5 Best Websites To Learn UI/UX Design

GUVI’s UI/UX Zen Class Program

GUVI offers a wholesome expert-led UI/UX course in Tamil and English.  This a flexible online course with a duration of around 3-4 months, assured job placements, hands-on real-world projects & official ZEN Class certification.

Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

IDF offers a vast library of courses covering various aspects of UI/UX design, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.  These courses are self-paced, created by industry experts, & cover a wide range of on-demand topics.

Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g)

NN/g offers both in-person and online training programs & certifications to help professionals enhance their UX skills and knowledge on various aspects of UX design, usability, and user research.  Upon completion, participants can earn certifications.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine provides valuable insights into best practices and guidelines for UI/UX design.  These resources offer in-depth knowledge, practical advice, and techniques for designing effective user interfaces and optimizing user experiences.


UI/UX design courses on Coursera provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental concepts, theories, and practical techniques.  These courses also include hands-on projects that allow you to apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the course.

In search of the right website to learn UI/UX? Explore the ins & outs of the best courses available!