Top Job-oriented Courses for Mechanical Engineering

Online AutoCAD Course

Applied in: Construction, Engineering, Designing Average Salary: Rs 3 LPA-8 LPA

Robotics Course

Applied in: Automobile, Manufacturing, Automation Average Salary: Rs 1.8 LPA-8LPA

Nanotechnology Course

Applied in: Defence, Medical,  Electrical, Space, Energy Average Salary: Rs 6 LPA-10 LPA

3D Printing and Design Course

Applied in: Aerospace, Mechanical Tools, Construction, Medical Average Salary: Rs1.5 L-11.5 LPA

Product Design Online Course

Applied in: Industrial Design, System Design, Manufacturing, Furnishing Average Salary: Rs 2.4 LPA-24.2 LPA

Space Flight Online Course

Applied in: Spacecraft design, Payload Management, Flight Operation, Flight Engineering Average Salary: Rs 3.0 LPA-25 LPA

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