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<IR 5.0 hackathon/>

An Initiative to motivate programmers

IR 5.0, the largest techno-management fest of South India is conducted every year by Nandha Engineering College. This year, it's all set to happen from Feb 14. Every year, IR 5.0 brings in talents under one canopy. This year the theme of IR 5.0 is Industry Ready 5.0. Aspiring to discover the tech-savvy buddies. GUVI Geek Technologies have come on board with us and are providing the platform to host this hackathon.
Get ! Set ! Code !


It is indeed a well known fact that every deed has a consequence. In this cyberpunk culture filled with gadgets and gizmos, one can pretty much say every program has a code sequence. In order to test the virtuosity of every programmer out there, we're very happy to present GUVI's <IR '5.0 hackathon/>, the ultimate armageddon for the tech aficionados! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to decipher the programmer in you.


Prelims - Online
Closes at 12.02.18 , 12.00 PM

Finals - Nandha Engineering College
Opens at 14.02.18 , 9.00 AM
Closes at 15.02.18 , 06.00 PM


Goodies and certificates along with internship offers.

How to apply

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To submit your project for IR 5.0 Hackathon:

  1.  Login with your account in GUVI
  2.  Go to Project Board, and pick one or more project ideas from existing(Hunter and Pro levels).
  3.  Then for preliminary selection round, submit your project source files before 12.02.18, 12.00 PM, with the Project submission form
  4.  In the Project submission form, Click on "Is this part of any Hackathon", and make sure you select IR50 as the hackathon.
  5.  Submit your project details.


  • You must be a registered user of GUVI to be eligible to take part in this hackathon. Create a GUVI account in the first step and visit this link again to get the hackathon registration form
  • You can apply as an individual or a team of maximum 2 participants
  • Participants are allowed to use any packages or plugins they require
  • You can use any development platform or IDE to write your code
  • You must submit a solution that is pertaining to one of problems in GUVI project board.
  • For the preliminary round, you can submit your hack anytime before 12.02.18 , 12.00 PM using Project board on GUVI’s website. Either GitHub link to your source code or APK file must be submitted
  • A panel of industry and technology experts will review and select the top projects that will be eligible for the finals
  • The finals of this Hackathon will start on 14-02-2018 at 09:00 AM and end on 15-02-2018 at 06:00 PM. You work on enhancing your hack during the allotted time only
  • With respect to the finals, Food & Beverage facilities will be provided at the venue for all participants


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