Issues faced by Recruiter in India that no one talks about

major issues faced by recruiter in india

We often hear the term that the HR profession is stressful or a job that holds many deadlines and working on weekends also takes more responsibility for an organization. HR is the only profession through which candidates place in a company. HR jobs mostly hold job satisfaction hence they act as a bridge between the organization and candidates.

In this blog, we are going to speak about the problems faced by HR while recruiting which no one talks about.

Here are the core difficulties faced by the HR profession,

Irrelevant sourcing profiles

The first and foremost thing HR does to kick start the recruitment process is sourcing profiles. Each HR will understand the job requirements and get a general knowledge of what the technical team is expecting from the candidates. Most candidate profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Naukri are found with fake experiences.

It takes time to eliminate these kinds of errors. Where the Recruiter should undergo various screening processes in the profile. Every recruiter should go for a call and ask candidates about what they have done in their previous company. Why are they looking for a change? Because these questions will help recruiters to understand what the candidate is expecting and what is their need.

Initial Screening for candidates

After screening profiles, the Recruiter used goes forward with a process named Initial screening where the recruiter will call the candidates to ask for information related to the CTC and Notice Period which is the most important factor while handling profiles.

In this process, most of the candidates’ profiles don’t suit due to various reasons like budget and immediate resource needs.

Too much noise in the market

More than 200,000 recruiters are there in India. Where one candidate will get a call from 2-3 recruiters in a week alone. This means there is a high level of need in the market. The candidates mostly go for higher package offers.

The only way to solve it is through putting on a marketing strategy for employees where the candidates will come for the brand rather than recruiters reaching them.

Great candidates are often fielding multiple offers at once

Some of the candidates have the mindset of holding as many offers as they can. This is usually wrong in the point of HR because the company which offers you has trusted you on your job ethics.

This major thing leads to blacklisting the candidate who has rejected the offer in a particular company. So instead of hiring a candidate who has as many offers in hand, we can go for other candidates who are looking for the opportunity.

The time needed for hiring

The time consumed in hiring a candidate is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum within a month. In this complete hiring process, we must keep the candidate updated both in the mail as well as in phone calls. If the performance of the candidate is good it’s better not to lose from the HR side. Instead, we should speak to the candidate more promisingly.

Because the way you treat the candidate is the brand that you create for the outer organization people. So better keep the candidate updated on his result to gain trust in the company.

Lack of branding

Most employers think that branding and marketing come only from the team of brand awareness and marketing but it also comes from the HR profession where human resource is the much-needed resource for each organization to attract and that we need strong brand building while recruiting.

It’s based on the way the company treats the employee and how well the company keeps the employees to satisfy their self-esteem.


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