant work and thrives with the experimental kind of learning. So far, the company has made at a rate of 10-12% in growth. 

Here, employees reported greater job satisfaction since they got the chance to have the best growth towards the leadership roles. If you’re looking for a powerful kind of recognition system that guarantees rewards & appreciation for all your contributions, then BRIDGEi2i  is the one for you!

#4 Latent View

Latent View offers a new range of data science services like counseling, design, & data architecture to its clients. And, to provide better service for its clients, Latent View encourages its data scientists to give their 100% on every project with a 360-degree view approach. Consequently, this boosts up the relationship with clients enabling them to optimize decisions on investment, foresee product trends & predict the latest revenue streams. Further, Latent View has got a good brand reputation for having some big-shot companies like Microsoft, IBM, Paypal, & Cisco as its highly valued clients. 

#5 Genpact

Genpact has 1500+ data scientists working in a centralized hub model. These professionals are involved in vast data science operations focusing to improve the customer experience at the best level.

Also, Genpact is a leader in the Leader Quadrant. It is ahead of all of the data science providers with parameters like Penetration (0.80) & Maturity (0.72). Meaning that the company is firmly established & great product consumption in the market. 

Moreover, the data science teams of Genpact have worked on some of the most exciting projects. And about 40% of the data scientists at this company work on advanced analytics. Proving it to be the best place to level up.

Further, Genpact performs well on Support Function (0.76) & Employee Maturity (0.70), ranking #2 within both the sub-indices.5 best companies for Data science in India

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#6 Fractal Analytics

This company came into the limelight with a worldwide good impression from top clients like Axis Bank, Taj Group of Hotels, Tata Capital, and Standard Chartered Bank. Fractal Analytics also involved itself in the ventures like retail, insurance, and advanced technology. It has established itself in popular cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon with the best kinds of data scientists so far.

About 70% of overall data scientists in Fractal Analytics work for Advanced Analytics. It encourages data scientists to develop a specific analytics approach for different clients’ requirements. Further, allowing innovation & development for each team member. Point to be noted, this company scores a decent  0.63 on Employee Maturity.

#7 Absolutdata

Absolutdata offers AI-empowered services to different industries like technology, telecom, retail, pharma & travel. This company is helping leading brands like Adidas, Apollo Munich, UBER, Hyundai, KIA & many other famous brands to make better business decisions. While the data scientists at Absolutdata provide an analytics model for informed decision-making to their clients. Above all, this company has the fifth-highest number of clients of all the vendors, & about one-third of which are from the Fortune 500 list of companies.

#8 Flipkart

Flipkart’s data science team works on the most cutting-edge data techniques that include classification, regression, clustering, graphical model, tree-based models, network and graph algorithms, & much more for its e-commerce wing. 

Meanwhile, Flipkart highly motivates its data scientists to grow & develop their careers. These data professionals are driven to improve the Net Promoter Score through effectively working on the key business insights. 

Also, their data scientists possess the capability to design end-to-end solutions that span across FinTech, consumer experience, supply chain, search & discovery, fraud modeling & much more. As a result, they are quite popular for their merit to decipher the richest possible data on Indian customers. 

#9 LinkedIn

The AI experts, data scientists, and researchers at LinkedIn conduct applied research that fuels its data-driven products & provides insights that shape its business decisions. Also, their data scientists decode huge raw data & complex models that benefit different businesses with better decision-making. The LinkedIn data science team also helps beginners to grow by letting them discover the basic mission of data science. Further, develop with the professional skills to be better collaborators and communicators. 

#10 Deloitte

Data science professionals at Deloitte enjoy the freedom & power to create their own career paths. Effective resources & tools are provided to the candidates once they’ve entered into the data science team with the prerequisite & eligibility. The world’s leading information technology – Gartner, & its advisory company has named Deloitte as a Leader by revenue several times in a row(Acc. to a report named Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers) Deloitte is ranked top for the completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Also, Deloitte promotes the growth & development of its data science teams by engaging in multi-disciplinary analytics projects.

Which is your favorite in the 10 Best Companies for Data Science in India?

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