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Become a Blockchain Developer with Our Blockchain course

GUVI’s Certified Blockchain developer course is a leading-edge Technological program introduced to make the fantastical possible and make one of the most spoken, the least understood topics graspable yet. It is a Live Online course from GUVI, an IIT-Madras incubated company. Instructed by the industry’s best Technical Experts & Founders(Ex-Paypal Employees), this program offers mentorship through Blockchain Experts and directs you to Fortune 500 companies. The vision is to make premium organisations discover the Right talent through GUVI’s Zen Class.


Blockchain course Highlights

  • A program designed by Experts from the industry
  • Live weekend Online Classes + Lifetime recorded videos
  • Instant Doubt clearing sessions with Mentors
  • Globally recognised certification
  • Work on real-life Industry Projects
  • Placement Guidance
  • EMI options available with a 7-day Refund Policy

Why become a Blockchain Developer?

The demand for blockchain developers is growing daily as they work with turbulent and existing technology. Statistics say there was a 22% increase in demand for that role from 2020-2022, and it's expected to double in the following years. Average Salary for a Blockchain Developer: 6.5 LPAMax Salary per year for a 5-Year Experience Blockchain Developer: 60 LPAEstimated Blockchain Market Size by 2026: $34 billion (Growing at the rate of 45% annually)

Blockchain developer Course Eligibility

  • Basic understanding of programming languages
  • At least 1+ years of work experience (Preferred but Not Mandatory)


  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Basics of Node Js
  • Linux & its basic commands.

Technologies that will be covered:

blockchain basics

Blockchain basics


Blockchain in-depth



smart contact

Smart Contact

hyperledger fabric

Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain Course Syllabus

This Blockchain technology course has been curated in a comprehensive way to help the learners understand blockchain in Depth. The Syllabus has been designed by Industry experts & mapped to meet the requirements of Blockchain Industries.

Basics of JavaScript & Node.js Introduction

Starting with the basic and beginner-friendly concepts. This blockchain Technology course covers blockchain, cryptography, encryption and decryption with the demo, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography with demonstration, digital signature and Zero-knowledge proof with the demo.

Getting started with the history of Blockchain, the problems that our current system faces, why blockchain, cryptocurrency, real-time blockchain use cases, blockchain overflow, Merkle tree, Genesis Block and much more.

This module is an about real-time and deeper understanding of bitcoin and its history, Altcoins, trading, cryptocurrency use cases and the government regulations that have been imposed.

Learn about an overview of other public networks like Solana, Binance and many more. Deeper knowledge about attacks: Sybil & Phishing, blockchain 2.0 Ethereum, Ethereum related topics will be gained here.

This module starts with an introduction to the smart contracts, challenges, DApps, solidity and solidity syntax, storage and memory, fallback, delegate call and contract call, Gas optimisation, contract deployment in Ethereum network, Sandwich attacks, Reentrancy attack, unsafe delegatecall, Block timestamp manipulation and much more inter-related topics.

Starting with a brief understanding of Token to Stablecoins, Vesting period, IDO, IEO & DAO, NFT introduction, Solana overview SPL token creation, everything will be covered in this module.

Starting with a brief understanding of Token to Stablecoins, Vesting period, IDO, IEO & DAO, NFT introduction, Solana overview SPL token creation everything will be covered in this module.

In this module, you will understand private blockchain, the difference between private and public blockchain, docker, Hyperledger, Chaincode, CBDC, Corda and much more inter-related topics.

The last module of the Blockchain Developer course Starts with a general revision, and resume preparation and ends with interview preparation.

Blockchain Projects that you will work

decentralized health care management

Decentralized Health Care Management

miniTrade club

MiniTrade Club

decentralized voting system

Decentralized Voting System

farm chain

Farm Chain

Blockchain Course Fee

Program fee:

INR 89,999

  • EMI Options Available
  • Book your seats for our Prebootcamp by paying just INR 8000 (refundable)
  • Join along with your friends & get additional discounts

Blockchain Placement Guidance

GUVI’s Zen Class Learners will receive Placement Guidance. Stay assured to land your dream job with our career guidance!

How does our Program work?

  • Enroll in our Blockchain Program
  • Attend Live Online Classes
  • Complete the projects assigned by Industry Experts
  • Secure a Digital Portfolio in “Github”
  • Attend Mock Interviews with our HR team & Technical Rounds with Industry Experts
  • Receive Interview opportunities with Companies
  • Attend & clear the Interview with splendid packages

Learn from Industry Experts

Our Learners’ reviews

“Guvi offers a cordial, supportive and friendly environment to learners. With excellent support and 24*7 assistance from the mentors guvi does not leave any stone unturned to improvise your learning. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us.”

“They are very approachable and friendly when we ask any doubt or any clarification. Before joining guvi I have already done a course in another institution. When comparing these two institutions, there is a lot of difference in teaching.I love that the mentor who is teaching the course is not only a mentor but a professional too. I will rate 5/5 to Guvi.I am thankful for all the people in Guvi for building up such a valuable program for our career.”

“Hello folks, if you are thinking of a career transition then, “GUVI” is the best platform to get nourished, indulged and protruded in this upcoming field and also, it doesn’t matter from which engineering background you are or whether you are a working fellow. The best thing I found here is you will always get motivated unknowingly and become curious to learn more & more from the tutorial videos conducted by the IITM professors. GUVI helps me to think in multidimensional ways. Thanks to the GUVI team”

“GUVI is one of the best platforms to start a new course and a new career. GUVI is one of the best Platform Where users are been trained with industry experts. It has its own software to practice and a huge number of exercises to master any topic.”

“I have attended several classes conducted by Guvi. It is really helpful to gain knowledge as it is different from other online courses. Here, we have mentors in live sessions, so we will be more concentrated than other online courses where we watch pre recorded videos. Also we are getting weekly tasks that would make us learn even if there is no class. I am thankful for all the people in Guvi for building up such a valuable program for our career.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain is a technology that enables a method of recording information & makes it difficult or impossible for the system to change, hack, or manipulate the recorded data.

In much simpler words, a blockchain is a shared database or distributed ledger. The data is stored in data structured known as blocks. These blocks are managed by a peer-to-peer network that decides by consensus to alter a block, making blockchains secure by design.

Blockchains play an important role for dealing cryptocurrency. They serve as a trusted authority or central server to manage flaws in digital cash transactions.

In India, Blockchain Developer salary ranges between ₹2.5 LPA to ₹21 LPA with an average annual salary of ₹6.6 Lakhs.

Coding isn’t necessary to get started in Blockchain. However, It is preferred to have familiarity with coding as a blockchain developer, you need the most basic form of coding to create the "smart contract" which is the basic thing on a blockchain.

JavaScript, & NodeJs will greatly help in mastering the blockchain developer course.

Blockchain coding can seem a bit difficult but with the right course strategy like that of Zen Class which includes a lot of technical expertise and knowledge from mentors, It can be mastered within 90 days.

In India, the blockchain developers are seen to earn 50-100% higher than other developer jobs. The average Blockchain Developer Salary in India is ₹6.6LPA & goes up to₹21 LPA. Some of the other highest paying jobs in blockchain are: Blockchain risk analyst, Blockchain software engineer, Blockchain legal consultant, Blockchain solutions architect, Crypto community manager, Blockchain project manager & many more.

With relevant skills & certifications, even a fresher can secure a job in blockchain industry. However, at Least 1+ years of work experience is preferred to pursue the blockchain course of Zen-Class in GUVI.

Yes, but a basic understanding of programming languages is required to proceed further in the Blockchain course.

Absolutely yes! Zen Class Career Programs offer Placement Guidance to the learners with 200+ Hiring Partners.

The complete Program Fee of the Blockchain course is ₹88,000. You can book your seat for our Prebootcamp by paying just INR 8000(refundable). EMI options available with 7-day refund policy.

Solidity is the most used and stable Blockchain Programming language built by the Ethereum Network team & It is recommended by developers worldwide.

Our Zen Class Career Program covers the Solidity concept within the Smart Contracts module of the curriculum.

You will be working on various mini projects under the guidance of Zen Class Mentors during the course period & one capstone project at the end of the course.

Blockchain developers main responsibilty is to secure digital transactions by creating systems to record & store blockchain data in such a way that prevents hacks or any changes. They also design secure blockchain technologies, develop application features & interfaces, while maintaining the client and server-side applications.

Skills and certifications earned through Zen class gives a great kickstart to pursue a career in Blockchan. There is a huge demand for Blockchain techies & Developers can be seen in India. This demand is especially created by the BFSI, healthcare, education, supply chain management, cloud computing, stock trading, real estate, and even government agencies.

The following prerequisites help the aspirants to finish the Zen-class Blockchain course with ease:

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Node Js Basics
  • Linux & its basic Commands

As an enrolled student of Zen Class, you will be provided with one-to-one sessions with Zen Class Mentors to clear all of your doubts related to the course.

The course duration of Zen Class Blockchain Career Program is 3 months for weekend batch.