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Accelerate Growth
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Zen class is an 100% Job Assurance Project Based Full Stack Development Program conducted at IIT Madras Research Park which is designed by our Founders(Ex-PayPal Employees) & Mentored by experts from companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart,.. for placing students in high paying companies ( CTC upto 21 Lakhs )
Full Stack Software Developer
4.7 (23,245)
12 Weeks Hands On Program
Full stack developer is one of the top 3 most in demand job and fast-growing career paths.
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200+ companies

5 Zen Class Advantage
accelerate learning
Project Based Learning
Forget the Boring lecture class. At GUVI, our comprehensive curriculum is designed with inputs from industry experts. Here, you'll build your problem-solving skills by tackling real-world challenges alongside your peers.
Code like a wizard from Hogwarts
Skill Profile
No more attending the interview with the same old resume you and your peers share. We will help you stand out from the crowd by helping you showcase your skills in a better way.
World-Class Mentors
Our Eco-system Of Industry mentors and experts ensure you learn the right things at the right pace. Mentors are from Google, Flipkart, Juspay and more
Assured Placements
We will showcase your skill set and help you get placed in our 100+ partnered Top product companies.
Open Office Working Environment
Fun and Exciting work place to help you build develop skills beyond Technology with 24/7 Access so that you can work any time your wish
What you will learn
Introduction to Web Development & Front-end Frameworks
Week 1,2,3
Learn web development basics, HTML, CSS, SCSS and building interactive web pages using Javascript & jQuery. Building foundation on AngularJS and React JS. Introduction to the MERN Stack.
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Data Structure and Algorithms, Backend Frameworks 1
Week 4,5,6
Foundation in Data structures and Algorithms. Master Python and get started with Backend frameworks such as Flask and NodeJS. Master databases with the power of MySQL and MongoDB , and leverage Python to incorporate database logic into your programs. All while building RESTful API's and working with JSON
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Backend Frameworks II
Week 7,8,9
Build multi-user web applications using the Flask and NodeJS framework, MySQL and authentication providers such as Google. Deploy your web applications onto Linux servers. Learn the essentials of securing and configuring Linux web servers, then deploy a full stack application to a live server with a database and routing. Brush up on your knowledge of fundamental developer tools such as the Unix shell, Git, and GitHub; then apply your skills to investigate HTTP, the web's fundamental protocol
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Architecture and Scalability
Week 10,11,12
Learn about designing web architectures, building Scalability, Load balancers , Redis; Learn about Unit testing , API integration, Postman. Learn to write clean code, Work on Open Source Contribution. All while build your own Capstone project and showcasing it to the world.
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Our Learners & Doer's
Mohan Raj
"It helps me a lot to think very creative to obtain an answer. I got an offer from PayPal and I am really very happy to be the part of GUVI ZEN Class.
CTC : 21 Lakhs
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Full stack Software Developer
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- 100% Job Assurance

- Mentors from top Global Product companies

- A portfolio of real-world projects

- A personal career coach to help you crack the interviews

- Master Soft Skills

- Certification

Who is eligible for this course?
Everyone who is Passionate about learning Full Stack Development.
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What will be asked in the entrance test?
Basic Coding: We will check whether you understand loops / conditional statements and if you understand the code properly. You should be good at debugging code and dry running codes. Medium / Advanced coding: We will check your current knowledge of coding. This will help us customize the pace of learning in the course, where it doesn't feel too slow or too fast for you, it is just right. Basic Aptitude: We will check here if you have the urge to learn new things and have a decent hold on written communication. The test will also cover Pattern Recognition and Logical Reasoning.
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Which companies will I be referred to?
We partner with over 100 + companies including JusPay, Paypal, DBS, Scapic, OrangeScape etc. You'll be referred to our partner companies at the end of your course.
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What is the duration of this course?
3 Months for students (Monday to Friday), 4.5 or 5 Months for working professional (Saturday & Sunday)
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What are the payment options?
For more details regarding the payment reach us at 9344419057.
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What if I opt for the class and don't get a job offer?
If you can't get a job through our recruitment drives and referrals through GUVI, and remain unemployed, you will get your money back.
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[email protected] | 9344419057 / 7824879682
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