Top 5 UI/UX Project Ideas for Beginners

Restaurant Menu

Transforming a restaurant menu into a website or app is a great way to showcase your UI/UX design skills. Concentrate on legible copy & simple graphics for quick visual perception, and focus on enhancing the user experience & company’s bottom line.


Develop the chatbot as a website to demonstrate your web design & user experience abilities. Design a conversational interface that showcases your skills in conversational design, information architecture & visual design.

App Layout for Smart Television

Another best UI/UX project is designing an interface for a smart television app. Consider factors like overscan, screen sizes, lighting variations, reflections, sunlight & the user’s average viewing distance.

Mobile App Homepage

Design an intuitive and visually appealing home screen that provides users with clear navigation options. Consider the user’s first experience with the app, pay attention to the overall user flow, and create a seamless user experience.

Portfolio Site Splash Page

A splash page is a non-scrollable landing page that introduces & promotes an individual or a firm. Make sure to include your name or logo, a brief description of your skills & expertise, calls to action, and visually engaging elements.

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