Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! This course will give you that core, solid understanding of the Python programming language. You will not only be learning Python, but you will be learning industry best practices for Python programming that real employers demand.

Top Skills you will learn

  • Master the fundamentals of Python

  • Work with Lists and Tuples

  • Write Python functions for reusability

  • Work with JSON data

  • Use Python to Read and Write MS Excel file


  • Certificate of Completion by IIT-Madras

  • Self Paced – 100% Online Learning

  • Lifetime Access

  • GUVI Forum Support

  • Codekata – Gamified coding Arena

Who should Enroll

  • Beginners with no previous programming experience looking to obtain the skills to get their first programming job.

  • Anyone looking to to build the minimum Python programming skills necessary as a pre- requisites for moving into machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

  • Existing programmers who want to improve their career options by learning the Python programming language.

Job opportunities

  • Python Developer

  • Research Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Software Developer


No previous coding experience is needed


  • IIT-M Certification is available on pay per basis.

  • Certificate is generated for every course individually.

  • Certificates are auto-generated, once payment has been made

Python Course Certificate by Guvi


I've completed the Python professor IIT course & the course content is quite good. It's nice to get Certification from IIT-Madras which is quite worthy to build my job profile.

Hrith Sai, 3rd year ECE Student

I'm a working professional and I've subscribed for GUVI's Python IIT course after my engineering. This course is very explanatory and the concepts are well explained. I've gained a lot about python programming and earned an IIT-M Certificate through this course.

Durga D, Systems Engineer Infosys

Had an Amazing learning experience with GUVI. They taught the basics from scratch which helped me understand Python well. I would suggest this course for its quality and affordability.

Bhavya Mishra


Guvi is an IIT-M , IIM-A incubated company located at IITM Research Park, Chennai. We help students master any programming skills so that they can learn and effectively practise the acquired knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their career. Our feature includes practicing exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace.


Get access to the platform that helps users to practise multiple programs that are curated by the experts from the industry. CodeKata involves the concepts of gamification and personalization with 1000+ problem statements.



GUVI IDE is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you write, edit, run, test & debug your code. You can fix your code with the debugger supported by language like JavaScript, Python3 & Ruby. While, you can write code in 20 different programming languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I learn this course?
You will be transferred to IIT-Madras's Digital Skills Academy website to learn the course as this a course provided by GUVI in SkillsAcademy platform
Will I gain access to any sort of Forum support?
Yes. You will gain complete access to our forum support to connect with our fellow aspiring users.
Is this Certificate issued by IIT or GUVI?
Your Certification is directly issued by IIT-Madras’s Digital Skills Academy(mentioned in the certificate) through GUVI.
When will I receive my Certificate & How will I receive it?
Certificates are awarded separately for a nominal fee. If Paid, you will receive an E-certificate through email as soon as you complete the course with 100% progress.
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