Sridevi Arunprakash Innovation Award Program

The Sridevi Arunprakash Innovation Award Program is an annual competition honoring the women innovators / entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in society with their novel & efficient products in the Edu-tech industry. The award is named after Ms. Sridevi Arunprakash, Co-founder & Ex-COO of GUVI, who implemented her visionary ideas with technology & its education, for upskilling all the interested aspirants who seek career upgradation, with her excellence in Legendary Passion, Persistence, & Positive impact in learning technologies through GUVI.


The Sridevi Arunprakash Innovation Award is an annual award of ₹100,000 given to Women Innovators in the Edu-tech domain for a prototyped innovation or a commercialized product or service. The innovation must address the problems faced by the students, professionals or underprivileged aspirants for education in India and offer an original and implementable solution through Edu-tech services.

This award presents an opportunity to foster & boost innovation among women for the benefit of anyone who wishes to learn & upgrade themselves with new skills through edu-tech services. The awardees will preferably be those women who believe not just in ‘implementing the best’ , but also in ‘focusing on the better’. Most importantly, it will value solutions that represent new pedagogical tools with 'innovation' yet 'affordable'.

As the award grows in stature and gains recognition in national level, it will help to leverage support for the woman innovators from various organizations.


  • Only Women Innovators of Indian origin are eligible to apply.
  • Prototypes or proof of concepts which have the potential to be successful innovations are eligible. Raw ideas will not be considered.
  • The prototypes, products, services or business models should be original and novel.
  • They should provide the highest quality affordable products and experiences in education.