From Full-Time Employee Become An Appreneur In Just 4 Months!

Become an Appreneur in just 4 months

Is Full Stack development flowing through your nerves? Do you have some extravagant project ideas that can hit the app market and build a brand? Then Appreneur is what you need to be! Become an Appreneur!

The journey from a full-time employee to Appreneur will incorporate a lot of triumphs and blows, which you can partake in, in just 4 months! How? Now that is the question of the hour, you see!

Appreneur? Who is an Appreneur?? How to become an Appreneur?

The time when you had limited options to outshine your creativity while you make a living is just flown away. Now is the era where you can choose what you are good at and bring out the best.

Appreneur may be a newly gathered term, but you might find multiple Appreneurs making their brands a grand success for years. Remember any app on the Play Store or Apple Store that went viral in a short time?

Application Developer + Entrepreneur

Brian Acton and  Jan Koum, the founders of WhatsApp, turned into the famous Appreneurs in 2015. Their product broke all the records and hit every mobile out in the market with messages and calls from near and dear ones.

Now, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service in over 100 countries. With over two billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the few apps to be downloaded over five billion times.

If you have already started searching “What is an Appreneur” on multiple screens, then the best definition of Appreneur you would find there is “Appreneur is a portmanteau of entrepreneur and application software“. This is what Wikipedia says. In short, if you wish to be an Appreneur, you need to have an Entrepreneur mindset with application software skills.

So, what does it take to become an Appreneur?

Well, to be an Aapreneur, above all, you need to have an Appreneur attitude! Think like an Appreneur and think really BIG! And what? Scroll down to find out more demeanours to becoming a successful Appreneur.

#1 Make the App stores your new best friend!

Google Play Store and Apple store should be your next go-to address. What’s up in there and what’s next should be your first concern. You can make a best-selling app, provided you figure out, how the existing apps fair on the platform and why? Get accustomed to all the nitty-gritty’s of these stores! You can implement a difference in your app and make it stand out from the rest.

#2 Take accountable steps to become an Appreneur

An Appreneur, or in other words, Full Stack Entrepreneur, has to wear multiple hats, from conceiving an idea of the product, design, and development to engineering, operations, marketing, and customer acquisition. In short, an Appreneur has to go an all-rounder Entrepreneur! So, get trained with the requisite skills you need in building and maintaining your project and then take steps forward with marketing and making it a big hit.

If you walk through the statistics, great Appreneurs happen to begin humble and gradually climb the ladder of success.

#3 Plan well and Plan ahead

Planning is a crucial first step that you need to work out well and thoughtfully. Before you give out the actual idea, you need to make a blueprint of the same that you would more or less depict the same way.

#4 Keep it simple but innovative

Millions of apps gush into the app market every day. How do you make yours stand out from the rest? Think about what you would want from the app?

Try to build a version of the app that would have a user-friendly look and feel and offers the least confusion to the user. That way, the users will come back to your app for more and the chances that your app would turn around famous.

Also, ensure to give away an idea that would stay a long way in the market.

#5 Put forth a flexible and scalable app

One size doesn’t always fit all. Likewise, you need to make your app fit multiple choices. You should deliver an app that is highly scalable and can see changes as and when needed. So, that way, you will be building an app which is preferred by multiple people and would find a more user base.

#6 Learn from your mistakes and setbacks (& even others)

Experience is the smartest teacher! Learning from past experiences and not dwelling on or repeating them can help you grow a bit every day.

You can always learn something from others. Identify- why some of the apps soar high in performance, while others rarely hit any mobile! If you go capable of underlining this fact then BINGO! You can become a successful Appreneur in just about 4 months!

And how?

Check the best Full Stack Appreneur Course in the market to date! Check here: Become a Full Stack Appreneur in 4 months!

#7 Focus on Pedagogical tools and adopt advanced technology to improvise

Data Analysis and visualization can provide insights that can doctor up your app’s performance and visibility. Along with great insights you also need to use the best tools to escalate your app’s perceptibility.

Furthermore, track your app’s daily performance and day-wise Analytics, while constantly upgrading its feature.

#8 Promote Promote Promote!

Once, your app gets into the app store, make sure that you promote it to its best so that no one skips noticing it. Your application would go viral, only if it is noticed by one and all.

Wrap your application to the best stories that touch minds and convince users to buy your app for their better. You see the best storytellers evolve as the best Appreneurs!

Become an Appreneur in 4 months

The key to achieving success is Being Patient!

We have an excellent program that will help you build your Full Stack skills and scale your product to a hit legendary Application.

Become a Full Stack Appreneur in 4 months!

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