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Service we offer

ZEN CLASS(Trained Full stack developers)

Meet, Connect and Hire our trained freshers. They are hand picked with multiple levels of pre-assessment and trained for 3 months in Fullstack development by technologists from product companies

End to End Campus Hire

We pre assess the coding skills matching your requirement. Get access to hire the cream freshers across colleges.

Save your time by interviewing only the top performers. Hire the hidden gems as a full time interns for 6 to 10 months


Assessment Platform

Robust e-recruitment platform for evaluating the coding skill and to capture the behavioral pattern of the candidates. If you want to a hire a right candidate who has hands-on expertise and would expertise and would like to know more about his way of approaching problem.

Our customer testimonials

"We identified our STAR performer through GUVI. Saved us a lot of time and effort in identifying right talent. Way to go guys..."

- Rajaram,
Co-founder & CTO

"Many thanks for your monumental effort GUVI Team. Your team is doing great work and we hope to hire more rock star engineers from GUVI."

- Vimal Kumar,
Founder & CTO

"It was a great learning at guvi's modern gurukulam where I got to learn about full stak development in a practival way. Even a good seed needs a right ambiance to grow & I think guvi did that part to the best"

- Parthasarathy,
Fullstack Developer
Zen Class Student

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