Top 5 Business Analytics Skills You Should Know

Business Analytics is the process of transforming data into insights to scale up business objectives. The average salary of a business analytics professional in India ranges from 4LPA to 15LPA, on the basis of their experience.

Programming Languages

Programming languages are the most important skill for everyone who’s in the tech field. Programming languages help you to perform data analytics quickly and efficiently.


Database is the most important skill set for business analytics. The knowledge of databases is extremely important for all analytics professionals.

Microsoft Excel

The next important skill you must possess as a business analytics professional is the knowledge of MS Excel. MS Excel is a software with which you can analyse and plot data.

Data Visualization

Data plays an important role in business growth, therefore to visualize it and come up with an effective result is very important for business.

Statistical Tools

Another important skill for business analytics is knowledge of statistical tools. Statistical tools are important tools that make your work easy by working with data manipulation.